The 15 Best UV and LED Nail Lamps Reviews & Guide 2021

Do you spend your savings toward a pretty nail art kit or go to a nail artist to get your nails done?

That is great, but you want them to remain for a longer period of time and not spoil it while it’s still wet.

So, now you have 2 options, do you want to go for the traditional way and wait for hours, maybe days, for the nail art to dry naturally by air, or do you want to try the expressway that takes a few minutes?

Let us assume the latter! Definitely, who doesn’t like to save time and get a beautiful result in just a few minutes rather than hours, everyone does.

Put the stress of spoiling your nails or spilling something on their amateur stage aside, and put your hard work in the right place by investing in a led nail lamp!

UV and LED nail lamps are nail dryers that use technology to dry your nails within a fraction of time.

This is a rather modern use of our best friend, technology, once again blessing us with protecting our nails this time.

You prevent the accidental damage to your nails with these nail dryers and make sure your money spent is worth it. An added perk of these nail dryers: if your nail art includes an additional layer of nail polish, you won’t have to wait for the next day to get that, you can get it on the same day within a few moments, saving you a great deal of time.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible if the advent of technology wouldn’t have taken place. Kudos to technological services of aiding us within the beauty industry as well!

Benefits of using nail lamps

Quick process

Let’s reiterate this blessing one more time hoping that you’re too excited about saving time already.

Nail lamps easily dry your nail art within 5 minutes, allowing you to do multiple other things in a stress-free mode rather than waiting like a statue on your chair for your nails to dry just so that you can drink water or use your phone.

Best for professionals

If you are a professional nail artist that owns or works at a salon, nail lamps can substantially increase your revenue.

Wondering how? Say no more!

The return on investment they provide is much higher since you get done with clients earlier and can take multiple clients within a day.

Moreover, clients won’t have to wait long for their turn to arrive as well, improving the overall customer service experience.

Drying all types of nail polishes, including Shellac

When you use a UV nail dryer, you can dry tough and deep layers of nail polish, even the ones that use Shellac. Nothing gets in the way of a UV nail lamp, we repeat, nothing!

Neater finish

Everyone aspires to look presentable, but imagine your nail polish to be messy and untidy?

A big no! That is why UV and LED nail lamps are the best, they help your nail art keep dry and tidy at all times and helps you work with different layers of nail polish as well if that’s what you wish to do so.


Playing safe is always ideal, and when it comes to personal care, it should be your priority. Smudging or smearing nail polishes all over your clothes or surrounding is not something that you would want to know, we are aware of that.

For that very reason, I highly recommend you to buy a nail lamp and do stuff hassle-free.

You’re probably really convinced to get a UV and/or LED nail lamp already, I am confident about that.

But you could be thinking, out of thousands of different products, which one should I get, or which one is the best?

That’s what we’re here for as in this article we will be sharing the top 15 UV and LED nail lamps for you to purchase and will also be revealing the secrets of why they are so magical specifically.

Top UV and Led Nail Lamps

Stay tuned because you are in for a ride!

Gel UV LED Nail Lamp Jewhiteny

This 72W lamp has not one, two, or even three; it has four timers consisting of 10s, the 30s, 60s, and 90s with a dazzling 500,000 hours life. It is one of our favorites already!

It’s quite spacious since it has space for two hands or feet at the same time, without bumping into each other.

It’s super convenient and user friendly since it has an automatic light sensor: hands in, light on, hands out, light off.

It also works for all types of gels, be it UV, nail builder, Shellac, rhinestone gems, etc. so there is nothing to worry about!


This 80W Nail lamp has 42 light beads with it, which are evenly distributed with no dead zones.

The best part is that the UV light won’t hurt your eyes with this lamp because it’s similar to sunlight. It won’t result in black hands post-nail curing as well.

This lamp also has a removable bottom allowing you to easily apply it to your feet as well. It is a perfect choice for both a salon and a home.

LKE Gel UV LED nail lamp

This 40w smart and high power lamp has 21 LED lights to provide you an impressive experience.

It has soft lighting and a curved user-friendly design. Even though it dries most kinds of nails, it won’t dry nails that contain no UV like regular polish, so that could be a downside. But for so many perks, we can forgive that one downside, can’t we?

The product tips are outlined clearly and in-detail so you do not face any difficulties in setting it up.

Abox star2 nail dryer

This is a 72 watts dryer that is super pretty because of its glossy shine. It just weighs 460 grams, too light!

It has 36 pieces of LED light which is faster than 80% of other nail dryers. The bulbs last for 50,000 hours, providing you a great return on your investment and no need to change bulbs again and again.

It is safe for your eyes and hands as well since it emits non-ultraviolent white daylight. It has a detachable base making it easier to clean whenever you want to.

Jewhiteny UV LED nail lamp

This is a multi-functional lamp with 54W and is made of high-quality plastic.

It has a 3 timer setting and you can cure 5 fingernails at a time. The construction is very durable and it is energy efficient as well.

It has a safe UV + LED dual light source that is best for both your eyes and your hands or toes.

SUNUV Gel UV nail lamp

It has some really cool flexible drying options with 4 present time control allowing you to enjoy professional-quality nail polish at the comfort of your home.

The surface is difficult to scratch but easy enough to clean perfectly. For example, if your nail polish accidentally drops on it while applying, you won’t have to worry about that since it’s easy to take it off within seconds.

SUNUV UV LED Dryer with manicure and pedicure

Seems like this one provides us 3 services at the cost of one, right? Well, you could definitely see it that way if it leads you to buy the product eventually, because rest assured, the perks involved with this product are definitely more than 3!

The most unique thing about this dryer is the “99 seconds low heat mode”, which is suitable to cure builders and hard gels. Within this mode, the power rises slowly and gradually preventing you from pain when curing gels. Nail art has never been more comfortable!

This product not only saves your time by 50% but provides you a customer service warranty for 12 months allowing you to get it fixed for free if a technical difficulty arises.


With a skyrocketing power of 120 Watts, this black and white nail curer is as elegant as one could possibly be!

The high-grade pearl texture is not easy to scratch and can be taken anywhere. Side note: the design, lines, and color scheme may look it as a tiny capsule, so don’t be intimated if you find it lying on your couch in the middle of the night, it’s just a nail dryer!

The 36 LED lights are best for almost all types of nail arts.

SUNUV UV LED light nail dryer curing lamp

This 0.49 pounds white beauty is absolutely useful when it comes to nail drying.

It is so easy to use that you just have to plugin and you are good to go. There is no need for any fans and it saves 50% of your time as well. You can enjoy nail art wherever you want and whenever you want with this super portable device.

Easkep fast nail dryer

This dryer comes in a diamond-shape unique design that not only looks beautiful but is efficient as well as it prevents leakage of light and maximizes drying speed.

With this product, you also get 12 pieces of nail filers which actually cost $5, the more the merrier, right?

You don’t have to worry about the side nails not curing since there are 18 lamp beads at the top and 21 lamp beads on the side. There’s painless low heat mode along with auto sensor and 4 timers as well.

BQ Mini pink UV LED nail dryer

This nail dryer is probably the lowest one present on our list, weighing just about 77 grams, feels like air!

There are 2 timers, 60s, and 120s. The best part is yet to come: it is pocket size. YES! You can literally carry it anywhere in your purse, wallet, and especially in your pocket.

The best thing is that they promise replacement and refund for any quality issues, so trust shouldn’t be your problem since money is going in the right place.

When we compare it to the rest on our list, this one’s super pocket-friendly as well.

Beetles UV LED nail lamp

This one is for the vast majority that just can’t get off their phones, congratulations. This nail dryer has a phone stand so you can stream videos, songs, or even use your phone from one hand while the other one dries.

It has no harm to eyes and hands but the 630 nm red light prevents your hand skins from wrinkles, acting as an anti-aging source.

It has 3 timer settings with high and low power settings according to your needs.

Hirsian LED gel nail dryer

This 54w nail dryer works with all USB and portable charging sources.

It has an impressive battery life along with 3 present time controls. A smart auto sensor eradicates a switch and allows you to just plugin and use it.

Sun X plus UV LED nail lamp

It has 42 pcs of LED beads and 4 timer setting buttons.

Compatible for all kinds of nail polish and has a detachable reflective magnetic panel.

Lumcrissy cordless nail curing lamp

This is a wireless lamp on our list which has 3 hours working time after you have charged it for 2.5 hours. You can use it anywhere.

The metal cover prevents it from staying hot. It has a portable hand design to carry it easily. An automatic sensor and LED screen are also present.


All of these nail dryers on our list bring the salon to your home. Perfect for when you feel the need to meditate and want to do some quick nail art, or even when you want to upload pictures on Instagram.

Choose any from our list and we believe you won’t be disappointed!

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