The 10 Best Korean Face Exfoliator and Scrub Reviews 2021

Korean Face Exfoliator

It’s critical to apply effective exfoliation and rejuvenation to your face. However, have you ever been confused when looking into scrubs and exfoliators on your skin types? Today, let’s explore the Korean skincare regime exfoliators and scrubs.

They are highly recommended since these products have proven solutions for all types of skin under varying environmental conditions, without damaging the skin.

No one gets smooth and supple skin if scrubbing and exfoliation are missed in any way.  A skin exfoliator and scrub always comes on the top of the routine list in a Korean skincare regime.

That is why regular exfoliation is always considered a crucial part of the Korean skincare routine. It leads to soft, supple, and spotless skin and removes wrinkles and dead skin cells daily.

What are Korean scrubs and exfoliators?

Scrubs and exfoliators help in removing or peeling dead skin cells from the skin in a gentle way while leaving the skin cleansed and clean.

The removal of dead skin cells is necessary as it improves blood flow to the skin surface and reform the new cells and improve elasticity in the cells.

Mostly the scrubs are either available in the form of mixtures of micro compounds that smoothly and gently act on the skin while removing the top dead skin cell.  Scrubs can be of different types and are available in the form of:

  • Scrub creams
  • scrub sponges
  • scrub towels and gloves
  • scrub gels

The exfoliation on the skin is also possible through

  • Peel-of masks
  • mixtures of clay and microbeads
  • peel pads/ gauze
  • bubble masks, etc.

The main purpose of using these kinds of exfoliators on your facial skin and whole body as well is that through exfoliation, dead skin and impurities are removed from the depth of the skin cells and that leaves skin clean and clear.

In addition to that, by scrubbing and exfoliation, new skin cells are uncovered without damaging the delicate skin cells and impurities are taken away to avoid skin troubles.


Always make sure you know the ‘ 3 Ws ‘ of using the scrubs and exfoliators on your facial skin that include:

  • Which kind of scrub do you need?
  • What is the best frequency to use scrubs on the skin?
  • When should you stop using the scrub or exfoliator?

Choosing the right scrub or exfoliator

If you are looking into a Korean facial scrub or exfoliator, you must decide among the gel, creams, and sponge scrubs depending on your skin condition and type.

Spong scrubs are excellent exfoliators but if your skin is dry or damaged, make sure you go for a moisturizing milder version of exfoliator that would not be harsh on your skin.

For oily skin and thicker texture of the skin cells, it’s highly recommended to simply go for refreshing vegan and herbal exfoliators or chemical-based options with PHA, AHA, and BHA.

These kinds of scrubs will always help in removing oil and dirt and fight back acne, always choose mild scrubs for better results.

The appropriate frequency of exfoliation

Using harsh chemical-based scrubs, peels, and exfoliators frequently will always damage your skin. No matter if the product is good enough and has beneficial components, frequent use is never recommended.

Always make sure to pick the scrub with milder components. Those that have apricot, walnut, and coffee microbeads, must only be used once a week.

Gentle, moisturizing exfoliators with milder components can be used daily only if that suits your skin.  Konjac sponges are also better if you need daily exfoliation.

When to stop using a scrub or exfoliator?

Though Korean scrubs and exfoliators are made to match the sensitive skin needs and would be gentle on the skin.

Still, if your skin develops rashes or irritation during the use, stop using that one, try switching to a milder option, or reduce the frequency of exfoliation and scrubbing.

Top Korean face exfoliator and scrubs

People get a bit confused when they need to pick up the true Korean regime and exfoliators from the mass of online products online.

So, here are a few suggestions to understand and choose the best;

Korean Beauty (SRB) Rice Bran Enzyme Powder Face Wash and Scrub

A true gem for all skin types

This is a perfect Korean facial wash and scrub that not only cleanses and moisturizes but also exfoliates the dead skin cells to give a refreshed look every day.

With around 50+ natural nutrients in it, the exfoliation results in a soothing and calming effect on the skin. The papaya extract works to remove gunk, oil, and debris and the rice enzymes support pore minimization and tightening of the skin.

The powder face wash is composed of Rice bran enzymes that softly exfoliate the upper layer on the skin, revealing the fresh skin below.  It is completely suitable for all skin types and gives a glowing whitened look every time it is applied.

The scrub works as a mild cleanser and exfoliator and comes without any harmful compounds like parabens and artificial colors and fragrances. This is an obvious quality of K beauty products.

With a nature-based secret composition by the South Korean skincare which is trusted by most of the K beauty followers, your skin would glow and shine with no dirt on it.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Perfect for oily skin

Korean skincare exfoliators and cleansers always feature natural elements and ingredients. This Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask is one perfect deep cleanser and exfoliator that gently acts on the upper dead skin cells to remove the gunk, oil, and dead skin layer on the face.

The clay mask includes twice the amount of volcanic ash as compared to its previous version. This ensures deeper cleansing and pore-clearing effect and smooth exfoliation while leaving the skin dirt-free.

This 5-action formula ensures deep cleansing for clear and fresh skin. It helps in controlling the oil content on the skin while minimizing pores and tightening the skin.

With deeper cleansing and exfoliation effect, it freshens up skin cells and improves the skin tone as well.

This one is perfect for oily skin types as it also assures acne control and a soothing effect on the skin.

17VDerma Korean Skin Face Peel Pads

Suitable for dry and sensitive skin

This one is a smart and effective solution to face exfoliation and cleansing needs. It is different from regular exfoliators and cleansers since these are peeling pads that remove the dead skin cells and gunk in just a matter of seconds.

The 17 V Derma Korean skin face peels are composed of completely vegan non-harmful formula. The composition is free from parabens, and animal components assuring safe usage.

Skin needs nourishing ingredients when it is dry and damaged and that is what these peel pads do. Vitamin enriched formula offers a soft and calming effect with a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells, makeup residues, and dirt.

It contains PHA which acts as a mild exfoliator and is milder than AHA and BHA that improves skin health.

It works as a daily moisturizer as it contains 17 natural ingredients that contain antioxidants and nourishing compounds to keep skin clean, refreshed, and healthy without damaged cells.

Through peeling it supports exfoliation, nourishment, calming effect while leaving the skin hydrated and refreshed for sure.

Dr.G Brightening Peeling Gel

Can be used on dry and sensitive skin

Dr. G’s brightening peeling gel is another mild exfoliator for sensitive and dry skin.

Just like the 17V derma Korean peel pads discussed earlier, this one also provides exfoliation through mild peeling of the dead skin cells. The difference is that this is a gell not peeling pads.

The major ingredients here are cellulose and combined with antioxidants and natural extracts from Hollyhock and other nature-based components. The overall formulation provides a gentle and smooth, soothing effect.

It softly removes the dead skin layer from the face and improved skin health while keeping it moisturized and hydrated.

It promises the perfect transparent and spotless Korean skin look on the face.

DERMALOGY Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pads by NEOGENLAB

For sensitive and dry skin

Korean exfoliators and scrubs are surely taking advantage of nature-based elements in all possible ways. Dermalogy bio-peel Gauze by Neo Gen Lab is another true example of the K beauty regime. These are nutrient-infused specially designed peeling pads.

They effectively act as an exfoliator and soothing scrub on the skin to reveal the naturally refreshed skin glow by removing the dead skin.

The facial peeling pads comprise three layers the first one being pure cotton mesh. Gauze helps in soft exfoliation. Whereas the second layer is a cushion pad to gently press the gauze onto the skin. The last layer is an embossed part that has all the active ingredients in it.

These peeling pads come in three different formulations including wine, Green tea, and lemon all providing the unique ingredients for gentle exfoliation.

The 2 step peeling process helps in soothing and gentle exfoliation, pore minimization, leaving the skin cleansed, dirt and debris are removed. The skin gets a bright, toned up, and refreshed hydrated look after the treatment.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Good to use on oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin

This is a unique and exotic exfoliation experience that offers a bubbly skin bath with this carbonated clay mask. The clay mask has active ingredients in it and when applied on the skin, the components start creating bubbles.

The process of exfoliation takes place as the carbonated clay gently removes dirt and debris, the bubbles soften the dead skin cells and take away the oil and dirt from within the pores.

After a few minutes, the mask develops into a soft spongy cloud on the face that assure gentle removal of all the deal particles and leave the skin soft, supple, soothed, and clear with no impurities on it.

The mask is perfect for oily skin and sensitive skin types with proven healthy skin maintenance.

Minamul Konjac Exfoliating Organic Facial Sponge Set

All skin types

When it comes to exfoliating sponges people have concerns if they will be more abrasive or may damage the skin. But this is not the case with Konjic organic sponges for facial skin. These sponges are infused with bamboo charcoal ensuring soothing exfoliation.

Konjic sponges have a history of deep exfoliation effect on the skin for 100 years. These are meant to detoxify and leave the skin soft and supple while free from dirt, oil, and debris of dead skin cells.

These sponges are specially designed to give a soft, leathery touch that does not irritate or damage the skin cells.

The sponges absorb water quickly and make sure they re soft enough to use on the face. These can be used with a suitable face wash or soap.

Daily use with konjac sponges ensures soft and supple healthier skin. It is recommended that the sponges must be replaced every two weeks to avoid any piling germs or damages to the texture of the sponge itself.

MY Konjac Sponge

For all skin types and acne-prone skin

Another Konjac sponge has been specially designed to cater to facial exfoliation needs. This konjac sponge comes with the all-natural goodness of bamboo charcoal that provides soft and gentle exfoliation of the skin while avoiding skin damages.

The deep cleansing texture assures pore cleansing and dead skin removal from the upper layer of the skin. Regular use always assures healthier-looking skin gradually.

Make sure to replace it on time while it is still intact because damaged konjac sponges are not recommended for skin.

A-Thera Peeling Stick Face Peels for Sensitive Skin

For sensitive and oily skin

A-Thera Peeling stick is a combination of natural ingredients and unique technology and design. It provides an easier and effective way of peeling the dead skin and dirt off the skin easily.

The peeling sticks are like cotton swabs having 10 times larger heads for easier peeling on the skin. These are a result of intense Korean dermatological research that combines all possible solutions for healthier skin.

Through the face peeling stick, the pores are cleansed, dirt and oils are removed effectively and the dead skin cells are gently peeled off leaving the skin refreshed and clean with a  revitalizing effect.

These are easy and fast usable peeling sticks comprising of bamboo water and tea tree oil. The ingredients not only promote a cleansing effect but also help in reducing blemishes, control oil, tighten pores, and revitalize skin for a wrinkle-free and refreshed look.

SECRETKEY Lemon Sparkling Cleansing Foam

For oily skin

This unique combination of sparkling water and lemon provides are the perfect blend for removing dirt, oil, and impurities in a soothing manner that leaves skin revitalized and fresh.

The pores are deep cleaned and dead skin is gently removed so that no damage is done to the skin. With collagen, hyaluronic acid in this cleansing foam, the skin stays moisturized.

The bubbling effect removes sebum and oil from deep below the pores and tones up the skin for a soft and supple feel on the skin.

Here we have sorted the best Korean face exfoliator and scrubs and have seen how these offer unique and effective ingredients that effectively exfoliate the skin.

Korean skincare is surely based on cruelty-free, vegan products, and that is visible in these exfoliators and scrubs that have proven their worth as the best ones so far.

Generally, the gel peel-off mask exfoliators are considered good for normal to dry skin. Whereas the bubble masks are suitable for oily skin treatment.

Konjac sponges and mild cleansing exfoliators prove to be good for all skin types for supporting skin health.

It is recommended that you must maintain a good routine for exfoliation and cleansing needs of your skin. It depends on which type of scrubs you will choose and according to your skin type and condition.

But we can say it for sure, Korean face exfoliators and scrubs have a solution for all skin types if you are ready to feel the difference.


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