The 15 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps Reviews & Guide 2021

Bring a chunk of ancient culture in your home with the best Himalayan salt lamp!

Himalayan Salt Lamps are a unique and exotic piece of décor that has become popular among people over the past several years. These lamps are made from pure salt crystals of the Himalayan mountains, and they can mysteriously create a relaxing space and generate positivity in the room.

Further, the salt lamp eliminates the impurities present in the air. They help to reduce your stress levels and boost your mood. These amazing salt lamps come in different styles and sizes that would best fit your requirements.

You can expect some variations in the size and color of the salt chunks as they carved from natural rocks.

Top Himalayan Salt Lamps

In this article, we have reviewed 15 best salt lamps that will help you to pick the right product for your room.

LEVOIT Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you are buying a salt lamp for the first time, then The Levoit Kana Salt Lamp is a great option. It is a small yet beautiful product for every interior. This product’s size is just 5-8 lbs, which makes it the most modest of the Boho-chic salt lamps.

The Himalayan salt crystals used in this lamp are 100% natural, hand-carved, and handpicked. Further, the lamp comes in two different base options – Premium Rubber Wood base and Stainless Steel base.

The device also has a touch-sensitive dimmer switch, which is used to adjust the brightness of the lamp. This Salt Lamp comes with a one-year warranty and is an excellent choice if you want to gift it to someone.

Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp – Lake Industries

This Himalayan Pink Salt Rock Lamp is best for removing microscopic particles of dust, pollen, smoke, and mildew mold. It also removes all other impurities from the air by closing in positive ions.

Further, this stylish Himalayan lamp increases the positive energy levels in your interior. By removing the negative energy ions and neutralizing the electromagnetic radiations, it offers you a night of quality sleep.

You can keep this lamp on while sleeping because this lamp comes with a dimmer switch, which you can use to adjust the brightness. This product is uniquely handmade, and the naturally carved salt rock is extracted directly from the Himalayan Mountains.

d’aplomb 100% Authentic Natural Salt Lamp

Its another confounding salt lamp made from natural as well as pure crystal rock salt. The good thing about this lamp is its unique shape, which looks like a flower. It also has a rafted wooden base attached to the upper part of the device. The salt used in this lamp is about 250 million years old and is only available in the Himalayan Mountains.

It is a great decor lamp for office space, living area, and bedroom or yoga studio. The lamp has an inbuilt dimmer switch that allows restraining dim and bright light. Further, it is a perfect choice to gift it to your loved ones.

Salt Lamp with Bulb, Dimmer Cord – Crystal Allies

The bowl-like shape of this salt lamp makes it a unique piece of décor and positive energy. It features natural hand-carved Himalayan Salt chunks. It increases the positive energy in your home and purifies the indoor air.

Moreover, this beautiful Himalayan salt lamp creates a relaxing atmosphere, which makes it best for bedrooms and living areas. The lamp’s warm glow and serene instantly fill any room with beauty. You will get an authentic certified pamphlet with this product.

C.Formark USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

This salt lamp for home or office is made from 100% pure salt crystal and is of the highest quality. Further, it comes with UL/CE certified USB cable, which allows you to connect it directly with the computer. You can also use it with other adapter connections.

Once you switch on the salt lamp, the LED light emits an amber color. After some time, the lamp will automatically switch colors between blue, pink, purple, green, and orange.

It is a handy Ball-shaped salt lamp that creates a calming and uplifting environment. Moreover, you can place it anywhere in your home and office. The appliance makes the air pure by emitting a stream of negative ions into the air. You can also use this lamp for reading purposes during the night time.

Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp

It is a bestseller salt lamp available in the market these days. The wooden base of this lamp is made up of 100% natural Neem, which is a natural antibacterial. The neem wood is far better than other wooden materials. Moreover, it is termite and shrinks resistant.

This lam from Himalayan salt is the best thing to gift to your loved ones. It helps relieve mental stress and make the air clean from dust, pollen, mold, etc.

Moreover, you can adjust the color of the lamp to achieve a different atmosphere in the room. It has 15-watt bulbs, which provides a warmer glow. Further, this lamp of salt looks astounding when placed in the center of the coffee table.

Majestic Pure Salt Lamp

Majestic lamp is made from 100% pure and authentic Himalayan salt available in Khewra, Pakistan. This place is a big source of pure Himalayan Salt. The wooden base of this lamp is of superior quality and durable, which provides the excellent support to the salt crystal. It also has a dimmer switch, which is useful for adjusting the brightness of the lamp.

This lamp works as a significant air purifier and energy booster. When you use this in your bedroom, it will also optimize your sleep. This product ships with extra bulbs. So you can use this lamp when the lifespan of the attached bulbs is over.

mockins Natural Hand Carved Salt Lamp

it is another great salt lamp available in the market. The best thing about this lamp is that it comes with a lifetime replacement or money-back guarantee. This unique salt lamp is handcrafted from pure salt chunks of Himalayan Mountains present in Pakistan. It is suitable for eliminating impurities for the air and helps to reduce the allergy and asthma problems as well.

When you switch on this fantastic salt lamp, the atmosphere of the space will become more relaxing and romantic. It also works as a stress buster and improves your sleep and energy levels.

Crystal Décor’s Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Basket & Dimmer Cord Bulb

The first thing you notice about this beautiful lamp of Himalayan salt is its unique design. There are different styles of the bowl to choose from, such as Sun, Cross, Flower, Buddha, Snowflake, and many more. These modern designs look very dashing and can match any personality.

It is an excellent piece of art suitable for any room in your home or even for your office. You can create a custom ambiance by adjusting the dimmable dial on this lamp.

100% Authentic Natural Salt Lamp – d’aplomb

This lamp is another real and lovely piece of art made by d’aplomb. This lamp comes with a finely-polished footed base and distinctive rectangular shape. The salt chunks used in this lamp are extracted from Khewra Salt Mines, the only place on earth where pure Himalayan salt is found.

Mostly, it is preferred by the people who use computers or other electronic devices as it helps in balancing negative and positive ions, which results in reducing the electromagnetic radiation. It promotes peaceful sleep and relaxation.

C.Formark Pyramid Shaped Lamp of Himalayan Salt

The first thing you will notice about this supreme Himalayan Salt Lamp is its peculiar shape. It looks like a pyramid from the top and has a square wooden base. It also offers different ambient lighting, which switches automatically between Red, Pink, Green, Purple, and Orange. Further, it makes the mood calm and relaxing.

It has a compact size and also comes with UL/CE certified USB cable. You can connect this lamp with your laptop or computer easily. It is very effortless to carry around when traveling.

Argigu Salt Lamp

If you want to give a gift to your loved ones, then this fantastic Himalayan salt lamp is the clear winner. It also serves the purpose of home decoration. This amazing salt lamp releases relaxing and pleasant amber light, which will provide you sound sleep and relaxing glow.

The grey salt blocks in this lamp are handpicked depending on shape, color, and purity. The light from every side of this lamp generates a smoothing bister glow. It is a great salt lamp fro every home style.

Lamp made of Himalayan salt by Shineled

This Himalayan Salt Lamp comes with a solitary design. It has a premium quality of forest basket filled with large and pure wedges of salt rocks. The material of this basket lamp is anti-rust and has a long lifespan.

The beautiful shape and 25 watts of incandescent light bulbs make it look like a lava lamp. It serves the purpose of natural air purifier, bedroom decoration, home or office décor. Further, it is a great sleep promoter and helps the people who have insomnia due to its direct relation to chromotherapy.

Himalayan Glow ETL Certified Himalayan lamp

The renowned brand Himalayan Glow offers another excellent heart-shaped Himalayan salt lamp, which gives a warm amber glow. It is convenient to create a calm atmosphere and provides a sense of peace and relaxation. The base of the lamp is made up of neem wood, which is more durable and shrink-resistant.

Due to its terrific heart shape, it is best suited for gifting purposes for your loved ones. It is perfect for gifting on various occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or New Year Eve.

Natural Himalayan Cordless Salt Lamp

This stunning salt lamp can release a frequency called “Schumann wave,” which calms the environment. Moreover, it also defeats the high-frequency electromagnetic waves generated by computer and other household electrical appliances. The composition of the lamp includes 98% pure crystal salt rocks as the original stone and 84 types of different pure trace mineral elements.

It has a built-in battery and can work wirelessly. Moreover, it also comes with 24-key remote control with which you can change the color and other settings of this lamp.

FAQs – Best Himalayan Salt Lamp

Can we keep the salt lamp on for the whole night?

Yes, you can keep it on for as much time as you want. The salt lamps never get too hot, but you will feel the warmth of the crystals. Well, it is recommended that you should keep the lamp on for the whole night for a relaxing sleep. But keep in mind that your room should have a small opening for fresh air.

In which country are salt lamps made?

The Salt chunks are of the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan, which is the only place on the planet where these are available. The other materials, such as wooden base, baskets, or wires, are from other countries depending upon the availability.

What happens if a light bulb defuse?

Most of the Himalayan Salt lamps ships with extra light bulbs. You can easily replace the bulb when the old one stops working. Even if there are no spare bulbs in the packing, you can purchase them from your nearby electrical store.

Is it safe to touch the salt rocks of the salt lamp?

Yes, you can touch the salt rocks with the bare hands even the lamp is on. They never get too hot and just feel a little warm. You can use your hands to rearrange the salt pieces as it is just salt, it won’t hurt you.


A salt lamp is a great addition in home décor. It not only looks beautiful but also spread positivity in the home. Consider buying the best Himalayan salt lamp for your area from the above-listed lamps. All the salt lamps reviewed in the above article are of high quality and are safe to use at any room or office.

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