The 15 Best Light Therapy Devices for Pain Relief 2021


Treat pain with light. It sounds magical and futuristic, but in fact, this wonder is just a few clicks away.

2,500 years ago, doctors in classical Greece already said that their patients could benefit from moderate exposure to sunlight. Avicenna, a Persian scholar and physician, in the 10th century, also commented on the benefits of moderate sunbathing.

In Europe, it was the French doctors who, in the mid-18th century, were able to verify the beneficial effects of moderate sun baths on patients with different skin infections.

Today, from the hand of the aesthetic and health market, at the beginning of the 21st century, this practice is called phototherapy: a treatment technique that uses electromagnetic radiation of natural or artificial origin to treat diseases. The applied light can be visible, infrared or ultraviolet radiation.

What is light therapy for pain relief?

Red light phototherapy is a natural, chemical and drug free procedure that can address many health problems.

It can help postpone skin aging, promote wound repair, and efficiently relieve different types of pain.

With a red light therapy device, you can enjoy its myriad benefits at home and share them with your family!

But, let’s learn a little more.

Infrared light is a type of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun.

Although it is invisible to human eyes, people find it in everyday life and feel it as heat.

However, due to high levels of radiation and UV, excessive exposure to sunlight will do more harm than good. For this reason, red light therapy is gaining enormous popularity in recent years.

Red light treatment is a non-invasive procedure that delivers infrared light to the human

body by means of low light wavelengths that penetrate the skin.

As a result, red light therapy helps improve blood flow, speeds up cell and tissue repair, and provides a skin rejuvenation effect.

In addition, it promotes the healing of wounds and scars, as well as relieves arthritis pain, muscle aches, stabilizes blood pressure and calms the nerves.

Top pain relief light therapy devices

Today, you can find countless red light therapy machines on the market.

But such a wide selection can be puzzling, right? To narrow down your choice, I have chosen 15 high-quality red light therapy devices that will give you the opportunity to enjoy all the real benefits of red light therapy at home!

Full Body Led Light Therapy for Skin Relief and Pain, by Anyork

This infrared lamp provides pleasant infrared heat that can be directed at certain parts of the body.

Thus, infrared heat penetrates deep into the skin and provides effective pain relief for muscles and joints.

The device is suitable for many therapeutic applications and very easy to use.

The lamp is height adjustable and has been optimized for treating large parts of the body, for example the shoulders and back. It comes with a built-in timer.

In addition, it helps you strengthen the cardiovascular system and stimulates blood circulation.

As a result, waste materials are removed very efficiently.

It’s also great for warming up your muscles before exercising or massaging.

Serfory’s red light therapy device

This infrared lamp has a power of 275W, a temperature brightness regulator that you can adjust according to your needs and can last up to 3000 hours of continuous use.

It is constructed of strong and durable iron.

It has a stainless steel screen mesh to protect the bulb and prevent burns or injuries.

Moreover, it can be turned to all angles and contains 4 wheels to move from one place to another without any problem.

The device helps you cure a variety of diseases, reduce pain, increase blood circulation, relieve muscle and joint pain. Indeed, it is ideal for use in beauty salons or houses!

Beurer IL21 Compact infrared lamp

In this top I bring you the best infrared lamps of the moment and here I present the Beurer IL-21.

It has a 150-watt light bulb that provides enough infrared heat to penetrate deep into injured muscles and joints.

It has 5 different tilt angles so you can adjust the lamp to certain areas with infrared heat. Thanks to its design you can use the device safely.

It is made of high quality glass and a base that is made of non-slip material.

Also, this model helps you have healthy blood flow and helps you get the oxygen and nutrients your body needs.

This effective device reduces pain and encourages rapid therapy of inflamed joints.

Using this infrared radiator can optimize your blood flow by 400% in just 30 minutes of infrared heat therapy.

Beurer IL50 relief for muscle aches

This infrared lamp has a strong and durable appearance and design.

It comes equipped with a high-quality ceramic plate with a tilt function, two control buttons, and a handle on each side of the plate for better maneuverability.

It is mainly used to treat muscle and joint pain;

In addition, it can be used to treat colds and bronchial congestion, since it reduces inflammation, swelling and eliminates mucous membranes in the airways.

The infrared light and heat emitted by this device also helps you improve circulation, blood flow and metabolic rate.

It has a one minute incremental timer that automatically turns off when treatment ends. To prevent the device from overheating, it has an automatic thermal cut.

Hooga Infrared Thermotherapy Lamp

We are dealing with an infrared lamp that has been in high demand in recent months by beauty and health professionals, as it stands out for its robustness and helps to effectively improve blood circulation, skin tissue and immune function .

Other features that this model has is the wide application that it has, since it can not only be used in a beauty salon, but is also very useful for domestic purposes.

The product is built in a top quality material and an example of this is its great durability over time. It comes with an adjustable arm mount so you can direct the lamp to the desired position.

Tendlite’s Infrared lamp for treating muscle pain

It is a perfect model to relieve pain and other ills at home.

It is a compact specimen with a beautiful design. Also, very portable, you can take it on any trip or lend it to aunt with back pain.

It has a power of 300 Watts and a radiation area of ​​30 x 40 centimeters. It includes a digital display to adjust the working time and incorporates an automatic shutdown after 15 minutes of use.

The ceramic glass protects the skin from the intensity of the rays and the fan prevents overheating.

Canoz RD100 Light Heating Lamp Joint and muscle pain reliever

Clinically proven technology, helps relieve muscle and joint pain. Also, it stimulates blood circulation and increases the oxygen supply locally.

Heat also reduces stiffness and makes joints more flexible.

Indeed, it is a trusted technology used by professionals.

Clinically proven to objectively lead to functional joint improvement!

Wolezek Infrared Lamp for Thermotherapy

Its use is quite practical, with a tilting lamp and a cable that is wound inside the device.

The 300 watt lamp does the job perfectly, and it radiates over an area of ​​30 x 40 cm.

It is more than enough to alleviate most of your muscle or joint problems.

Just put it on correctly, set the timer for 1 to 15 minutes, and let the heat work!

We can hardly make it simpler than that.

It works very well, it is an ideal accessory to relax our muscles after a day of work, especially in the back and neck.

Also, it is also perfect for relieving osteoarthritis problems or fighting a cold or sore throat. The whole family can use this lamp, for more or less annoying problems, from simple relaxation to very painful arthritis.

Bestqoolt Infrared Heat Therapy

It is a powerful infrared lamp, on a support, which will allow its use lying down or sitting, on the entire surface of the back or on all legs.

The irradiation surface is 60 x 40, which allows sessions to be carried out on the entire back, very easily. It is clearly a lamp aimed at relieving muscles and joints, although it can also be used for face, cough or skin problems.

The build quality is impeccable, with a level of finish that can only be found at Philips for this type of material.

The lamp is fixed on a height adjustable foot and can be oriented in all directions. It is one of the only infrared lamps that allows for a fully extended session, which obviously promotes relaxation.

Pain Slayer’s TDP Physiotherapy Infrared Lamp

This version of small dimensions is very appropriate for cosmetic treatments, especially if we have skin problems on the face that cause pain.

Being portable, the user can sit in front of it and receive heat on the face to open the pores and make easy skin cleaning. It has 150 watts of power and measures approximately 19 x 14 x 22 cm.

Besides, it is light, weighing approximately 0.65 kg, which makes it perfectly portable.

It comes equipped with an energy saving light bulb and has an adjustable tilt angle, and its structure is robust and resistant plastic.

Infrared and red light therapy for arthritis, by DGXINJUN

Special 100 watt lamp of very practical design, whose emitted infrared light can be used to relieve muscle tension, muscle tension, back pain, colds and rheumatic conditions.

You can take it anywhere and get on with your life while you relax!

Back pain relief pad, by DGYAO

It is among the best infrared lamps of 2020, since the level of heat it can generate contributes to the dilation of blood vessels, generating an increase in blood flow in the areas being treated, a process that helps to alleviate pain considerably!

Haiyue Infrared Lamp

If you feel pain, suffer from muscle tension or have a cold, this product may be suitable to provide relief, since the heat it is capable of generating allows multiple therapies, being an appropriate complement when treating these conditions.

Its 100 W of power allows it to emit intense light, which can be regulated and provides various benefits, so it can be used as therapy after surgery to heal affected skin tissues.

Also, its compact design makes it easy to use inside the home without complications and, as it is a small lamp, you can take it with you when you go on a trip.

You can move it to the position you need, depending on the part of the body treated, because it has five levels of inclination to which it can adapt comfortably.

Because it is one of the cheapest and due to the different characteristics it has, it is considered by many to be the best quality-price infrared lamp of the moment.

Sgrow Red Light Therapy Device

It works with a power of 150 W, which allows the lamp to have the capacity to emit a very intense light that contributes to muscle relaxation, in addition to providing a number of other benefits, for example, the activation of circulation.

On the other hand, it is possible to use it to treat colds, which is very useful for most users, since they will not have to spend a lot of money on treatments if they have this infrared lamp at home.

DMMBMFC Relief of Muscle and Skin Pain

It has a power of 275 W to function efficiently and generate the heat that is necessary when using this device.

Due to its ability to carry out different therapeutic sessions, the lamp can be used when performing treatments that relieve muscle pain and joint discomfort.

After using it, you will feel relieved!

Like other lamps in the same category, its rotating head and its design allow it to be adjusted in numerous positions, thanks to which it can be used in carrying out multiple treatments.


In many cases, muscle and joint pain is very strong, so common pain relievers do not relieve pain. With technological advances it was discovered that the use of infrared light relaxes the muscles completely eliminating pain.

However, it can be a controversial measure. Prolonged exposure to the light of a bad product can lead to burns or side effects that you will not like at all.

So, if you want to avoid falling into the trap of some brands, check the list above and find what you are looking for among the best quality products, endorsed and scientifically proven!

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