The 15 Best Portable Vein Finder Devices Reviews & Guide 2021


Some medical examiners, nurses, and caregivers often find it difficult to locate the exact position of veins. As a result, many syringes/needles are wasted, and most importantly the patient’s stress and anxiety also increase due to frequent stings on the skin.

If you are also facing the same problem then be ready to witness the miraculous benefits of the portable vein finders.

It will not only save your time and materials but will also provide comfort and a sigh of relief to your patients.

In this article, I will be showing you the best portable vein finders that suits your needs and interests.

What is a vein finder and how do I use it?

Vein finders are digital devices that enhance the capability of medical professionals to see the veins more clearly.

Infrared light is used to reflect a map of the veins on the screen of the device. It is quite useful for elders as their veins are difficult to find because of the stiffness in their skin.

While treating toddlers it becomes necessary to find the precise position of the vein otherwise the toddler might suffer unnecessary injury or pain, trust me, it’ll take hours to calm your kid down if they start crying, and you don’t want that to happen!

If you want to minimize the dangers of unnecessary damage to your patient and increase the visibility of veins on their body, then it’s time to get your hands on some portable vein finders.

It’s easy to use a portable machine with easy controls and is eco-friendly, attractive enough for everyone including activists, isn’t it?

Its use is simple, turn off or dim the room lights, then switch on the device put it perpendicular on the skin, and scan left to right.

Once the vein is located you can follow it down with the infrared light, when the vein that is going to be utilized is located then you have to turn the device parallel to the arm. Now you no longer need to worry about the location of the vein because the technology just couldn’t be better!

Why should you use a portable vein finder?

Are you a medical worker and your patients frequently complain of cyanosis (the blueness of the skin)?

Are you a nurse and your elderly patient is not fond of syringes?

Are you a caretaker to a toddler and don’t want the child to go through needless pain?

Are you someone that faces anxiety while injecting your patients?

All of these questions and many more are the reason why you should use a vein finding machine.

Let me point some of the major reasons that will prompt you to buy a vein finder.

  • Locate the vein very easily
  • Causes no pain at all
  • Increases the visibility of veins
  • Skin-friendly infrared light
  • Portable devices (can be carried everywhere)
  • Easy to use
  • Increased patient satisfaction

Top Portable Vein Finders

Still, wondering why you should have one? Or perhaps thinking about the quality of the product?

Don’t worry I have made a list of the best portable vein finders that will help you identify the best device that suits your requirements.

Veinlite EMS pro

The vein lite EMS pro is a Trans-illuminator vein finder.

It’s powered by two double (AA) batteries, the batteries come with the package that is easily replaceable.

There is a pediatrician gadget with the package used to make the area of the device smaller so that you can find veins easier in children.

There is also a pamphlet of instructions inside the box. All the instructions are written in simple and broad text.

The package also includes disposable plastic covers, so that you can slip your portable EMS into the cover.

If you are looking for a stylish vein finder then don’t distress because Veinlite EMS pro surely is the device of your choice and passion. Fashion even when it comes to health, wow!

Respironics Wee Sight vein finder

It’s a pediatric Trans-illuminator vein finder that makes it comfortable for children. It’s a small portable device that helps locate tiny veins in toddlers.

If you are a pediatric nurse or a pediatric doctor Respironics Wee sight is the best option for you.

VINO OPTICS Vein Finder glasses

Without a battery, these are just like normal glasses but with a special function to see the oxygenation in the blood.

You can not only locate the veins but their orientation as well. It helps nurses insert the IV needle more efficiently. The VINO OPTICS is lightweight, anti-fog, anti-scratch, and fully adjustable.

These glasses are a real treat not only for medical examiners but for law enforcers as well, as they can detect the nervousness of a suspect.

It doesn’t matter if you are a part of the medical field or not, even if you are a police officer then these glasses are the best choice for you. They simply work for each and every one!

Venoscope II transilluminator

The Venoscope II trans illuminator requires three AA batteries which you may have to purchase separately.

To make it work you have to turn the device on and dim the lights, then glide it over the desired area verify the vein, apply gel stretch strap, hold the device in place and mark the desired area.

These simple steps and you are there to get hold of the vein in just a matter of seconds, sounds impressive, right?

Veinlite NEO child transilluminator neonatal Artery/Vein finder

The vein lite NEO is the latest addition to portable vein finders.

They are mostly suitable for newborn babies; an interesting fact about this device is that it can detect both arteries and veins specifically in neonates

It’s the only device that can find arteries. We repeat, the ONLY device.

It comes with a triple AA battery, the package also has disposable plastic covers that helps protect the device from dust, damage, and cross-contamination between patients.

The device has the feature of three different colored LED lights; first is the orange-colored LED that is used to find veins, the second is a green LED that is used to find arteries, the third LED is a white light which can be used in ill-lit situations.

Adding on to the perks, it also has the feature of brightness control; you can control the extent of the LED light through a button.

Handheld infrared vein detector

It can be held in hands around the fist in order to identify the veins. It’s also rechargeable and does not require removable batteries.

Avoid the light being exposed to eyes; it can sometimes cause eye injury.

Vein finder BFV 263

The best thing about the BVF-263 is that it is completely safe for eyes, and safety matters the most, right?

With an elegant design, the BVF-263 is used to detect veins from a distance i.e. it glows the LED light into the skin from a distance and illuminates the veins.

It uses the technique of image optimization, having brightness adjustment option, and high accuracy.

WE&ZHE venous instrument, infrared vein viewer

Although it serves the same function of vein detection, it is not optimal to use on the skin and never to be glittered on the eyes.

It does not have a battery and can only be workable once connected to the power supply.

Lightweight, beautiful design, comfortable usage, all these features within a single device, we couldn’t have asked for something more heavenly!

Venoscope neonatal transilluminator vein finder

If you are dealing with toddlers then you may find this device very useful.

The Venoscope neonatal is mostly used for newborn babies.

It’s a simple device; it comes with a triple-A battery, just turn on the light and position the extremity above the light

Veinlite PEDI2 baby trans-illuminator vein finder

As far as my experience is concerned, I find this vein finder the most simple and easy to use for children under the age of 4. It’s a beautiful blue plastic coated device, much smaller in size and can easily fit in a pocket.

If you are working in a pediatric clinic and want to have the best vein finder for your patients then the vein lite PEDI2 must be your wisest choice.

Veinlite LEDX vein finder- sclerotherapy varicose vein mapping

When you open your veinlite kit you will find an instruction book/user manual. Before using your veinlite kindly review the instructions for maintenance information and correct usage.

The kit also contains several other accessories such as a charger, pediatric and light shield attachments, and a pack of disposable plastic covers for the device.

The veinlite is a handheld battery-powered vein finding and accessing device that uses a patented trans-illumination technique known as side trans-illumination.

The given model of veinlite device offers a two-button operation, which has an orange and a red button; the orange button is used to turn on an orange LED light, the orange LED’s are optimized for illuminating lighter pigmented skin and superficial veins.

The red button when pressed turns on a red LED light that is optimized for darker pigmented skin and to see deeper veins.

You can also set in motion both of the orange and red LEDs in case a higher contrast is needed for vein illumination.

WLIXZ medical infrared vein finder

This type of vein finder is often rare to find due to its uniqueness. Although they offer the precise location of the vein, they must have to be connected to a computer, and the image of the vein is displayed on the screen.

Added perks: easy to adjust and carry. It has a 360-degree adjustable bracket.

GFYWZZ vein finder

This is a torch-like portable vein finding device.

It is held in the fist, and the red LED light then reflects the veins in the hand and arm.

If you are working as a nurse or a caregiver in an adult clinic then I strongly recommended this device for you.

BIXINYAAN vein locator finder

This particular vein finder can be used for people of all ages.

It has a lightweight design, it’s easy to carry a device, which makes it easy for a medical professional to carry the gadget everywhere anytime.

If you are a frequent traveler and want a vein finder that you can carry with yourself, then don’t hesitate to get your hands on this amazing gadget since portability is key!

Vein lite EMS vein finder

This model of the veinlite Pro is specifically designed for emergency use. It’s primarily suitable for paramedics and firefighters to quickly access veins.

This should have to be a compulsory device in every first aid kit.

This high-quality vein finder is also lighter on your pocket when compared to the rest.


In a nutshell, these portable vein finders have revolutionized the traditional vein finding techniques in the medical field.

Today there are thousands of such products available online that minimize the risk of needle injuries.

I believe every medical examiner should have at least one vein finding machine in his/her clinic because a minor injury inflicted by a needle can, later on, cause severe infectious diseases.

Technology is swiftly evolving, new and modern methods of medical practice are paving ways for improved health benefits.

A vein finder might look an ordinary tool but it has come to the front after perhaps years of deliberations and failed trials.

The vein finders can also be useful for skincare workers, as the veins in the skin are too tiny and cannot be viewed with a naked eye.

So, vein finders are the best solution for beauty salons to use it on their patient’s skin, some of them have zero side effects on the skin and are completely safe for use on skin.

Children are more vulnerable to minor cuts due to syringes and needles, similarly, the elderly and diabetes patients cannot afford to spill excess blood due to their weakened blood vessels, however, the solution to this problem is in front of you, get a vein finder machine and get rid of the above problems.

Who doesn’t want to bid Farwell to their patients with a broad smile?

Of course, all of you want to.

Then stop wasting your time while tapping the skin repeatedly until it becomes red and your patient gets irritated and gets your hands on this amazing and easily accessible vein finding devices.

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