The 15 Best Steam Flat Irons for Natural Hair 2021 Reviews

Steam Flat Irons for Natural Hair

Straightening your natural hair (especially type 4) without causing any damage to it can be a tough nut to crack.

People with natural hair know the struggle of straightening their dense and coarse hair type, as they need the right kind of tool to get rid of the frizz.

In tackling this hair type, steam flat irons can really do wonders as they straighten your hair whilst retaining the moisture in it. To help you with the dilemma, here are my top 15 best flat iron reviews for your natural hair.

Tips for Straightening Natural Hair:

Hair Wash

Always wash your hair with a frizz-free shampoo and conditioner a day before straightening for best results.

Preparing your hair

To prevent your natural hair from any heat damage, always use a heat-protectant product. It can be in the form of spray, serum or mousse. This will prevent hair drying, breakage and spilt ends, giving you a silky smooth finish.

Using straightening iron

Start with the lowest temperature setting for avoiding any heat damage. Also, don’t use your flat iron for more than 5-7 secs on the same hair section to avoid excessive damage. For perfectly straight hair, use small sections of your hair, starting from the roots and going down from there.

Best Flat Irons for Natural Hair

Solofish Salon-Grade Steam Flat Iron

Solofish Steam Flat Iron is one of the top-rated salon-grade hair straighteners, best for natural hair.

The hi-grade design features digital controls, an LCD display, 10 ml water tank and around 6 heat settings where you can adjust the temperature from 300°F to 450°F. It can reach 300°F temperature in just 15 seconds.

To straighten Afro-American hair, the highest setting of 450°F is recommended.

The steam flat iron has ceramic plates with protective titanium coating and anti-static technology that heats up faster, and makes your hair silky smooth.

The rich steam penetrates through the natural hair, nourishes it and prevents it from high temperature damage.

Hands-down, this is one of the best mid-range steam flat irons for natural hair as it offers 6 temperature settings and 2 steam levels. 

FURIDEN Steam Flat Iron for Hair

FURIDEN Steam Flat iron stands second in our list of best flat irons for natural hair.

It is a bit expensive but offers sleek design, innovative heat controls and excellent performance.

The LCD digital display features 38 adjustable temperature settings, each with accurate 5°F increments, so you can choose the one that best suits your hair type.

Another great thing is that it heats up faster, so you can glide it smoothly through your hair just once to get that silky effect. Plus, its voltage automatically adjusts to the optimal voltage on the go, so it’s perfect for travels.

Also, the design is quite intuitive and sleek, perfect to get salon-grade silky hair.

xtava Steam Flat Iron Hair

For all the budget buyers out there, this xtava steam flat iron hair is an ultimate affordable choice.

Though low priced, this steam flat iron comes with quite a few impressive features such a 1” floating Nano ceramic and tourmaline plates to straighten even thick hair. It comes with 2 heat options- 350 degrees for delicate hair and 450 degrees for coarse hair.

Apart from this, it has a long 8’10” swiveling cord and a removable water tank for quick refills.

This xtava steam flat iron is perfect for people looking for a cheaper option, yet optimal performance. Seeing its features, the flat iron is best suited for those with medium coarse and short hair.

DORISILK Steam Flat Iron

If you are looking for a 2-in-1 steam flat iron that does both- straightening and curing, get this DORISILK Steam Flat Iron. It has 5 conditioning steam vents that add moisture, smoothness and sleekness to your hair.

The 1.25” floating ceramic tourmaline plates heats up within 60 seconds and can be used for hair curling as well as straightening. You can even turn OFF the steam function to use it as a regular flat iron. The plates have inbuilt heat resistant pad for your safety.

The LED display screen features 6 adjustable temperature settings from 302 to 455℉, to suit thin as well as coarse hair.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Ionic Steam Flat Iron

Looking for innovation? This Infiniti Pro by Conair is an amazing steam flat iron for natural hair as it flaunts a 2-step straightening system and retractable comb design.

The Ionic steam mist retains moisture in your hair, while the 1.5” Nano silver plates glide smoothly over your hair. It will smoothen out your natural, thick and coarse hair and give them a shiny finish.

The tourmaline ceramic coating prevents hair damage and reduces the frizz. What makes it stand out from the rest is the 3-position retractable comb that detangles your hair as it straightens it.

Moreover, it comprises 5 LED temperature settings, adjustable from 285 to 395°F. Besides, the iron heats up in just 30 seconds.

Huachi Vapor Flat Iron

Here’s another feature-packed yet cheap steam flat iron for all those looking for an affordable option.

Huachi is a Japanese brand known for their innovative styling tools. This steam flat iron heats up pretty fast due to ceramic build, and can reach up to 392°F within 30 seconds.

The minimalist tool here features 1” durable ceramic plates, lightweight body and dual voltage to suit your travels. Further, it has a locking switch to lock the plates for easy storage.

This particular Huachi Vapor Flat iron is recommended for thin natural hair. It provides a silky, smooth finish to your hair whilst retaining the moisture.

MKBOO Hair Straightener with Steam

Unlike most steam flat irons, this MKBOO flat iron comes with a large 40ML water tank, which is a huge plus point!

The built of the 1.25” titanium ceramic flat iron plates is quite sturdy and it features titanium plates with 7 steam vents that deliver consistent 4.5g/min steam output.

Such design retains water ions through your hair, making them smooth, silky and straight in no time.

Another impressive thing about MKBOO is the removable 3D Nano brush that you can use to neatly comb your hair before straightening.

There are 5 temperature settings on this iron that can be adjusted from 300 to 450°F to suit different hair types.

If you don’t mind the heavyweight, the MKBOO is a great steam flat iron for natural hair.

Cortex Professional Vapor Flat Iron

Nourish your hair with therapeutic Moroccan Argan Oil as you straighten it with this Cortex Professional Vapor Flat iron.

This steam iron is uniquely designed with a removable 150ml oil reservoir. It will hydrate and moisturize your hair, making it healthy in the long run.

Besides, the flat iron is quite minimal with 2 steam settings, vented tourmaline-ceramic plates and auto temperature lock. You can reach a max temperature of 450°F with this iron.

Those who have kinky curly hair are going to love this Cortex Professional Steam Flat iron as it heats up pretty fast and gives a nice shiny straightening.

Best thing about this iron is the Moroccan Argan Oil eruption that nourishes your hair while straightening.

MADAMI Steam Flat Iron

Here’s another mid-range steam flat iron with 2-in-1 design- meaning it can do curling as well straightening. For this, it has a curved design and a rounded edge.

This sleek-looking MADAMI steam flat iron has 5 conditioning steam vents that hydrate your hair; while the 1.25” ionized ceramic tourmaline plates give a smooth and shiny finish.

The iron heats up within 1 minute and you can even turn OFF the steam function to use it as a regular iron. It offers 6 various temperature settings from 235 to 455°F to straighten thin as well as coarse hair.

MADAMI 2-in-1 steam flat iron is best suited for long, short and thin to medium-coarse hair.

Miuphro Steam Flat Iron

Titanium heat plates are ideal for thick, dense and coarser hair, unlike ceramic ones. This Miuphro Steam Flat Iron comes with 3D titanium floating plates that heat up fast, and are known to be durable.

The unique Ultrasonic technology used here to decompose water is more safe and efficient, than regular high-temperature steam.

Such an approach prevents hair damage, makes your hair smooth and infuses it with moisture.

The flat iron has 2 temperature settings- 350°F and 410°F to suit thin, wavy and kinky hair types. Plus, you can also curl your hair with this iron.

GRAWILLE Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Those looking for a wider panel, get this GRAWILLE steam flat iron, suitable for natural hair. It has tourmaline ceramic coating that releases negative ions to reduce static, prevent hair damage and make it more silky and smooth.

The PTC heating element inside will heat up the plates in 15 seconds, while the 4-grade heat settings allow you to adjust the temperature from 160°C, 180°C, 200°C to 220°C.

The scissor handle and masculine design of the iron is quite different than your typical flat irons. This is what makes it more rugged, durable and scald-proof.

GRAWILLE steam flat iron is again an affordable buy for those with limited budget.

Maxiglide XP Steam Flat Iron by Maxius

This funky-looking Maxiglide Steam flat iron is meticulously designed for people with natural hair.

It uses Steamburst technology to infuse steam in coarse, thick and dense hair just with a push of button to make them smooth and silky.

Unlike other steam irons, it won’t infuse steam continuously as this may put excessive moisture into your hair.

Multiple rows of ceramic pins on the ceramic plates help in the straightening process, as it detangles dense hair. You can retract these pins, and use the flat iron for flipping, curling as well as straightening.

The Maxiglide XP steam flat iron is one of the best high-end irons out there, intended towards natural, dense and coarse hair.

Paryoe Steam Flat Iron

If you are seeking a high-performing, mid-range steam flat iron for natural hair, look at this one from Paryoe.

The advanced steam technology uses 5 steam vents to infuse moisture in your hair, making it shinier. The 1.25” tourmaline ceramic coated floating plates release negative ions to reduce static and prevent damage.

On the digital LED display, there are 6 adjustable heat settings- right from 300°F to 455°F to serve various hair types.

Best thing is that you can use the iron for curling as well, thanks to the rounded edges.

DORISILK Professional Infrared Steam Flat Iron Hair

Looking for a super wide straightening plate to cover more hair at a time?

This DORISILK Flat iron comes with a whopping 2” wide tourmaline ceramic floating plate that can cover more hair in one go. Thus, it saves a lot of your time.

Not just steam function, but this DORISILK flat iron also boasts an Infrared technology that releases negative ions along water molecules to repair damaged hair cuticles, hydrate them and provide a silky smooth finish.

The steam function comes with 3 settings- OFF, Medium and High; plus it has 6 temperature settings adjustable from 300 to 450°F.

If you want a steam flat iron that takes less time to straighten the hair, this DORISILK flat iron is preferable as it has 2” wide plates. Only downside is that it is a bit heavy to hold.

Cherry Professional Argan Infused Steam Flat Iron

Last but not the least; this Cherry Professional Steam Flat Iron is a premium, high-end flat iron packed with an exceptional set of features.

To get professional-grade silky smooth hair, it infuses your hair with Moroccan Argan Oil along with the steam.

And to suit different hair types, it flaunts 6 lockable-heat modes which can be adjusted from 300 to 450°F.

If you don’t mind its hefty price, it is one of the best steam flat irons for natural hair. The Argan oil along with steam will moisturize your frizzy, dense hair to make them straight, smooth and shiny.


With this, we wrap up our review of Top 15 Best Flat Irons for Natural Hair.

No matter what hair problem your natural hair is going through, the steam flat irons are able to get rid of fizziness, hair breakage and hair damage with its ability to hydrate your hair from the tip to roots.

These types of flat irons are recommended for natural hair, as steam is effective to straighten coarse and dense hair without breaking or over-drying them.


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