The 10 Best Infrared Heater for Large Room Reviews & Guide 2021

Are you looking for safe and quick heaters for a large room? If yes, then you should consider buying the best infrared heater for large room. An infrared heater is the safest way to warm up large space in a few seconds. Unlike electric heaters, these devices do not cause any hazard and offer many health benefits too.

Infrared light improves blood circulation and helps the oxygen level in the room. You will get a comfortable feel in winters by having an infrared heater in your room. Further, infrared heaters do not need a fan to distribute heat in a large areas, thus causes no noise.

Top Infrared Heaters for Large Room

There are many infrared heaters available in the market, which makes you confused about choosing the right one. To help you, in this article, we have reviewed the ten best infrared heaters. This will help you pick the best device for yourself.

Dr Infrared Heater

For a safe and powerful infrared heater that offers many features, the Dr. Infrared heaters are a great choice. It has the power to heat a large room, and you can place it in the living area, bedroom, or guestroom. Plus, this heater features power-saving mode too.

You can operate it in auto mode with which the unit cycle lies between 1,000-watt and 1,500-watt and maintains target temperature. Moreover, this heater also includes safety auto-off features that prevent it from overheating.

The electric cord of this heater is 72 inches long. You can easily plug it in any socket available in your large space. The motor of this heater doesn’t cause much noise and is quiet.also, the 7-inch blower generates high pressure to move large hot air at low speed.

FLAMEMORE CH-3003 Infrared Heater

FLAMEMORE space heater uses six-element tubes that get heated quickly to heat up the large space. It is a durable and quick infrared heater available in the market. This heater has wooden doors that provide energy-efficient heating for your large room. It creates perfect warm space in winters for you.

Further, this infrared heater has three heating modes, 1500W/ 750W, and an eco mode. Also, there is a control panel that shows temperature on the LED display. It is ETL certified and is safe to use indoors.

This heater also has built-in tip-over and overheating protection, which saves from unwanted hazards. Also, it will auto cut off after maintaining required temperature in the room. The best part about this heater is that you can lock it to prevent it controlled by children.

AirNmore Comfort Deluxe with Copper

If you are looking for a pet and child safe infrared heater, then this is the right option for you. It has high heating limit sensors that save this product from overheating and make it a safe heater to use at home.

Along with the main unit also has a cord of 1500 watt heater. There is a copper PTC heating element which offers energy-efficient heating to you. Also, you will get two power choices that are 1500 watt and 1000 watt. It is a perfect infrared space heater for small as well as large rooms.

Last but not least, this heater contains a filter that saves internal components from dust and other small particles.

EdenPURE CopperSMART No Bulbs

The EdenPURE CopperSmart is again a great infrared heater that is very effective for large rooms. It has a PTC heating element that creates heat and makes the room warmer in a few minutes.

Further, the heating source is durable and lasts for years. Further, the heat of this device does not dry out the room’s humidity and is best for health too. The EdenPURE heater is safe to use as it comes with the switch auto-off feature.

It is equipped with a dual high limit sensor to ensure the safety of the heater. Moreover, it has 24 heat settings that you can set according to your needs. The easy-to-use control also offers low and high operating modes.

It comes with a remote control feature, which means to set the temperature, and you do not have to change your seat. By sitting at a distance from the heater, you can still control its temperature.

Lifesmart ZCHT1071US 1500 Watt 8 Element

For large spaces, this infrared heater is the best option. It can evenly heat up the spaces up to 1000 square feet. Further, the three power settings make it the best piece as you can set the temperature according to your need and environment.

There is a thermostat built in that allows you to choose any temperature of your desire. Further, it has a horizontal grill that provides ample surface area for heat to escape in the room. The large LED display is easy to use and displays all the necessary information regarding temperature and heating settings.

Further, this device comes with remote control, and you can easily use the remote from any location in the room. Also, it has built-in EZ Glide casters, with which you can easily move the heater from one place to another. It is a great heating product to use in winter.

Air Choice Infrared Heater

Air Choice space heater is an energy efficient heater that you can use in winters to warm the large space. With 1500W, this heater has the capacity to warm up the whole living room in a few seconds. Also, it produces no sound and is easy to use, as well.

Importantly, there is an ECO mode, which will cyclically on and off the device to maintain the warmth. Also, the LED display screen allows you to see all the settings be it temperature or heating. In winters, it heats up the complete room in a few seconds, which keeps you warm and offers great comfort at home.

The best part is that it is a portable heater and you can easily move it from one place to another. This heater also equipped with overheats shut off feature, which makes it safe to use at home with pets and children.

Lifesmart Zone Series 6-Element Infrared Heater

If you are looking for a stylish infrared heater for your living area, then this heater from Lifesmart is a great option. It contains four infrared quartz elements and offers three heating settings to you.

With this heater, you can also define your heat zone to get the desired temperature in a specific area. It won’t cause any heating hazard as it comes with auto on and off feature. When it reaches the maximum set temperature, it gets switch off automatically.

Moreover, this large room heater also has a thermostat control system, remote control, and an LED display. In addition, it also has filters that protect the inner parts of the heating unit from dust particles.

Heat Storm Classic Smithfield Heater

This 1500 watt infrared heater is best for a large room. It can heat up the large space in a few seconds and give you relief from cold winters. This heater has the power to heat up to 1000 sq. Ft in a few seconds.

Further, the patented heat exchanger does not dry out the humidity in the room and offers a safe space. It also doesn’t reduce the oxygen level in the room, which makes it best infrared heater for home use.

Apart from large rooms, you can use it any room to get optimal heating without any hazard. The material of this unit is durable and lasts for years. Plus, it comes with optional castors with the help of which you can move it anywhere you want.

Kenmore 03295380 Infrared Heater

The Kenmore infrared heater is best for comfortable and reliable warmth in winters. It can easily warm up the large room in a few seconds. Also, it comes with remote control, which makes it a convenient heater for every home.

Also, there is an LED display that displays temperature and heating settings to you. The eco setting of this heater adjusts temperature output automatically and saves energy. Built-in tilt switch and heating protection make it the best infrared heater for large room.

This is the best infrared heater to use at home and office, as it comes with many safety features. Further, it causes no heating hazard and is safe to use in every style of home.

Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater

This heater from heat storm is another best infrared heater which you can use to heat up the large space. It keeps the room warm for more than one hour after the heater is off. Plus, it comes with auto on and off features, which makes it energy-efficient heater for winters.

The grills of this heater are made of quality metal and are durable as well. This wall mount heater saves a lot of floor space and can easily warm up the large area. It is perfect for bathrooms, living areas, office e, and kids’ rooms.

You can control the temperature according to your need and can set the heating settings too. Further, the white color of this heater matches every interior and is best for the living area.

Is Infrared Heating Devices Safe to Use?

As compared to other heating methods like coal, gas, and fuel, the infrared heater is safe to use. These heaters do not cause suffocation and also do reduce oxygen levels in the room.

Further, most of the infrared heaters come with a safety lit and auto-off feature, which protects them from overheating. When using these heaters in a large room, you will see how quickly they heat up the area without causing any discomfort to you. Further, infrared heaters don’t get as hot as electric heaters. In all ways, these are the safest heaters to use at home with pets and children.

Do Infrared Heaters Help Save Utility Bills?

Whether the infrared heater will save utility bills or not depends upon the model you choose for your room. If you want to save electricity bill, you need to focus on the heaters that come with auto on/off feature. Also, you need to make sure that your heater is not very small for a large room. Having a small heater for a large room means you are wasting energy.

Having an infrared heater form the above list will help you save energy as well as utility bills. The infrared waves instantly warm-up space and do not take much energy as compared to electric heaters. Moreover, these units warm up things and people rather than the air. This means that it can save you up more on energy bills.

If you want to save energy, consider buying the infrared heater for your room from the above list. All the above-listed device s are safe to use and come with auto on and off feature.

Are Infrared Heaters Safe to Leave Overnight?

Yes, infrared heaters are safe to leave on overnight as they don’t produce carbon dioxide. Also, there is no potential risk of fire with these heaters. These devices simply heat up the room and get cut off when they reach the desired temperature.

But, if you are using the heater all night, make sure to keep the temperature low. Infrared heaters are not dangerous; continuous exposure to heat is not good.


Infrared heaters add a quick warmth to any room in your home, be it small or big. If you pick the best infrared heater for large room, you save utility bills. Not only the heaters are safe to use but are also economical. We hope that our above article on heaters will help you choose the best-infrared heater for your home or office.

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