Best Korean BB Cream for Oily, Dry, and Acne-Prone Skin


If you know anything about skincare and makeup, you’re probably well-aware of the K-beauty train everyone can’t seem to stop themselves from jumping on.

Korea is known for its beauty expertise and has set a new standard in the industry when it comes to caring for the skin properly while still playing around with makeup. And one of Korea’s most popular makeup products is BB cream—a lightweight yet silky-smooth alternative to foundation.

But because there are so many Korean BB creams in the market, it can be pretty overwhelming to choose which one will be best for you. The fact that everyone’s skin type is different doesn’t help either, since you can’t be too sure what your skin will react positively to. So how do you choose one?

Why are Korean BB creams considered the best in the world?

You can’t talk about BB cream (also known as “beauty balms”) without thinking of Korean beauty. But contrary to popular belief, BB cream wasn’t invented in Korea.

It was invented by a German dermatologist who gave it to her patients to use after harsh peels and facials. It was so they could put on gentler base makeup with skin-loving ingredients instead of highly irritating foundations when their face isn’t ready for it yet.

BB creams blur blemishes and imperfections with light coverage while smoothing out the skin. Unlike most foundations, they have SPF for added protection against sun damage and hydrating ingredients to boost skin radiance.

But while the Koreans did not invent BB creams, there’s no doubt that they were the ones who perfected its formula—not surprising given their reputation as the skincare experts of Asia.

Korean BB creams manufactured in recent decades introduced formulas with up-and-coming holy grail skincare ingredients. They were infused with skin-calming, moisturizing, and even anti-aging ingredients, from green tea to Centella Asiatica to hyaluronic acid.

Needless to say, K-beauty created the quintessential BB cream for all skin types. You could say that Korea reinvented the original BB cream by elevating it and making it more chic. Even K-pop idols endorse and swear by them!

How to pick out a BB cream according to your skin type

Today, there are hundreds of Korean BB cream options to choose between, and choosing the best one for your skin type can get confusing. But picking the right one for you is very similar to choosing foundation—get the finish opposite your skin type to get the freshest, most comfortable look.

But choosing between BB creams is even more fun because it’s not all about the finish. You have a higher chance of scoring skin-loving ingredients to help care for your skin in its current condition too.

If you choose a BB cream that isn’t compatible with your skin type, you might not enjoy using it or reap all its benefits. So it’s essential to know your skin type first before shopping for one.

Let’s start with oily skin that gets greasy throughout the day. The best way to combat this greasiness is to ensure you get a BB cream formula that is mattifying and ideally with an oil-free formula. This freshens your look and controls your sebum production.

You might also want to look for BB cream formulations that minimize the appearance of large pores, an issue that almost always comes with having oily skin. This gives your complexion a more flawless finish.

Now, if you have dry and dehydrated skin, your main goal should be to replenish your skin’s moisture levels. Look for hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and shea butter when shopping for a BB cream. They add a dewy glow to the skin too.

And lastly, if you have acne-prone skin, look for a BB cream that gives you enough coverage to hide blemishes and acne scars. You might also appreciate ingredients that soothe inflammation and redness from acne, like green tea and cica.

Your sensitive skin might also react better for gentler formulations, so look for BB creams that are hypoallergenic and don’t have harsh chemicals that can break you out, like parabens.

Here are some of the best Korean BB creams per skin type. We’ll start with the best ones for ladies with oily skin, followed by those with dehydrated skin that needs extra moisture, and lastly, a few for those dealing with stubborn acne that can’t seem to calm down:

Top Korean BB Cream

1. EverGlam Beauty Balm

The first one up is the EverGlam BB cream, which is amazing for controlling oil production on the skin.

Though it’s sufficiently moisturizing, it helps manage sebum production on your skin, so you’ll look fresh and grease-free for hours. The formula doesn’t feel oily and sticky, so it will wear comfortably on oily skin.

It’s also resistant against water and sweat so that you won’t look disheveled after a long day of errands.

2. Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Cream

This BB cream by Purlisse is excellent for oily gals who want a more matte finish to their makeup look. This oil-free option is fantastic because it smoothens out and perfects the skin while ensuring it looks matte and fresh.

It’s infused with chamomile and artemisia extracts to rejuvenate the skin and make it look more youthful. At the same time, sugar maple adds luminosity to the skin without making it look greasy.

3. Erborian BB Creme Nude

If you want to treat your oily skin with a more luxurious BB cream option, this one by Erborian might do the trick. It has a matte and sheer finish—perfect for oily ladies who don’t want any heavy makeup that can clog the pores.

What’s unique about this BB cream is its skin-boosting Asian botanical ingredients. It has licorice extracts that help dark spots fade faster to brighten the skin. There are also ginger and ginseng extracts to stimulate and re-energize the skin.

4. Dr. Jart+ Dis-a-pore BB Cream

This BB cream by Dr. Jart+ is all about making large pores disappear—a common goal of people with overly oily skin. It minimizes the appearance of pores and blemishes to make your skin look clearer.

It also offers SPF 30 to protect your precious skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays and slow down skin aging.

This BB cream comes in one universal shade that adapts and blends into your skin tone as you work it into your face.

5. Dr. G Pore Perfect Pore Cover BB

The last one we have for oily skin is this pore-perfecting beauty balm by Dr. G. It’s incredible at absorbing excess sebum and grease while ensuring your skin looks poreless too.

It’s made with what the brand calls their “mojito complex,” a blend of carbonated water and citrusy extracts. This complex sucks up grease on the skin. Meanwhile, a special pore tension powder conceals your pores.

6. Face Republic Perfect Cover BB Cream

Now, we move on to the BB creams perfect for dry skin. This one by the Face Republic is made with organic ingredients that hydrate the skin deeply, which is terrific for dehydrated skin that needs perking up.

It contains jojoba and mushroom extracts that nourish and condition the skin, amping up the hydration levels for a natural glow. These ingredients also calm the skin down if it’s irritating and red.

7. Mizon Snail Repair Intensive BB Cream

Snail secretion is a godsend for hydrating dry skin, so this BB cream by Mizon is terrific for quenching your skin’s thirst.

While it’s very lightweight and easy to apply, the snail mucin penetrates deep into the skin to moisturize it and make it soft and supple.

This BB cream boasts a high-level SPF 50 PA+++ for the best sun protection you can get in base makeup.

8. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

If you have dry, tired skin that needs firming up and moisturizing while you do your makeup, you’ll love this Missha BB cream.

It’s infused with hyaluronic acid and ceramides to hydrate your skin deeply, leaving it soft and smooth after application. It also has chamomile and rosemary extracts to calm your skin down and give it a fresh, balanced look.

9. IPKN Moist and Firm BB Cream

Dry, flaky skin will drink this IPKN BB cream up because of its ceramides and collagen that moisturize and soften the skin for added elasticity. It’s made with a moisture gel matrix that makes it extra hydrating.

This BB cream is fabulous if you want something that feels natural on the skin. It gives decent coverage to make you look blemish-free but still feels like you’re not wearing makeup at all.

10. SKIN79 Golden Snail Intensive BB Cream

Here’s another snail mucin BB cream dry skin will enjoy, this time by SKIN79. It’s infused with snail extracts, gold, red ginseng extracts, and bird’s nest to nourish the skin the old-fashioned way.

This BB cream also covers up blemishes to make your face look flawless.

It also boasts of SPF 50 PA+++ to ensure the sun’s UV rays won’t bring any harm or oxidation to your skin.

11. Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

This BB cream by Holika Holika has a unique jelly consistency rich in moisture, so it’s holy grail status among those with dry skin.

It’s infused with mint water that hydrates the skin thoroughly. Meanwhile, an exotic marine jelly complex makes the skin bouncy and supple to the touch, as if you never had dry skin, to begin with.

12. Purlisse Radiant Glow Illuminating BB Cream

The last BB cream we have for dry skin is another one by Purlisse. This time, it promises a pink, radiant glow that illuminates the skin—perfect for parched skin that needs added radiance.

It hydrates the skin while smoothening out any harsh lines and wrinkles to make your skin look glimmering and flawless. It also has SPF 30 to protect you from UVA and UVB rays.

13. PURITO Cica Clearing BB Cream

Now, we have BB creams suitable for acne-prone. This one by Purito is infused with cica, also known as Centella Asiatica—a popular Korean skincare ingredient that soothes inflammation and helps hyperpigmentation fade faster.

It provides natural coverage, so it never looks cakey on the skin. The finish is glowy and glassy to make your skin look healthy.

14. TROIAREUKE Aesthetic BB Cream

This hypoallergenic BB cream by Troiareuke is gentle on sensitive skin, making it a great option for acne-prone gals. It has enough coverage to hide all those pesky pimples for the day.

It’s infused with Sepicontrol A5, a special skincare ingredient that strengthens your skin’s immunity. It also contains Centella Asiatica, chia extracts, and chameleon plant extracts, all of which help soothe inflammation and redness from active acne.

15. Marcelle BB Cream

Acne-prone skin needs a BB cream that will prevent the onset of pimples and soothe any active breakouts. This Marcelle BB cream does both simultaneously, all while making your face look fresh and blemish-free.

It’s infused with aloe and chamomile extracts to soothe any ongoing flare-ups on your skin, zapping away redness and irritation.

The formula is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, which means it’s highly unlikely to irritate even sensitive, acne-prone skin and won’t clog your pores to lead to even more breakouts.


Korean BB creams are no joke. They’re the crème de la crème of foundation alternatives and a fantastic way to care for your skin without giving up coverage.

But before shopping for this miracle makeup product, make sure to assess your skin and what it needs. You could have the best, most raved-about BB cream in the world but be disappointed by how it works on you because it’s not suited for your skin type, so you can’t afford to choose the wrong one.

The rules are simple and easy to remember—stick with matte creams if you’re oily, hydration boosters if you’re dry, and acne-fighting ingredients if you’re prone to breakouts.

So next time you’re at the K-beauty aisle of your favorite beauty department, check out the best BB creams for your skin type. Make sure your purchase is aligned with what your skin needs and craves, and you’re well on your way to flawless, glassy skin.


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