The 12 Best Portable Infrared Saunas Reviews & Guide 2021


Get a relaxing spa at home with the best portable infrared saunas. Portable at home infrared saunas are not only beneficial but also are extremely convenient. These saunas let you enjoy your spa-like sessions wherever you are, be it a home, picnic resort, or hotel room. You’ll get to experience great relaxation regardless of your location.

There are some saunas that are specially designed for outdoor as well as indoor use. It means you can take the infrared sauna with you at a trekking camp or beach. The best thing about portable saunas is that they are light in weight and easy to carry.

Regularly using a sauna offers many health benefits, including relaxing your mind and body. In addition, to reduce weight, infrared saunas also reduce stress and clear your skin. However, with so many models available in the market, selecting the best at a home infrared sauna is a confusing task.

Top Portable Infrared Saunas

To help you find a portable sauna that best suits your needs, we have reviewed the best products in this article. Take a look!

Durasage Oversized Portable Steam Sauna

If you are looking for an oversized sauna on a budget, then this steam sauna from Durasage is a great option for you. It is an affordable product without compromise in quality. If anything, it means that you can still get a top-notch sauna at a pocket-friendly price range.

It’s an effective sauna that doesn’t need any special place to set it up. You can set this portable and lightweight infrared sauna in a few minutes. Further, it has three heaters that are enough to give you optimal heat during the session. All three heaters are made from a very thin carbon fiber heating element.

With this product, you’ll be able to experience all the health benefits of saunas at your comfortable place. The unique design of this portable sauna allows it to work similarly to the large conventional sauna. Ten minutes in this sturdy sauna will equal to half an hour of jogging.

Far Infrared Relax Sauna

Get relief from symptoms of inflammation, arthritis, lupus, and lumbar pain with this amazing sauna. It helps improve blood circulation and removes pathogens from the skin. Far Infrared sauna is so relaxing and offers many anti aging benefits too. Plus, this product also helps in weight loss and lowers body blood pressure.

Further, this tent style easy to carry sauna provides awesome healing and therapeutic benefits. It increases collagen production and elastin production of the skin, which helps in improving skin texture. You can carry it with you wherever you go. The gray color of this infrared sauna looks amazing.

The best part is that you can use this sauna, both indoor and outdoor. It has high-quality heating elements that produce optimal heat to relax your body and to help with detoxification of the body.

Radiant Saunas Rejuvinator Portable

This portable sauna by Radiant Saunas is the perfect unit for individuals who want easy to store and easy to carry sauna. It is made from durable material, which increases the life span of the product. The interior, as well as the exterior of this infrared sauna, is amazing.

The zipper apartment protects heat from escaping while giving you the best spa-like experience at home. Also, there is a padded neck collar that is comfortable on your neck. Further, in this at-home sauna, you can control the temperature as well as timing from the six automatic timer options.

There are preset heating levels that you can set according to your need. Moreover, it has many unique features, and its weight is less than 220lb. Overall, it comes with an incredible support system made out of high-quality hardwood dowel frame.

hUkOeR Far-Infrared (FIR) Sauna Blanket

This sauna blanket is also a great product to take advantage of sauna anytime, anywhere. Its far-infrared rays can produce enough heat to relax your body and to give you the best sauna experience at home. It helps increase blood flow and remove toxins from the body.

The outer material of this sauna blanket is made of top-grade PU material, and inside material is of waterproof PVC. It is very flexible and offers various sleeping positions. When you use it, except edges, every part of the blanket becomes hot to provide the best result to you.

If you are a pregnant woman or a person with a severe heart problem, avoid using this blanket.

S SMAUTOP Sauna Blanket

Get a relaxing sleep for 15 to 20 minutes with S SMAUTOP infrared sauna blanket. It is made of waterproof and safe material that offers flexible capabilities in various sleeping positions. The outer part of the blanket is top grade PU material, and the inner part is of waterproof PVC.

There is a controller through which you can adjust the temperature of the blanket according to your need. It is a travel-friendly sauna blanket which you can carry with you wherever you go. It is a great product to lose weight and to detoxify the body.

You can use it indoor or outdoor in your garden. Better to preheat it for five minutes before entering into it. Also, do not bend the blanket, weight for it to cool down, and then fold it to store at a safe place.

Portable Sauna Tent – Smartmak

The Smartmak EMF Sauna tent is best to use at home and is affordable too. The best part is that it gets heat up quickly and offers you the best at-home spa experience. Further, the installation is very easy, and it travels friendly too.

This portable sauna has a double-headed zipper, which gives you easy access. There are double pockets too in the sauna tent that free your hands. You can place a chair in it and can sit for a few minutes to get a salon-like spa treatment at home.

Further, transparent windows in this sauna give you an open view and fresh air when you feel uncomfortable. It is a great product to soothe aches and body pains. Also, it improves blood circulation and prevents fatigue. It is available in three colors that are pink, blue, and gray. You can pick any according to your choice.

Uttiny Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

This sauna blanket can release 9-14um infrared rays that benefit your body in many ways. The thermal effect of this blanket produces enough sweat and helps in detoxifying the body. With the blanket, fat gets oxidized into carbon dioxide, and help eliminates toxin from the body in terms of sweat.

The temperature of this blanket varies from 35 to 75 degrees Celsius. You can set or control the temperature according to your need. After reaching an optimal temperature, this product automatically disconnects the heating element, which makes it safe to use the device at home.

SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa

SereneLife is one of the best portable infrared saunas that you can use at home. Apart from the travel-friendly feature, it comes with a chair that you can use to sit inside this sauna for the session. Therefore, with this, you do not need to but extra stool or chair.

Further, it is very light in weight and is easy to carry as well. There are two zips through which you can take your hands out while enjoying heating therapy. Also, it gives you the same health benefits that you get from a conventional infrared sauna.

You will get a remote control feature in it from where you can control the temperature according to your need. Plus, with this, you will also get an infrared foot pad heating mat for full body heated sauna experience.

Durherm Infrared Sauna

Durhem sauna is an infrared sauna that you can easily use at home, at a hotel room, or at the beach. It gets easily fit in tight spaces and gives you the best sauna experience similar to the salon. Its lightweight and easy to carry feature make it the best sauna for home. You can easily shift it from one place to another.

You will get enough space in this sauna and can easily fit in it. The material of this product is durable and waterproof. Also, there is a temperature control feature which allows you to set the temperature according to your need.

ZONEMEL Portable 2L Steam Sauna

It is a four-layer thick waterproof fabric that prevents leakage of steam and makes it more convenient to clean. The blue color of the fabric also looks beautiful in your space.

You will get a steamer and temperature controller with this product, which helps keep the interior warm. You can set the temperature according to your need. Further, this portable sauna is easy to assemble and takes only a few minutes.

AltraTech Sauna Blanket

AltraTech’s Sauna blanket is better to get relaxing spa at home. It is made from skin-friendly material and is easy to use as well. Further, the material is waterproof and durable too. This blanket has an auto cut feature when it gets overheated, which saves you from any hazard.

The infrared fabric emits 9-14um radiation, which helps increase blood flow and reduces body fat. It gets easily fold, and when not in use, you can store it at a small space with ease.

Also, you can carry it with you wherever you go. This sauna blanket is the best blanket to get relief from body pain and fatigue.

Heat Sauna Blanket

Get a relaxing sleep for a few minutes with the help of this sauna blanket. It comes with a free temperature and time adjustments that make it easy to operate for you. When you sleep in it, the infrared rays help increase blood flow and improve skin texture.

Further, the long and wide coverage of this sauna makes it comfortable for different sleeping positions. The best part is that it is suitable for every age and for every location, be it home, beach or camping site.

The low energy emission of this blanket helps treat body pain, muscle pain, skin issues, and body fat.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many infrared saunas available in the market, some of which are of high quality, and some are of low quality. You need to buy the best sauna for home use as it is a matter of your health. This buying guide focuses on essential things that you should consider before buying the sauna for home.

Check the weight of sauna

Since you’re looking for a portable sauna, you should consider the weight factor. Try to buy the one with less weight so that you can easily carry it with you wherever you go.

Look for the temperature levels

The portable sauna should have various, as well as adjustable temperature levels. It shouldn’t have a fixed heat level as your body might not comfortable at that temperature. So, try to get a product which offers different heating levels with the controller. Most of the infrared saunas can cause sweating at low temperatures.

Go for a durable material

A durable portable sauna will work effectively for a long time. Once you may have to pay more for quality but you will get your purchase back as you don’t have to buy a new one for many years.

Check sauna’s feature

Some saunas come with extra features that enhance your relaxing or spa experience. The features include handheld controllers, automatic shut-off, temperature alarm, and more. Check out for the features before buying the one for yourself.


We hope that the above review article helps you buy the best portable infrared saunas for home use. All the above mention sauna products are made of high-quality material and are safe to use. You can pick any of them according to your need and budget.


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