How to Slow Hair Growth: 5 Ways You Should Know

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Your hair has always grown too fast compared to that of your buddies. It was nice when you were trying to grow out your hair for a unique look.

But it can be frustrating when you have a shorter style that you admire and you have to go to a hairstylist regularly just to maintain your favorite hairstyle or haircut.

This frustration can force you to research the reasons why your hair grows pretty fast and how to slow hair growth.

The rate of hair growth varies widely from one person to another. It is also affected by different factors, including DNA.

What is Hair Growth?

Hair grows in stages. At any given time, around ninety percent of the terminal hairs on your head are currently at a rate of around a half-inch every month.

The hairs are in a stage called anagen, which is a period that lasts from two to seven years.

The remaining ten percent of the hair is in a dormant state known as telogen that lasts around three months.

In the resting phase, the hair shaft usually detaches from the gland and will end up falling off the scalp.

The fallen hairs are replaced by new hairs. You are likely to end up with too much hair on your head because of an accelerated anagen phase.

What Causes Hair to Grow Fast?

Here are some of the possible causes of fast hair growth:


Studies suggest that parents with a high percentage of hair growth are likely to pass the genes to their children.

So, before you wonder why your hair grows so fast, you should fast check your parents to confirm if they have the gene.


The rate of hair growth varies from one ethnic group to another. According to studies, African American people have slow-growing hair.

People from Asia have hair that grows incredibly fast and thick. People from Europe have hair that doesn’t grow too fast or too slow.

Hair Thickness

This refers to the individual hair strands on your scalp. High hair density means you have fast-growing thicker hair.

You also need to use heavier hair products. Low hair density; on the other hand, means you have slow-growing thinner hair.

Hair density is one of those things that is genetic. You were born with that set number of follicles on your scalp.


According to studies, the rate of hair growth in women is usually faster than in men.

Also, women who don’t suffer from pattern baldness have faster hair growth compared to men who don’t suffer from male pattern baldness.

5 Ways to Slow Hair Growth


This may not be the best choice for women with long hair, but it is definitely a good choice for men with fast-growing beards.

Men, there is a way to slow down your stubble, stop giving it a head start. You are probably aren’t shaving close enough.

To effectively slow down the growth of your beard, you need to prepare it for shaving.

That means showering first or washing the face with hot water to help soften up the scruff. Then create a slick surface by using a preshave oil followed by a super-lubricating shave gel.

As for the razor, which you are going to draw with the grain, the number of blades is less important than how often you should replace them.

Step One

Start by preparing your beard for the shave. For this step, you will use your beard trimmer to get the stubble to a more manageable level. We recommend you use a facial scrub that gets all the dead skin and the dirt out of your beard. This makes the stubble nice and clean and easier to shave.

Step Two

Then get some hot water and wash your face with it to get rid of the facial scrub. The hot water also helps open the pores and soften the hair for an easier and closer shave that can effectively slow down growth.

Step Three

Use a shave gel for the best results. Apply the gel all over your beard. Shave in the direction of hair growth to get near the root of the hair. Do a second pass as safety, especially if you have a thick beard because of the little stray hairs.

Step Four

Use lukewarm water to wash off the shaving gel. Then get some lotion on your face, which is nice and cooling. You can do this every routinely to slow down the growth of facial hair.

Waxing Hair Removal

This type of waxing is done on very short hairs, such as the ones under your armpits and your facial hair. With this type of waxing, you have to apply the product on the part of your body you want hair removed and allow it to harden. Then pull off the waxing product to remove the hairs.

Step One

Make sure the hair you want to remove is of the ideal length. If you have longer hair, you should trim it to about three-fourths of an inch. Don’t use over-the-counter skincare products when preparing for wax hair removal. This is so because some skin care products contain retinoids.

Step Two

Take over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen to reduce discomfort during wax hair removal. Alternatively, you can apply cold packs on the parts that you want to remove hair and slow its regrowth. Do this thirty minutes before you start the waxing process.

Step Three

Make sure you wash and properly dry the part of your body you want hair removed and prevented from growing back at a faster rate. Clean, dry skin allows for effective wax hair removal results.

Step Four

Warm the wax as per the instructions on the package. Do a patch test on the insides of your wrist to make sure that the wax is warm, not hot.

Step Five

Apply the wax on the hair that you want to remove. We advise you to apply the wax in the direction of your hair growth. Apply a cloth strip on top of the wax that will help pull out the hairs. Gently and carefully remove the cloth strip in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

Step Six

Use cold packs to soothe your skin. You can even apply moisturizers to help soothe the skin. When compared to shaving (that cuts hair at its root), wax hair removal pulls the root out. Hair will regrow, but thinner, softer, and finer. Waxing every few days can effectively slow and prevent hair growth.

Epilation Hair Removal

This process of hair removal does a great job of removing the hairs at the follicle levels. This helps slow hair growth for up to six weeks. The device used for this process is called an epilator.

Instead of blades, an epilator features a tweezer system that is made up of at least forty tweezers.

The tweezers work together to efficiently and quickly get rid of as many hairs as possible from a specific part of your body, such as on your legs and armpits.

Step One

Clean and dry the part you want to remove hair and slow its growth.

Step Two

Place the epilator at a ninety-degree angle against your hair growth and move it slowly to pluck the individual hairs. The device will gently and slowly pull your hair from the root.

Step Three

Choose a low setting before your skin gets used to how the device operates. Preferably, you should do this process at night to give your skin enough time to recover when you sleep.


In electrolysis, a very fine needle is inserted into your hair follicle as far as the papilla. The inside of the follicle is cauterized by the current and the hair is lifted out of the skin. This process of hair removal uses weak, direct currents and it is slower.

To achieve the best results that will effectively slow or even stop hair growth, you will have to see an expert in electrolysis. But here is the thing folks, this process can be time-consuming, painful, costly, and could lead to infections.

As much as you want to slow hair growth or even stop the hairs from growing back, you have to be particularly careful about using any of the home electrolysis devices that are on the market. Reliable skills, as well as dexterity, are important to properly perform electrolysis.

Laser Hair Removal

If slowing down hair growth with simple methods like shaving, waxing, and epilation doesn’t seem to work well enough, you can always settle for laser hair removal.

This is an advanced treatment that helps you to permanently reduce the amount of hair where you don’t want it to grow.

It works best for people with light-colored skin as well as dark-colored hair. But technological advancements have made it possible for the procedure to be conducted on dark-colored skin people with dark hair as long as there is a contrast.


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