The 15 Best Laser Hair Removal Machines for Dark Skin 2021 Reviews

Laser Hair Removal Machine for dark skin

Laser hair removal is a blessing in disguise for all those who wish to get rid of fuzz permanently. However, a common misconception that prevails over this topic is that laser treatment is not a safe option for darker skin. 

This was true a few years back when laser technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today.

Fast forward to the present times, and you will find that dark skin tones can benefit as much as the light ones with all types of cosmetic treatments.

Are you planning to opt for laser hair removal? Are you unsure which device would be best suited for your skin tone? 

If yes, then this article will solve all your doubts as we bring the best laser hair removal machines for dark skin. 

These devices are safe for dark skin tones and cause no harm leaving behind hair-free skin.

Laser Hair Removal Guide for Dark Skin:

Now that the myth behind laser hair removal for dark skin is busted, let us provide you with a guide. This will help you know what you should look for when planning laser hair removal for dark skin.

Choose the right laser

The problem with dark skin arises when the laser targets the melanin in your skin along with the hair follicle. Hence, it is important to pick the right laser.

Experts suggest that one should opt for a YAG laser as it is a long-pulsed laser that bypasses the skin melanin and reaches the hair follicle directly.

Conduct your own research

It is recommended to visit an expert dermatologist who has previously treated people with dark skin. One should take opinions from friends and family. However, one should also do their research. 

Best Laser Hair Removal Machines for Dark Skin:

Mimson Laser Hair Removal Device

The Mimson laser hair removal device is best suited if you want to treat thick and coarse hair. It uses IPL technology that is safe, gentle, and effective. 

This FDA-approved device has a built-in automatic skin sensor that keeps your skin safe during the treatment.

You can choose from level 1 to 5 as you want. However, if you are dark-skinned, it is recommended to use up to level 3 only. With this device, you can treat several areas of your body like hands, legs, armpits, chest, back, etc.

This Mimson device deploys a “selective photothermal effect,” which targets only the hair follicles and avoids the skin surrounding it. It is suited for people from light skin to olive skin.

Remington iLight Pro Plus

If you are looking for permanent hair reduction the professional way, look no further than the Remington iLight pro plus. This device provides 16 joules per flash and starts showing results in 3-12 months.

You can use this device on all parts of the body, including the face (for females). The iLight pro plus is portable and needs no recharging. You can simply plug it in and start using it without any interruptions.

It is designed to work best on dark hair colors and skin tons 1-4. Some features of this device include a skin tone tester, a skin contact sensor for safety, and Proprietary ProPulse Technology.

Deess Laser Hair Removal System

This permanent hair removal device is all you need to get rid of unwanted hair from the body. The Deess laser system promises to treat skin tones 1-5 effectively and comprises 350000 flashes.

The device has a corded design, and hence, you don’t have to wait till it charges. The spot size of the device is 1.05cm*2.95cm which makes it an ideal choice for treating most parts of the body, including the face.

It consists of UV-filtered light that is safe for the skin and provides exceptional results in a few weeks. There are 5 energy levels that you can choose from depending upon your skin tone and thickness of the hair.

Philips Lumea Hair Removal Device

The Philips Lumea advanced is a wonderful permanent solution for the unwanted hair on your body.  It features 5 intensity levels that you can adjust by pressing a button.

This laser hair removal device comes with different attachments that cater to different areas of your body. Its gun shape elegant design makes it convenient to be held and used all over the body.

The Lumea device can be used for treating skin tones 1-4 effectively. It comes with a built-in sensor that tells you which setting is ideal for your skin tone. This enhances skin safety and gives you a painless hair removal experience.

Dr. Raderm Laser Hair Removal Device

This laser hair removal device from Dr. Raderm is a unique device that engages Optimal Pulse Technology to give you painless hair removal. This technology provides the benefit of both IPL and laser systems.

With 500000 flashes, this device is made to last for years together. It features a 360-degree surround cooling technology that instantly cools the treatment areas and shrinks the pores to avoid skin irritation.

It can successfully treat skin tones 1-4 and hair colors like black, dark brown, brown, and blonde.

Silk’n Infinity IPL Laser Hair Removal

The Infinity by Silk’n IPL laser device is an efficient and safe device for people with dark skin. It combines IPL and galvanic technology, giving the users painless and effective hair removal.

This device has an FDA clearance and features a built-in skin sensor that scans your skin and activates only those safe levels for you.

It comprises 500000 flashes, and hence, the device can give you worry-free treatment for many years to come.

Tria Laser Hair Removal for Men and Women

If you are a beginner, then the Tria laser hair device is what can be your companion in the hair removal journey. It is a potent device with FDA approval and an easy mechanism.

It is a true laser device with 5 energy settings and an LED screen to guide you with the information. With its laser technology, the device targets the pigment in the hair follicle to give you the best results.

If you have a skin tone from 1-4, then this device is certainly for you. With this device, you get more precision and control over the area you want to treat.

Lubex IPL Laser Hair Removal Device

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly device to take away your hair growth worries, then the Lubex laser device is the best choice. It mimics the features of high-end devices with a budget-friendly price.

It provides quick results and leaves your skin hair-free in a few weeks. You can use this device if you have skin tone 1-5 and black to dark hair.

There are 5 energy levels and 2 modes to choose from. However, on the downside, there is no skin sensor, and hence, you are required to be cautious while using the device and keep the goggles on all the time.

Me Smooth Hair Removal Laser Device

This hair removal device provides fast and efficient hair reduction results and is suited for all skin tones and hair colors. It uses the elos technology to give you quick results in less time.

The Me Smooth hair removal machine is comfortable to hold while you run it over the body. 

It also features 3 levels; high, medium, and low. You can choose the desired level of operation and gain the best results.

UUPAS Permanent Laser

This permanent laser device is the right pick as it comes with an array of features within an affordable price range. It features the latest technology to give you a painless hair removal experience.

It has 2 flash modes, i.e., auto and manual.  With 99999 flashes, the device can provide you treatment for many years. One can use this device on several skin tones, including light brown and dark brown.

Additional features include 5 energy levels, 500NM- 1100NM wavelength, and 10-18 joules of light energy. Say goodbye to painful treatments and welcome this painless device into your life.

Cosbeauty IPL Laser Machine

If you are looking for a permanent hair removal solution for dark skin, then the Cosbeauty IPL laser machine is the answer. This device covers standard to dark brown skin tones and gives efficient results.

This cordless device is an effective tool to get rid of unwanted hair from various parts of the body like the face, arms, legs, and sensitive parts too.

You can choose from 5 energy levels depending upon the sensitivity of the skin.

It is an FDA-approved device with an internal sensor to analyze your skin tone. You also have access to 3 different heads with the device. The heads vary in size to cater to different parts of the body.

SmoothSkin Ultra-Fast Laser Hair Removal

The SmoothSkin IPL device is one of the few devices that offer unlimited flashes. It offers excellent results with 100 flashes per minute, and hence, you have hair-free skin in a few weeks.

It provides a fuss-free experience with its glide mode that many users love. The stamp mode in the device ensures that the light is placed directly on the skin with accuracy.

Though it does not come with variable settings, it is an FDA-cleared device and is suitable for skin tones 1-6. 

Using this machine every week ensures that you never have to deal with pricky hair. The built-in ability to flash only on a suitable skin tone makes it a safe one.

Feeke IPL Device

Looking for a safe and effective permanent hair removal device? 

The Feeke IPL device is a good choice for people with skin tones 1-5. This device functions on Intense Pulse Technology to give an effective solution to unwanted hair on the body.

It can be used on the arms, legs, face, underarms, etc. You can choose from 5 levels to match the needs of your skin. The device also sports an LCD screen, light window, manual mode, auto mode, and much more.

Remington iLight Ultra Face & Body Device

This Proprietary ProPulse Technology device is an effective tool to get rid of body hair permanently. By identifying and differentiating the hair follicle and skin color.

You can take advantage of this device for several years as it comes with a lifelong cartridge with 65000 flashes. It is a corded device, and hence you can plugin and start using it without waiting for the device to get charged.

With powerful 24 joules per flash, the Remington iLight Ultra provides greater hair reduction than many other devices. It also features a skin tone tester and skin contact sensor.

Braun IPL Silk Expert IPL 5001

The Braun silk expert hair removal device is marked safe for people with skin tones 1-5. It is an advanced tool that both men and women can use to get rid of body hair.

There are around 300000 flashes, and hence, you can use them for many years.

It also features a built-in skin tone sensor that automatically modifies the setting as you move the device over different parts of the body.

You can choose from 2 intensity settings depending upon the skin requirements. The device is a corded one, and hence you don’t have to wait for it to charge before using it.  


If you are skeptical about using laser/IPL devices on your dark skin, then this review write-up can be of great help to you.

We have listed down the best laser hair removal devices that are safe and suited for dark skin tones.

Many of these devices come with advanced features like a skin tone sensor that adjusts the setting depending upon your skin color. This ensures that your skin remains safe at all times.

Investing in laser devices is worthwhile as they come with flashes that can last for several years to come. Thus, you can achieve hair-free skin most effectively.

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