The 15 Best Setting Powder for Mature Skins Reviews & Guide 2021


It is a big mistake to finish makeup without a light setting powder.

The setting powder will help you set makeup, preventing them from shifting and drifting. Moreover, they also have the effect of absorbing excess oil and mattifying the face, making your face radiant and smooth.

However, besides the above benefits, they can also dry the skin, revealing wrinkles and fine lines if you do not know how to choose the right products. Especially for mature skin -the skin that shows signs of aging, which can become a major nightmare for their appearance.

How to use setting powder for mature skin

The way you apply powder can provide you a makeup look perfect, but also can ruin it. Therefore, effectively using setting powder is extremely important.

To apply the powder you can use the tools as a powder puff (many types of powder come with a powder applicator), a makeup sponge, or a soft round powder brush.

With powder puffs and sponges, you should only gently press the powder into the skin, do not rub or pull on the skin to avoid moving the foundation.

With brushes, you remove the excess powder after taking it by tapping, then lightly coating it on the skin.

Or you can combine the methods above by using powder puffs or sponges to press the setting powder into your skin, wait for it to set on your skin for 2-3 minutes, and you will use a large brush to sweep away the excess powder.

Whatever method you use, remember, use a small amount of powder to avoid cakey and do not rub and slide on the skin to avoid damaging the texture of the foundation.

How to choose the best setting powder for your skin

With so many options to choose from, knowing what you need from the setting powder you choose helps to narrow down the options.

The first thing you need to know is the type of skin you have.

Is your skin sensitive, dry, oily, or combination? Do you want to blur, scars, lines or wrinkles?

Once you know your skin type, you will be able to choose a setting powder that matches your skin’s needs.

Best Setting Powder for Mature Skins in 2021

To help you choose, here are a few of the bestselling and highest rated setting powders on the market today.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder

Developed by dermatologists and applied with Bye Bye Pores Optical Blurring Technology™, this French-made highlighter has many benefits.

The blend of antioxidants, peptides and hydrolyzed collagen provides anti-aging benefits, providing a flawless finish, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and minimizing the appearance of pores. It also provides a non-greasy, shine-free, and lightweight finish.

The best part is that it’s translucent so is thus suitable for all skin tones. And it’s also fragrance-free, talc-free, so you don’t have to worry about odors or clogged pores. No hassles with choosing the right variant with this silky powder.

Lightly dust your face with this powder and say goodbye to pores.

Dermablend Loose Setting Powder

For oily mature skin, look no further than Dermablend Loose Setting Powder.

Tested and loved by dermatologists for its long-lasting effects, which can last up to 16 hours. This setting powder will reduce shine, while blurring and minimizing the appearance of pores.

The non-comedogenic formula, free of parabens, phthalates, triclosan and sodium lauryl sulphate promises it won’t clog your pores.

Thanks to its silica-containing formula, this product provides a velvety matte finish.

It comes in 3 tones, easily suitable for all skin types and skin tones. This is a high quality product and worth every penny you spend

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder is considered one of the better products on the market today.

Its special micro-fine powder technology ensures that the powder applies in a fine layer over your makeup. This gives a luminous, even finish, and makes pores appear less visible, and fine lines and wrinkles almost disappear.

Hydrating ingredients including rose wax and almond oil ensure that while you look great, your skin is being nourished as well.

Brush a small amount of powder over your makeup. You will be sure to enjoy the luxurious feel of this fine powder. Produced with 4 color shades, you are free to choose the color that suits you.

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder

Hyaluronic acid, a popular skin-moisturizing ingredient in skin care products, is great for plumping and smoothing fine lines. By Terry, have formulated their loose setting powder with this powerhouse ingredient.

With strong moisturizing ingredients, By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder gives users a natural, comfortable feeling during use. The strong point compared to other products is that this setting powder can be reapplied many times and stays on the skin for a long time without feeling heavy, tight or dry.

The setting powder particles are very fine, which can quickly cover the surface of the skin. Its silky soft finish combined with its incredibly weighless and airy texture makes you feel like you’re wearing no setting powder at all.

This transparent powder is colorless so it is suitable for all skin tones. Users find this finely ground powder to have a light and airy taste.

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder has certainly stood the test of time. It is suitable for both mature and youthful skin.

Clinique Blended Face Powder & Brush

Few products are supplied with a brush for application. Clinique’s Blended Face Powder and Brush are unique in this respect.

The fine powder gives a light, flawless finish and can disguise uneven skin tone (a common problem in mature skin). It also helps to make fine lines and wrinkles invisible.

Although the included brush is small size and the bristles are not as soft as professional-quality makeup brushes. However, this is still an effective solution when moving or traveling.

If possible, we recommend using a big fluffy makeup brush to create a natural effect.

After applying many types of setting powder will create a cakey effect. Clinique’s Blended Face Powder and Brush is different, it will give you a smooth, blurred, and natural matte like piece of silk spread on your skin.

Suitable for combination to oily skin, the gentle ingredients won’t cause dryness and are oil-absorbing.

The formulation of this loose setting powder is guaranteed to be 100% fragrance, paraben, phthalate, oil, gluten, alcohol, silicone, and mineral oil-free.

Allergy Tested and Hypoallergenic, Clinique’s Blended Face Powder is also vegan. This is a product that easily captures your heart

Mudflower Cosmetics Organic Anti Aging Vitamin Powder Veil

To give your skin a healthy glow, this vitamin-based setting powder is a great choice. Organic and cruelty-free, Mudflower Cosmetics Organic Anti Aging Vitamin Powder Veil acts as a perfect protective veil for mature skin.

Suitable for sensitive, acne-prone and oily skin, mature skin, the organic ingredients in this coloring powder will not irritate the skin.

The setting powder ingredient contains Vitamin A to prevent oxidation, skin aging. And it also contains Vitamin C – which experts believe protects and combats collagen breakdown, which makes skin look aged.

Zinc Oxide (used in sunscreens) forms the basis of this anti-aging powder. Zinc oxide will help sunburn, reduce inflammation, fight infection, support acne treatment, and mild anti-aging.

Overall this product will give you a nice matte finish. The only weakness is that if you use too much it will cause a cakey effect.

If you are looking for an organic powder, you should definitely check out this product.

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Lightweight Loose Powder

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder will help you increase the smoothness of your makeup due to its ultra-fine and lightweight powder.

In which, the mineral composition of the powder does not clog pores, but also helps the makeup look soft, not oily. In addition, it also provides and adds nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and E necessary to keep your skin healthy. It really killed two birds with one stone.

In addition, Neutrogena Mineral Sheers powder also has anti-oxidant active ingredients, which contribute to support to make the pollen grains softer and increase the adhesion of the powder on the skin. You can apply multiple layers of Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder on your skin without worrying about the makeup becoming thick and unnatural.

Like many other setting powders, Neutrogena Mineral Sheers has problems with adhesion, it can only last 3-4 hours. This problem can be bypassed if you don’t mind reapplying the powder several times a day.

RCMA No Color Powder

You might be a little skeptical when you see the stark white color of this powder and condiment-like packaging. However, eliminating the packaging problem, when this white powder is applied to the skin, it will immediately blend into the skin without leaving a trace, without changing the color of your foundation.

Using a blend of two super simple key ingredients: talcum powder and silica, RCMA colorless powder creates a soft, non-reflective finish. It is used by professional makeup artists because of this camera-ready finish.

RCMA No Color Powder does not contain pigments making it compatible with all skin types, without changing color or texture. The formula smoothes wrinkles and laugh lines suitable for mature skin.

The product can keep the foundation in a matte, fresh for many hours, without creasing, caking, or dullness.

Swirl into the powder and tap the brush, lightly apply it on the skin and you’re ready for a flawless foundation.

Maybelline New York Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder

A mineral based loose finishing powder, suitable for oily mature skin, provides long-lasting staying power for your makeup.

If you need a loose finishing powder that can give you a matte, oil-free finish all day long, this is the one for you.

For mature skins, the blurring effect of this powder is just what is needed.

The main ingredient in this setting powder is talc dimethicone silica, which is known to calm irritation, and minimize redness. This makes it suitable for use on all skin types but especially, mature sensitive skin or skin prone to acne outbreaks.

The moisture-retaining properties of dimethicone ensures that this powder will give you a flawless finish, and your skin will be hydrated and smooth too. This makes it suitable for dry skin too.

This is a tinted powder so it is good to test the powder when you are wearing your foundation so that you can see the effect. It is available in a variety of shades to suit your skin tone.

A light dusting of this powder can set your makeup without leaving your skin feeling dried out.

Aesthetica Translucent Setting Powder

Over 2000 reviewers of this product agree that this is a superb setting powder. Rave reviews tell of its camera ready results.

Like all Aesthetica products this translucent setting powder is both vegan and cruelty free. Best for use on normal to dry skin due to the ethylhexylglycerin which has moisturising properties.

The fine, translucent powder is suitable for all skin tones. It settles in fine lines and wrinkles, gently blurring their appearance. You will achieve a smooth, even finish that lasts for hours.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Loose Setting Powder

A setting powder is essential if you are looking to extend the wear of your make-up. To keep your makeup looking as fresh as when you applied it, the application of this loose setting powder is highly recommended.

Available in four skin matching tones and a translucent powder, it is easy to find one that will suit your skin tone.

The finely milled formula ensures that this setting powder applies smoothly for a look that blurs lines, imperfections and flaws.

The powder provides a matte, oil absorbing finish to ensure that your makeup stays fresh looking for longer. It is perfect for all skin types.

Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder

The unique blend of ingredients from the main powders such as Mica, Synthetic Sapphire,… creates an ultra-fine, weightless, talc-free setting powder that supports the foundation effectively in absorbing excess oil, reducing shine without clogging pores.

In addition, this product also gives users a subtle light effect, blurring imperfections, wrinkles, and laugh lines thanks to the addition of diamond powder to the formula.

The golden sieve makes it easy for the user to align the desired amount of powder, preventing waste.

The colorless translucent powder that sets makeup for a long time, does not affect the color of the foundation and provides a natural, invisible finish, suitable for all skin types.

In addition, the product is also confirmed by the manufacturer to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free. With just a light touch, you can already feel the magic of Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder.

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder

With a presence since 1935, Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder deserves to be the “big sister” in powder products.
Soft, fine powder, with small powder particles, helps to absorb excess oil, anti-shine, shrink pores, blur wrinkles, and laugh lines, giving a feeling of lightness when applied.

As a colored setting powder, it also can cover imperfections on the skin. However, you should not expect too much from its ability to cover. The color of this product is quite light, thin, almost colorless, so the coverage is only average.

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder can also protect skin from the sun by containing physical sunscreen ingredients such as Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.

High-volume products come with affordable prices, so it will be very economical for users.

However, its ingredient list contains some substances that are not friendly to the skin such as Isopropyl Palmitate, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, .. and the scent is relatively strong so if you are someone with sensitive skin or someone has a problem with the scent, you should consider when purchasing Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder

NYX Professional Makeup Studio Finishing Powder

NYX Professional Makeup Studio Finishing Powder coating with 100% pure silica mineral powder will provide a smooth, super oil-free, light, natural foundation.

We recommend using a lightly powdered brush to avoid the cakey effect.

When applied to the skin, the white color of the product will turn transparent so you don’t need to worry too much about the white cast.

The oil-absorbing properties of mineral powders mean that these are best suited for oily and combination skin types.

It can be used for setting your foundation or over your moisturizer to give you that oil-free matte look.

L’oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Pro-Sweep & Lock Loose Matte Setting Face Powder

L’oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Pro-Sweep & Lock Loose Matte Setting Powder is a highlighter that locks in makeup and leaves you with a silky-matte, smooth finish.

The lightweight powder formula blurs pores and perfectly covers wrinkles. And what’s even better is that it doesn’t make your foundation look clumpy, wrinkled, clumpy, or splashy.

With a combination of silica and hyaluron – the active ingredients, you can expect a great finish and skin that feels fresh and natural.

L’oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Sweep & Lock Loose Matte Setting Face Powder promises to create a soft, focused look and stay matte throughout the day.


So, now that you have an idea of the best loose setting powders available and how to evaluate which one is best for you, what are you waiting for? Once you have found the right one, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

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