The 12 Best Microcurrent Machines for Home Use 2021 Reviews

Microcurrent Machine

Skin treatments and procedures are the hottest trends these days. People are conscious about the way they look and spend several dollars grooming it. 

Do you also want radiant and younger-looking skin but don’t find time to visit the salon?

Are you looking for an alternative to expensive skin treatments? If yes, then this is the right place.

In this article, I am introducing an effective and affordable way to combat the effects of skin aging.

We are talking about a microcurrent machine that you can use in the comfort of your home to get youthful skin.

Let’s check the best microcurrent machines in the market.

Factors to consider before buying a Microcurrent Machine

The Functions

The function of a microcurrent device is not limited to one. Many machines can also cleanse, exfoliate, massage, and also scrub.

Thus, if you want your device to serve multiple purposes, then look for these additional features.

Vibration Frequency

An ideal frequency range for an efficient microcurrent device ranges between 8k-10k vibrations per minute.

Approval from FDA

A significant factor that needs consideration is whether the machine is FDA approved or not.

Since the device is used directly on the skin and includes electricity, FDA approval is crucial.


While buying a microcurrent machine, make sure it comes with a warranty. In case something goes wrong, a warranty is essential to cover the damage.


We all love add-ons. Hence, while buying a microcurrent machine, you can look out for additional features like long battery life, USB charging, adjustable vibrations and pressure, and so on.

Best Microcurrent Machine for Home Use

NuFace Facial Toning Kit

If you want salon-like results at home, then this NuFace advanced toning kit is an ideal choice.

This microcurrent machine is an all-rounder that comes with several attachments to provide you with different skin treatments.

It is an FDA-approved device and hence, safe to be used on your face. There is also an intensity control button and an automatic control feature.

You can choose from the various interchangeable attachments that will give you varying treatments.

This award-winning microcurrent machine surely deserves a place in your facial care regime.

NuDerma Skin Therapy Machine

The secret for getting youthful and glowing skin is now out. The NuDerma therapy machine is what you need to improve energy production and blood circulation in your skin.

This therapy device features 4 different attachments for your hair and skin. It uses neon high-frequency electrodes that are known to be extremely effective against skin aging.

If you have been combatting acne, this machine can also reduce them by killing the bacteria. 

Thus, this device is a wonderful skin therapy wand that can drastically improve your skin appearance no matter what your age is.

Project E Beauty Facial Lifting Roller

This Galvanic facial roller is one of the most efficient and simple to use microcurrent devices.

With this roller, one can speed up the absorption of nutrients into the skin to make it young and healthy.

It comes with 2 separate heads for massaging different areas on the face. One for the face and neck and a smaller one for delicate areas like under the eye.

With a one-year manufacturer warranty, you can rest assured that any device defect will be taken care of.

This versatile device helps cleanse, improve blood circulation, tighten the skin, and promote metabolism. 

Skin Care Experts Microcurrent Face Lift

If you don’t wish to spend a fortune on skin lifting treatments, then this microcurrent machine is an affordable and effective option.  It provides painless galvanized electric currents for the best skin results.

You have the option to either use the device along with the cord or power it with a battery for better portability.

It works to stimulate the facial cells and restores the muscles.

The variable power setting gives you full control over the device. Additionally, an automatic shut-off option ensures that you don’t overuse the device on the face.

Pure Daily Care 4-in-1 Wand

Harness the power of 4 natural technologies to keep your skin healthy and glossy.

This microcurrent machine utilizes red, green, and blue LEDs to combat skin aging, drive away acne, and improve the complexion too.

You can choose from 4 modes and use them separately or together for providing your skin with the best treatment at home. It has an easy-to-use interface and an ergonomic design for comfortable use.

There is a built-in timer feature that can be pre-set to use each mode for a specific time. You can include this wonderful device in your skincare routine to achieve the best results.

NuFace Fix Microcurrent Machine

Gift yourself smooth-looking and youthful skin with this microcurrent device from NuFace.

This revolutionary device aids in tightening, brightening, and smoothening the skin with its ionic formula.

It includes a smoothing serum that energizes the skin, revitalizes it, and provides the required hydration while the device helps it get absorbed deep into the skin.

With this device, you can successfully reduce wrinkles and fines lines from the face and enhance its appearance.

It comes with a USB charging cord, battery indicator, and a 1-year warranty. This FDA-cleared pen-sized machine is surely a game-changer for all those who want radiant skin.

MLAY Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machine

Achieving beautiful skin is now just a step away with this radio frequency machine.

It uses bipolar RF technology that penetrates deep into the skin tissue. By doing so, it aids the skin in producing collagen and elastin that are essential for skin health.

What I loved the most about this device is that it senses the skin temperature and accordingly adjusts to prevent any burns. 

With this device, you can fight skin aging and wrinkles successfully without any side effects.

The machine also consists of 2 separate probes for the body and skin. It helps to whiten the skin, improve the freckles, and moisturize the skin.

Eyezone Massager Microcurrent Kit

If the under-eye wrinkle is your concern, then this eye microcurrent kit is the perfect device for you.

It helps to bring about the regeneration of derma cells to improve the skin’s appearance over a period of time.

Using the device regularly can bring the best results not just under the eyes but also on the face. 

The device is battery-operated and compact too. This makes it an ideal choice for carrying it even while you are traveling.

This low-energy device is harmless on the skin and effectively drives away dark circles and puffiness, and improves skin elasticity.

Nurysh Lyft 2.0

Rejuvenate your face and give a lift to your skin without any expensive procedures with this Lyft 2.0 device.

With as many as 7 functions, this device is all your need to achieve glowing and youthful skin.

By using Biowave technology, it stimulates the skin’s dermal activity.

This improves collagen and elastin production, which helps make the skin firm, reduce the lines and wrinkles, and improve the tone and texture.

Other features of this machine include FDA-approval, ion+ function, light therapy, USB charging, and an LCD screen.

Yeamon 4D Microcurrent Massager

Achieve several skin benefits with this all-rounder microcurrent massager from Yeamon.

This wonderful device is all you need to get facial contour, facial toning, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

It produces 8000 vibrations per minute which is an ideal one.

Some of its wonderful features include 5 vibration modes, 5-speed settings, USB port, LED screen, and 5 microcurrent intensity levels.

The microcurrent therapy of this device stimulates and repairs the cells and tissues, increases the adenosine triphosphate, and also boosts the absorption of amino acids and collagen production in the skin.

NuDerma Clinical Massager

Gift a young-looking skin to the woman in your life with this clinical wand from NuDerma.

It consists of 6 beauty applicators, 3 of which are powered with neon, and the other 3 are powered with argan.

These applicators help to drive away acne, reduce wrinkles, and improve the elasticity of the skin. You can improve your hair, skin, and body with this massager set.

It works by improving cell metabolism and amps up ATP production to benefit the skin.

Amirce Face Massager

Giving your face the desired lift is now just a device away. The Amirce face massager comes with a 3D roller and T shape electric roller.

Both these efficiently reduce facial wrinkles and also help to reduce dark circles.

By combining this face massager with your creams and serums, you can drastically improve their penetration into the skin. 

The device also helps to increase face metabolism and stimulate blood circulation.

It features a special waterproof design that allows you to use the massager even under a shower.


If you want to gift yourself supple and youthful skin, then choosing the right microcurrent device is very important.

A microcurrent machine for home allows you to pamper your skin in the comfort of your home and also saves time and money.

These devices come with many useful features and help you to pamper your skin and improve its appearance regardless of your age.

Your search for a home microcurrent machine ends with this list. Hope you will find your ideal device and achieve enviable skin too.



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