Should I Use Purple Shampoo for Highlights?

Purple Shampoo for Highlights

If you have silver, blonde, or white hair that may become yellow, you should consider using purple shampoo. It is easy to realize that the shampoos have a violet or blue color.

They make your hair look bright and clean. Keep reading this article to learn about what purple shampoo is, how often you should use, and who should use them. Then, you can know if you should use purple shampoo for highlights.

What is Purple Shampoo?

These shampoos are purple colored products. They distribute purple pigment to yellow tones. The reason why they use purple color is that this color is the direct opposite one of yellow. Indeed, it is able to cancel yellow out.

Who Can Use Purple Shampoos?

These products are for people with light hair, such as platinum, blonde, white, silver, or pastel. They are designed for light-colored hair, so it will not give results for those whose brunette.

However, it can maintain the highlight color. Therefore, they work well for those with blonde highlights. This shampoo is essential for those who have bleached hair.

Is purple shampoo a toner?

You can consider any product dispensing pigment to adjust the hair tone as a toner. Therefore, purple shampoo is also a toner. It can help to neutralize brass, thanks to its pigments. Hair glosses can help to strengthen strands as well as boost shine. They can enhance your natural shade. They are also considered as toners.

How Often Can You Use Purple Shampoos?

To keep your hair bright, you should consider using purple shampoo. It can help to keep unexpected warmth under wraps. All you need to do is to use the purple shampoo with color-safe shampoos. You should start by using it once per week. Then, increase if needed.

If you see a purple tone in your hair, it’s time to put the shampoo down. Choose a clarifying product to remove the tone. Then, you just should use your purple shampoo once per week or less.

The Best Purple Shampoo to Use

When it comes to the best purple shampoos, our top pick is the Total Results So Silver Purple Shampoo. It can work to neutralize yellow tones. Moreover, this product can keep your hair vibrant and conditioned. It can also protect your hair from fading.

Can you use purple shampoo on dark hair?

You can see purple shampoo for blonde hair, these shampoos are also beneficial to people with balayage or ombré. Indeed, these shampoos can handle the same type of brassiness as well as color changes. Moreover, purple shampoos are sure to help brunettes with sections of lightened hair.


In conclusion, whether you have blonde hair or lightened dark hair, you can use purple shampoo. It is an easy way to remove brass. Regular use of the vivid-hued liquid can help you keep brass under control. At the same time, it still can refresh your hair color. Therefore, it is a great idea to make it a part of your regular hair care routine. It promises to help you keep your hair color fresh and cool-toned.

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