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Lumière Excel® is advanced red-light therapy that’s light years ahead.

Year-round, age-defying skin rejuvenation with the innovative technology once reserved for medical professionals, brilliantly designed for the beauty/wellness industry

Expertly configured Red and Near-Infrared LEDs finely tuned to the precise wavelength and intensity proven most beneficial

Lumière skincare optimizes the rejuvenating power of light for radiant results.

Light-activated DNA repair enzymes, green tea and copper peptides revitalize cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines
A potent, nourishing blend of antioxidants and collagen boosters improve tone, texture and clarity

Put the power of lumière to work for you and your clients.

LED therapy that’s light years ahead.

  • Shown to non-invasively improve the appearance of fine lines, skin tone, and blemishes
  • Lumière Excel with its single head of red and near-infrared LEDs in a self-service model is ideal for tanning salons and spas
  • Lumière Spa with interchangeable red, near-infrared and blue light therapy heads is ideal for spas and aestheticians

With Lumière Light Thèrapie, your future is bright.

  • Expand services to eliminate your slow season, increase your client base, and stay current
  • Get a jump start to success with personalized training and our proven sales model—available only with Lumière

About Dr. Colin

Dr. Colin Whitehurst developed the Paterson LED Lamp to treat non-melanoma skin cancer in 1998. Dr. Whitehurst began extensive Research and Development efforts:

  • PTL was founded in Manchester, UK (est. 1998)
  • OMNILUX – medical applications, FDA Cleared
  • 7 FDA clearances(first achieved in 2003 for derm conditions)
  • 41 Clinical papers based on Omnilux Technology is a website dedicated to bringing you the most recent information on Led Light Therapy.

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