The 10 Best Infrared Heat Lamp for Pain Relief Reviews & Guide 2021


Today, body pain and back pain are increasingly becoming a problem for adults as well as elders. Poor body posture, sitting work environment, lack of nutrients in the body, and more other factors cause muscle pain. There are drugs to treat pains, but these drugs may cause side effects later in life.

On the other hand, the drugs do not cure the problem but only work as pain relievers. If you are suffering from back pain, consider using the best-infrared heat lamp for pain relief.

Infrared light therapy is the best and safe technique to treat body pain and back pain. Infrared therapy lamps use a specific light wavelength that penetrates deep into skin layers and target stiff muscles as well as tissues.

Further, the infrared lights produce heat that softens the hard skin tissues and helps relieve pain. You do not need to visit a professional therapist every day as this lamp is easy to use at home. Also, infrared heat lamps offer the best treatment to treat back pain, lower pain, neck pain, as well as shoulder pain.

Top Infrared Heat Lamp for Pain Relief

If you are planning to buy an infrared heat lamp but getting confused about which to buy, then take a look at our review article.

In this article, we have reviewed the best-infrared heat lamp for home use that will help you to pick the right product for you.

Beurer IL50 Infrared Light Therapy

The Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp delivers soothing heat to the body to treat aches. It provides warming relief to muscle ache and strains.

The infrared heat penetrates deep skin tissues and improves blood circulation as well as aids the area naturally. It helps to reduce the stiffness, pains, and strain in your body and increases flexibility.

Further, this infrared heating lamp is portable and very convenient to use. It has an adjustable tilt angle for heating, which you can set according to your need. You only need to turn the switch on/off and choose the time for how long you need heating therapy.

The Infrared Heat Lamp is also helpful in treating skin issues. Moreover, it can cover the larger parts of the body, providing you the best heating therapy. This lamp is surely beneficial for your body aches, stiffness, or pains.

TDP Far Infrared Mineral Heat Lamp

This TDP Heat Lamp comes with a large head infrared heating lamp and a sturdy stand. It does not use the high heating temperature, yet allows the infrared rays to penetrate deep into the skin and for the healing process. It has coil heat and a mineral palate, which emits heat.

The therapy session with this lamp is more relaxing and healing. The lamp takes 10 to 20 minutes for heating, and then you should use it for 45 minutes for better results. Moreover, it comes with a detachable head.

Make sure you wear light cotton clothes while using a heating lamp to prevent burns. The distance between the body area and the heating head should be approximately eight to10 inches. This infrared heat lamp only provides warmth for therapeutic heat treatments.

Red Light Therapy Lamp bulb

This light lamp has 18pcs of high-power LEDs and 9pcs of red LEDs, which make it the best light therapy lamp. As infrared is not visible to naked eyes, so when you on this lamp, only half LEDs will appear to you with light.

Further, this infrared therapy lamp is specially designed to deliver infrared heat to the body. It increases the blood circulation and provides you relief from body pain. The red light of this lamp penetrates the heat deep into the skin helps in treating damaged muscles. It causes no side-effects on your body and is the complete safe light therapy for everyone.

This lamp bulb is very easy to use. It can fit in any socket, easy to use, and easy to set up too. You can enjoy the therapy session at home anytime. This lamp bulb helps give you the most relaxing pain relief therapy for your body.

K.S. Choi Corp Infrared Heat Lamp

Corp infrared heat lamp comes with the user manual making it very easy for you on your body. This lamp heals body tissues from deep inside the skin, giving you the relief from unwanted pains. The manual has all dos and don’ts for using this therapy lamp.

Moreover, this infrared heat therapy lamp comes with an adjustable length neck. You can easily adjust the height of the lamp according to your need. This therapy lamp gives you the most relaxing feeling whenever you want.

Wear light clothes when using this lamp and also do not use its bare skin. In case the lamp bulb gets cracked, do not use the lamp for therapy. Read all the instructions in the manual before you use it.

New 150W Near Infrared Red Light Therapy

This infrared red light therapy lamp helps to improve the blood circulation of your body. Also, it treats joint pain, aches, muscle strain, and skin issues by penetrating deep in skin cells. The infrared rays focus on the targeted area in your body and give you relief from the pain.

If you are suffering from a metallic disorder in your body from a long time, this infrared lamp can help. It improves the blood circulation in your body and gives you relief from aches. The infrared heat produced by this lamp is best at treating all types of body aches.

You can enjoy the most relaxing session of heating therapy at your home anytime you want. It is easy to use and easy to set up as well. Further, it is made of high-quality material that ensures its durability. It is the best infrared heat lamp for pain relief.

Red Light Therapy Bulb-24W Red Infrared

The infrared rays of this heat lamp penetrate deep into skin and help in relieving the pain. The therapy session with this lamp gives you the most relaxing and relieving experience. It will heal the pain in your body in the most efficient way.

Moreover, this lamp is great for muscle recovery after a workout. You should place the lamp bulb on the affected area for 20 minutes every time you do the therapy. It is very easy to use and set up. It comes with the clamp and lamp holder, one red therapy light, 1.8m wire for 110V. Further, it comes with a manual with all the instructions.

Do not place the bulb very near to your body to prevent burns. Also, do not touch the bulb when in use or just after turning it off. When you are using it near face, wear colored glasses or an eye mask to protect your eyes from the rays.

ShengYU Infrared LAMP with Articulated ARM

The infrared lamp has a unique heating technology and is specially designed to treat body pains.  Its heating rays go deep inside your skin and heal the pain from deep inside without causing burns.

This infrared heating lamp provides you the most relaxing massaging experience at your home. It produces quality heat that increases blood flow and improves muscle stress. Also, it is great for treating skin issues like wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.

This infrared heating lamp is different from the other regular heating lamps. Moreover, it is easy to use at home. Also, it is best for beauty salons.

CHOICEMMED Infrared Heat Lamp

CHOICEMMED Light Therapy Lamp is very beneficial for back pain, muscle strain, arthritis, joint pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. The warmth of this lamp goes deep into the skin and heals the affected area from deep inside. The heating makes the muscle to loosen up and relax.

It effectively and quickly helps in reducing pain and gives you relief from pain in a few minutes. Moreover, it is very effective for body tension, muscle ache, joint pain, and skin problems.

This light lamp has special optics in the lamp filters, and it is best to treat a large area. It gives you a much more comfortable warmth than the other heating lamps. All in all, you can experience the professional therapy session at your home whenever you want.

It has an adjustable neck for your convenience to use. Further, it is a portable lamp so you can enjoy the therapy session wherever you want.

Skin Act 5 Head Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp

This infrared heat therapy device uses the special type of luminous lamp that generates radiant thermal energy. Further, the radiant thermal energy heats up the deep skin tissues and give you relief from pain. This infrared light lamp comes with at least five lamps standing on a single stand.

Further, it provides heat at a specific area and helps treat body ache, back pain, neck pain, and skin issues.  This lamp emits red light, which is best for treating wrinkles and fine lines. Also, its arms are adjustable, and you set every arm in any direction according to your need.

It is a great lamp for enhancing the function of white blood cells that increases the immune response of the body. Moreover, it is made of high-quality material and causes no side effects.

Infrared Heat Lamp w. Floor Stand

This is the new and latest version infrared heat lamp from Silver Fox. It includes the bulb that emits red light and has heavy-duty wiring to improve reliability as well as longevity. It is made from quality material and lasts longer. You can place it in your bedroom, living area, and dressing room as well.

It is the best light therapy device to treat body pain and skin problems.  The light penetrates deep in skin tissues and relieves tight muscles. Whether you are suffering from swelling, foot ache, arthritis, or any other joint pain, this infrared heat lamp is a great choice for you.

You need to use this lamp two times a day for 15 minutes to get relief from body pains and swelling.

FAQs – Infrared Heat Lamp

 Does infrared really work for pain?

Infrared light penetrates deep into your skin tissues and helps improve blood circulation. With this, you will have more oxygen-rich blood, which increases the healing process and give you relief from body pain. Infrared light and the infrared heat are very beneficial for the body as well as for skin.

Not only it treats pain but also best for treating skin problems, including wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines.

How long should I use a heat lamp?

Using a heat lamp is very easy and convenient. Place the lamp directly over the affected area and keep it in that area for at least 15 minutes. Energy from the light penetrates deep in skin tissues and helps relieve pain.  Use the heat lamp two to three times a day with each session of 15 minutes.

How long does it take to light therapy work?

When you use this lamp, you will see improvement in pain from the very first day. But, to get fully cured of the body aches and swelling, you need to use it two times a day for two months or more.

What are the side effects of an infrared heat lamp?

The infrared heat lamp causes no side effects and is completely safe to use at home. You can use it anytime, anywhere. Also, it is best for people of all ages.


Body pain is really frustrating, and to get rid of this, you need the best infrared heat lamp for pain. Infrared light penetrates deep into the skin and helps relieve body pain. We have reviewed to 10 heat lamps for you and we hope it will help you choose the right one for yourself.


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