The 12 Best Infrared Space Heater for Bedroom Reviews 2021


Are you looking to keep your bedroom warm during winter? Though there are many other ways to keep your room cozy, the best infrared space heater for the bedroom is an ideal option.

Infrared heaters are flexible in the way they operate. Using their functionality, you can set up comfortable and safe temperature levels for your body. These give you a natural feeling of warmth as compared to standard heaters.

Benefits of Infrared Heaters Compared to Standard Space Heaters

There are several differences between infrared space heaters and alternative heaters available on the market. While each has its own pros and cons, the right product depends on your unique needs. See the pros and cons of each, compare and find the best one for you.

Here are the benefits of infrared heaters:

  • Instant Heat: Infrared heaters let you enjoy the immediate heat. Convection heaters heat the air and use the warm air to create a warm airflow around your bedroom room. This entire process takes a long time before you feel the warmth. In comparison, infrared heaters rely on infrared rays to heat the bedroom. They heat objects and keep you warm quickly. If you are sitting in the room, make sure you point the heater towards you. So, it will heat you, not the whole space.
  • Silent:Since they do not use a fan, infrared heaters work silently. So, if you want warmth with no or minimal noise, add an infrared heater to your bedroom.
  • Safe and Comfortable: When the heater warms up, it reflects out the heat making it spread over a distance, leading to comfortable warmth. Also, these heaters do not reduce moisture levels in the atmosphere. So, it does not lead to dry air. So, unlike other heaters, it does not make your skin feel dry and irritated.
  • Cost-Effective: Infrared space heaters do not waste energy by warming up your bedroom’s unused space. Instead, it provides instant heat and circulates it around the room. Thus, you will have lower heating bills.

So, if you are looking for an excellent infrared heater for your bedroom, you are in the right place. These reviews are sure to give you an excellent idea of which model is best for you.

Top Infrared Space Heater for Bedroom

Here are the best infrared bedroom heaters you can consider buying:

Heat Storm Phoenix Infrared Space Heater

Heat Storm Phoenix portable heater is a 1,500 watt infrared heater that is ideal for a small bedroom. It has an outstanding heat output of 5200 BTU and two different power modes. One mode only uses 750 watts while the other mode leverages the full 1,500 watt power.

The heater is powered by the company’s HMS technology that combines humidity in the room and provides safe heat. As a result, the infrared heater does not produce any humidity or oxygen. It is safe to touch the heater’s body and even the grill.

The LED display shows the room’s temperature and lets you regulate it efficiently. With the remote control, you can control the temperature easily.

Due to its small and convenient size, you can move it to any other room than your bedroom. Place it on the group or hang on the wall conveniently due to its wall mounting points and removable feet.

UFO UK-15 Infrared Heater with Remote Control

Instant and quick heating from the UFO UK-15 model makes it an in-demand product on the market. The product comes with remote control using which you can control the power settings of the heater. On top of that, the heater lets you also program various timer operations on the heater.

This infrared heater provides energy-efficient heat by converting energy into heat. It does not affect the air or wind in the bedroom while performing its functioning.

It uses the mid-wave infrared heating technology as well as luminescence at 2.4 µm wavelength to be absorbed by many materials. You will love the odorless and safe heat from this eco-friendly infrared heater. You get a ceiling, wall, or optional stand-mount options.

Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater, Silver 754200

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The Lasko 1500-watt ceramic heater comes with pleasant low and high heat settings. It also has a fan-only setting that allows you to choose how much heat you desire.

The infrared heater has an adjustable thermostat using which you can maintain a preferred temperature setting. You get peace of mind with the automatic overheat protection and carry handles that allow a great portability level.

Using the adjustable thermostat, you can adjust the 1,500 watt heating element of the heater. You get 11 different settings to set the desired temperature level in your room. Turn the dial and set the enjoyable, comforting warmth level.

The fully assembled infrared heater comes ready and starts working within a few minutes. Simply unpack the heater, plug it, set your heat and thermostat settings, and enjoy the warmth.

Xbeauty Wall Mounted Infrared Space Heater

The Xbeauty wall-mounted infrared space heater uses carbon fiber heating pipes. This long-lasting and shock-resistant product instantly heats up the room, keeping your room warm. It saves up to 90% of total energy and brings in sun-like warmth inside your room.

The infrared space heater is a waterproof and dust-proof product, making it an ideal selection for outdoor usage. Due to the automatic overheat system, the heater shuts the unit off as it overheats the room.

It radiates heat with no chemicals, fumes, or odors. Xbeauty infrared heaters save the environment by using energy resources without affecting wind or air flows.

Heat Storm HS-1500-ISA Portable Infrared Heater

Heat Storm 1,500 watt ISA infrared space heater heats up to 1,000 sq.ft thanks to its 5,200 BTU heat output. It weighs at 10 lbs, making it a highly portable product.

The HMS technology powers the patented heat exchanger. This advanced technology combines with the room’s humidity to provide soft and safe heat without causing humidity.

The built-in thermostat featuring an LED display shows the temperature. Using this regulator, you can regulate the temperature easily and efficiently. The ETL Safety Certified infrared space heater provides independent safety to you when using it.

Unique Heat Home & Office Desk Portable Infrared Heater

Unlike standard heaters, this infrared heater raises the temperature in your bedroom. It is cool when you touch it because the unit does not burn the air like other conventional products that use combustible heating techniques.

This unique infrared heater provides burn-resistant warmth without causing the risk of fire. The auto tip-over sensor turns the heater off when the heater tips over. It is also the best infrared space heater for bedroom.

It performs silently or with minimal noise, making it an ideal product for the bedroom as well as your office. The 1,500-watt space heater covers about 800 square feet with a heat output of 5200 BTU.

Broan-Nutone 163 Bulb Heater

These units deliver excellent and unmatched performance in the small, all-in-one package. Suitable to be used as additional spot heating in a larger bathroom, this infrared heater provides instant warmth and comfort. With a low profile and white polymeric grille, the heater blends into virtually all ceilings.

The unit’s sturdy steel body and highly-adjustable mounting brackets make the installation of the heater simple and logical.

Additionally, the heater uses two 250-watt infrared bulbs of BR40-size to provide a comfortable heating performance. Ceiling heaters provide supplemental heat without taking up the main heat source of your home.

Lasko 6101 Infrared Quartz Console Heater

Lasko 6101 infrared heater with a quartz control uses the save-smart technology and high heat to reach the temperature you set. The unit shuts off when it reaches three degrees above-set temperature.

The cool-touch infrared quartz heater provides safe and secure heat for your bedroom. Surrounded by protective steel, the heater feels cool when you touch it.

The infrared heater features a large and easy-to-view digital read-out with easy touch controls and remote control. The heater’s additional features include an 8-hour auto-off timer, an adjustable thermostat, and two quiet heat settings.

Telescoping Offset Pole Mounted Infrared Heater

The telescoping offset pole mounted infrared heater is largely an outdoor heater but can also be used as an indoor heater in your bedroom. It operates at 90% energy efficiency and easily runs on standard household electric current.

The heater consumes less energy and electricity to operate when compared to propane heaters. Wheels on the unit make it an ideal portable heater with easy mobility.

The heater has 1,500 watt that delivers up to 5000-hour bulb life. The weatherproof aluminum extruded construct of the unit makes it feel cool to touch even when it is heating your room.

ProCom MN3PHG Ventless Infrared Plaque Heater

Made in the USA, ProCom MN3PHG infrared heater is assembled using high-quality parts and materials. It uses a maximum 30, 000 BTU that makes the heater operate using natural gas that heats up to 1, 450 sq. ft space.

The dependable unit comes with manual control and high/low/medium/off settings. It is perfect for a greater level of heat flow that warms up the atmosphere in your room.

Since the heater is 99.9% efficient with no vent gas burners, the unit does not need any chimney or duct-like conventional heaters. The push-button Piezo ignition with an in-built oxygen depletion sensor shuts down when the heater detects the lack of oxygen or carbon monoxide release.

TRUSTECH 1500W Infrared Space Heater

If you reside in a freezing region and want a great infrared heater in your bedroom, go for this compactly sized space heater. The heater can warm up small bedrooms of up to 200 square feet. This highly portable heater will warm up the room within three seconds.

The 1500W high heat product also has two other modes – 750 w low heat and natural wind mode. These modes let you warm up every side and corner of the room. You can quickly switch control to any of these three modes and reach the desired temperature.

Use the simple adjustable thermostat; the bedroom heater keeps your room temperature maintained at the optimal level while reducing your power consumption.

AmazonBasics Portable Eco-Smart Heater

AmazonBasics eco-smart infrared heater has an adjustable electronic thermostat. The easy-to-read LED display lets you track the room’s temperature with ease.

With the elegant wood finish, the infrared heater looks very stylish when placed in your bedroom. It is ideal not just for your bedroom but also for your office and other rooms in your home. The dual-heating system of the infrared heater consists of PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) and quartz tube.

The heater has three power settings, including High (1500 watts), auto, low (1000 watts), and standby mode. You can regulate the thermostat temperature, and the 7-inch blow evenly distributes the heat into the room.


How much money do infrared heaters save you?

It depends on the property’s size. But, as per studies and surveys, these heaters could save up to 70% of your heating bills. In addition, these heaters also save money because they operate individually.

As you turn on the switch of central heating, the boiler warms up the bedroom. It takes less time to make you feel the warmth inside your bedroom.

Is infrared heating Safe?

We are exposed to infrared rays every day from the sun. Infrared panels in these heaters emit the sun-like heat without having UV rays. In addition, many home alarm systems, TV remote control, and other devices we use daily are based on infrared rays. So, we can say that infrared heating poses no risk to our bodies.

What are thermostat panels in infrared heaters?

Thermostat panels let you track and set the temperature of the room by making easy adjustments.


So, with these reviews, you can easily find out the best infrared space heater for your bedroom. You can confidently use infrared heaters because they are safe to your body as well as the environment inside the bedroom.

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