The 12 Best Serum to Use after Dermaroller Reviews & Guide 2021


Serums pose great skin benefits to users. They sometimes act as an effective moisturizer, helps soothe the skin, and leaves your skin refreshed.

They’re different types of serum in existence, both from naturally sourced ingredients and chemical-based ones.

These serums serve almost the same purposes but differ in some unique features. In this guide, we look to bring the best serums you can use after using a dermaroller.

What is a derma-roller?

If you’re well-updated in the skin beauty world, this shouldn’t be your first time hearing the word ‘dermarolling.’

However, if this is your first time, you need not fret. Dermarolling is the act of using a Dermaroller to perform its function, but then, what is a dermaroller?

Dermaroller is a trending tool possessed by most skincare enthusiasts. It comes with a head covered with tiny spikes, and it’s used by gently rolling this head over the skin surface.

This action causes minute, painless micro-injuries on your skin, which stimulates collagen production.

Consistent use of this home device usually results in flawless and smooth skin. This is achieved through the technique of stimulating your skin to regenerate itself.

This skin regeneration makes it possible for the dermaroller to fade fine lines, eliminate wrinkles, dark spots, aging signs, and reduce hyperpigmentation.

The Role of serum after Dermarolling

Using serum after routine dermarolling is vital. Serums are needed to provide a buffer between your skin and the dermaroller. It promotes maximum absorption and increases the efficiency of dermarolling.

Choosing a serum after dermarolling

For your choice of serum to perform the functions required of it, you need to ascertain its optimal efficiency.

The serum you’ll be applying on your skin after dermarolling most has its benefits to offer your skin.

All these can only be ascertained without using the product, only through reviews, brand image, and ingredients it contains.

In this guide, we’ve saved you the trouble of surfing e-commerce in search of the best serum after Dermarolling.

Best Serum to Use after Dermaroller in 2021

To save your time and after much research on our path, below are the list of the twelve serums we think do you optimal satisfaction after dermarolling:

Folia Age Correcting Youth Serum

This is a natural and anti-aging Night treatment and face serum. The age-correcting formula helps reduce fine lines appearance, wrinkles, acne spots, and uneven skin tone.

You’re assured of looking younger and more beautiful when you apply this serum regularly after dermarolling. It features natural-based ingredients like Glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, amongst others.

Its principal ingredient is the Griffonia seed extract, which reduces skin blemishes and offers protection from U.V. damage. It also helps nourish your skin and enhances collagen production, leaving your skin smoother and more firm.

It is non-comedogenic, gluten-free, paraben-free, and contains no irritants or toxic chemicals. It helps hydrate and smoothes the skin, leaving you with the younger look you’ve always craved.

Dermalogica Ultracalming Serum Concentration

The dermalogica serum has an effective calming feature that prevents too much redness or irritation after dermarolling, especially for sensitive skin.

It contains ingredients that restore and soothe the skin, protects it from any damage, and gives it color-correcting features.

It is formulated with peptides, hyaluronic acid, essential oils, and dimethicone. These enable it to hydrate, soothe, and enhance skin rejuvenation excellently.

It has also got anti-inflammatory features that allow it to interrupt inflammatory triggers, thereby preventing irritants. It leaves the skin calm, especially after the use of non-invasive cosmetic products.

It is vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free. It also contains oils from natural sources like sunflower seed, primrose, avocado, etc., to keep the skin at ease and protected.

Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Face Serum

This retinol serum comes enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, giving it hydrating and brightening features.

It is effective in eliminating wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, and other blemishes. It helps correct your skin tone, leaving it even, and all brightened.

It is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry skins. The rapid tone repair serum will leave you with visibly younger-looking skin within a week of usage.

It contains active ingredients like Retinol S.A., plant extracts, and vitamins that combine to make it efficient. It helps cleanse the skin by eliminating dirt, grime, makeup, oil, etc.

This serum also offers sunscreen protection, thereby preventing sun rays damage. It also improves skin radiance and leaves you with a youthful-looking glow.

Good Genes All-in-one Lactic Acid by Sunday Riley

If you’re looking for the best brightening serum, you should consider this. It contains botanical blends making it safe and gentle to use on your skin.

It comes with an efficient complexion-perfecting benefit that can be enhanced when used with a dermaroller—using this serum after dermarolling ensures that your skin fully absorbs this feature.

It is formulated with pure purified lactic acid as the base ingredient and contains other constituents like Arnica, prickly pear, licorice root, lemongrass, etc.

These Ingredients perform different vital functions in the serum. Arnica and prickly pears are responsible for soothing and calming. Lemongrass acts as an astringent and gives it a pleasant scent.

Licorice root ensures it brightens your skin and boosts the radiance, while lactic acid is responsible for hydrating, exfoliating, and smoothing the skin surface.

It effectively refreshes your skin and leaves you with an even skin tone. It also contains AHAs treatment that hides fine lines and wrinkles. It is free of irritants and toxic chemicals, making it safe to use.

Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting serum

This serum comes with a regenerating feature like dermarolling itself, making it an excellent choice of serum after using a dermaroller.

It contains a mixture of amino acids and peptides, which helps it achieve this feat. It is a highly efficient serum that leaves you with healthy-looking plump skin.

It effectively improves firmness and boosts your skin radiance excellently. The non-comedogenic serum also smooths and leaves the skin moisturized all day.

It is formulated to regenerate surface skin cells, thereby giving you a transformative younger-looking skin. The lightweight formula also improves skin elasticity and firmness while diminishing wrinkles and fine lines.

It contains Amino peptides, Vitamin E, and Carob extract, responsible for its high efficiency. It is non-greasy, fragrance-free, and fast-absorbing.

I.S. chemical Active serum

Here’s an excellent serum to use after dermarolling. It contains salicylic acids and other ingredients that effectively combat aging signs, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and other worst blemishes.

Using this serum at first leaves a slight tingling sensation on your skin due to its menthol content. It helps calm, soothes, and clear the skin, thereby boosting the skin radiance.

It is effective for controlling hyperpigmentation and contains sugarcane that aids in increasing cellular turnover, giving you a youthful glow.

It also contains Arbutin, bilberry, and mushroom extracts that offer skin brightening benefits for all ages and skin types.

It exfoliates and brightens the skin, prevents acne, reduces pore size, and deals with anti-aging signs excellently. All these make it an excellent choice of serum.

It is free of paraben, fragrance, gluten, and other irritants.

Mad tuppie Vitamin C serum

This serum comes with an excellent brightening effect due to its Vitamin C enriched formula. It is an incredible formula that helps you clean and covers skin blemishes excellently.

It is formulated with effective natural ingredients that combat varying skin conditions like discoloration, dullness, unevenly textured, and imbalanced skin.

It contains ferulic acid, an antioxidant that works well with Vitamin C to offer protective and brightening benefits.

It also comes with hyaluronic acid that helps improve skin moisture level, leaving it plump and hydrated. This serum has also got chamomile extract that helps it smooth and calms the skin.

The gentle formula is safe for your skin, as it contains no chemicals or common irritants. It is suitable for all skin types and offers an excellent after-dermarolling effect.

It helps even skin tone, improves skin texture and appearance. It is vegan, GMO-free, and contains all-natural ingredients.

The Ordinary Niacinamide & Zinc Serum

This serum contains 10% Niacinamide and 1% Zinc. These constituents ensure it effectively reduces skin blemishes and keeps the skin away from oil as much as possible.

It is an excellent serum choice for acne-prone and oily skin, and it offers you incredible complexion-perfecting features. It soothes, calms, and eliminates skin blemishes, leaving your skin smooth and refreshed.

The vegan formula visibly regulates sebum and minimizes your skin pores to prevent acne breakouts.  It is a high-performing serum that offers you excellent functionality, especially after dermarolling.

Its 5.50 – 6.50 pH value makes it safe to be used on your skin. It is free of silicone, nuts, paraben, alcohol, or oil. It is a vegan formula and will leave you with optimal satisfaction.

Vichy Mineral 89 Hydrating serum

This daily skin booster serum and moisturizer is an excellent option for dry and dehydrated skin type.

It comes in a lightweight formula that will leave your skin plump, brightened, and hydrated. All thanks to its hyaluronic acid and glycerin constituent.

Using this serum after dermarolling ensures optimal absorption and enhances effectiveness. It is devoid of common irritants like fragrance, dye, alcohol, and paraben.

It is soothing, calming, and leaves your skin refreshed due to its Aloe Vera and oatmeal content. The serum formula is also hydrating and makes your skin appear healthier.

It is dermatologist and allergy tested, making it safe to use. It is also non-greasy, non-sticky, and offers you 24hrs hydration. This serum helps you strengthen and repair skin barriers, amidst other loads of functions.

Truskin Vitamin C Serum

This is one of the best selling serum on top e-commerce sites like Amazon. It contains Vitamin C, E, and hyaluronic acid, making it able to brighten and hydrate your skin.

This serum has plenty of unique benefits and contains beneficial ingredients like witch hazel, jojoba oil, etc.

These ingredients are responsible for enhancing natural collagen production, clears blemishes, fine lines, dark spots, and keeps your skin hydrating.

Its skin-friendly ingredients from natural sources make it safe and gentle on the skin. It has anti-aging properties and helps firm your skin. It also improves your skin tone and leaves you with a younger look.

It is cruelty-free and contains no synthetic color, paraben, GMO, PEGs, sulfate, and other irritants. It’s an incredible choice of serum both when used separately or after dermarolling.

SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex

This serum is formulated with TNS (Tissue Nutrients systems). It enhances new cell growth and heals open collagen fiber and broken up tissue scars due to dermarolling. This makes it a perfect pair with dermarollers.

It effectively reduces the appearance of blemishes like stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines, aging signs, acne, amongst others.

It is suitable for all skin types and helps ensure your skin appears firmer. The TNS technique used in this serum ensures it aids natural skin regeneration to improve overall skin appearance.

It is also effective when it comes to reducing skin discoloration. It is dermatologist approved, sulfate-free and paraben-free.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum

This serum is formulated with skin-friendly ingredients. It’s one of the best serums to use after dermarolling.

It has hyaluronic acid, peptides, and collagen. These ingredients give it hydrating, regenerating, and soothing benefits.

It works perfectly on all skin types and improves skin hydration, thereby making your skin plump, smooth, and hydrated.

Independent research has shown that this serum boosts skin moisture by 178%, leaving your skin healthy.

The collagen in this serum firms the skin and supports skin health, while peptides smoothen the skin, reducing fine line and wrinkles.

It also contains Aloe Vera and Oatmeal, responsible for making the skin calm and nourishing. It is dermatologist tested, contains no irritants, non-comedogenic, and suitable for all skin types.


Dermaroller is an excellent alternative to other skincare types. Even though they’re a bit pricey, they offer you the functionality you need.

However, to ensure high-effectiveness, you need to combine this tool with serum. This guide provides you with the types of serum that can give you the result you crave when used after dermarolling.

We hope it comes in handy.

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