The 16 Best Hard Waxing Creams for Hair Removal 2021

Hard Waxing Cream

Waxing is one of the most renowned and effective hair-removal methods. However, the fact that it is a painful way of removing unwanted hair can send chills down the spine. 

If you are among those who dread the mention of waxing, then we have a great piece of news for you.

What if we say that you can get waxing done without the pain? 

Yes, this is true, and it is the hard wax that we are talking about. It is an efficient and painless way of saying goodbye to excess hair.

Since the wax adheres only to the hair follicles, it does not irritate the skin and does its job well.

In this article, let us tell you about the best hard wax that you can use for hair removal.

Benefits of using Hard Wax:

It is more Efficient

Hard wax can be applied and reapplied to the same area to eliminate small hair on the body. Thus, you can get smooth and clear skin without using any additional tools to remove small hair from the body.

Sticks to the Hair only

The biggest advantage of using hard wax is that it will not trouble the skin. Hard wax sticks only to the hair as it dries and transforms into a flexible thing.

Thus, when it is removed, it brings out only the hair and does not harm the skin.

Less Painful

 As opposed to soft waxing, hard wax does not cause pain. Since it adheres only to the hair follicle, it does cause rashes or hurt the skin.

Also, when the hot wax is applied, it is at the same temperature as your skin, and hence, you don’t have to worry about burns too.

No Distortion of the Hair Follicles

When using hard wax, one can remove the hair in any direction without worrying about the hair follicles. Hard wax does not distort the hair follicles, no matter in which direction it is pulled.

Best Hard Wax for Hair Removal

Wax Necessities Hard Wax

If you search for hard wax that melts away quickly, then look no further than the Wax Necessities hard wax. It is an efficient product that melts faster and gives impressive results.

With this hard wax, you don’t have to wait for long as it hardens quickly. Since it is made with beeswax and chamomile extract, the wax is gentle on the skin and tough on the hair.

If you have coarse hair to remove, then the Wax Necessities hard wax is the right choice. It has a resin base to give you a smooth waxing experience.

Natural Rays Lavender Hard Wax Beans

If you are one with sensitive skin, then these hard wax beans from Natural Rays are exactly what your skin needs. It is infused with lavender that helps to prevent skin irritation during waxing.

Using this wax tin is a breeze as you only have to melt the beans in a heater and apply them to the skin. No wax strips are involved making the process time-saving. The wax is known to dry quickly and give efficient results.

Whether it is your brows, hands, or legs, the lavender wax beans will work to remove fine to coarse hair very easily. Get your hands on this wax tin and say goodbye to unwanted hair.

Kolua Wax Store Hard Wax

The Kolua hard wax is another wonderful product on our list. It is easy to apply and melts quickly too. This saves you a lot of time and can efficiently remove coarse hair too.

You can get the best hair removal results on all parts of the body with the Kolua wax. Whether it’s the hands, legs, bikini area, or chest, one can use this hard wax without any worries.

It is made with the best and carefully chosen ingredients to give you a pleasant waxing experience without harming the skin. The wax consists of a tranquil fragrance that leaves behind a soothing aroma.

Pink Best Kolua Wax Formula

This all-in-one wax from Kolua is perfect for treating the whole body. It not only clears up your arms and legs but also can tidy up the brows precisely.

The unique formula of this wax makes it an ideal choice for fine as well as thick hair.

The nourishing coconut oil in the Kolua wax helps to keep the skin moist and nourished during the waxing process. 

Since no strips are involved, it saves a lot of hassle and gives you salon-like results in the comfort of your home.

This hard wax is tough for the bikini and Brazilian waxing yet gentle enough to glam up your face. Say goodbye to hair and welcome beautifully soft skin with this wax.

Tress Wellness Hard Wax

If waxing pain gives you nightmares, then the Tress Wellness hard wax is what you should opt for. This painless hard wax will take away your waxing woes and give you hair-free enviable skin.

The waxing kit comes with all the pre and post-waxing accessories to make your experience a pleasant one. It easily glides on the skin and effectively removes hair from every part of the body.

There are several different variants of the wax that include lavender, lemon, tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus. All the variants are made with 100% natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

VidaSleek Brazilian and Bikini Wax Kit

One of the most outstanding hard wax products on our list is the VidaSleek wax kit. It consists of plant-based chlorophyll that is the highlight of this wax. With this hero ingredient, you can prevent breakout and inflammation.

It is the most suitable hard wax for bikinis, underarms, and face. The wax is specifically formulated to target short coarse hair from the body and leave behind beautiful skin.

It is an all-natural and microwaveable wax that does not need any strips to remove hair. Thus, you can achieve wonderful hairless skin without much hassle and mess in the home.

GiGi Brazilian Bikini Wax

If you are looking for a waxing product specifically for delicate areas, then the GiGi hard wax is the answer. This hard wax is formulated for Brazilian waxing and delicate areas. 

Enriched with vitamins A, C, and E, the hard wax is a microwaveable product that can remove coarse hair too. The ingredients are carefully included to keep your skin happy during the waxing procedure.

You can use the GiGi Brazilian wax even on the face as it does not harm the skin and leaves it smooth.

Cirepil Blue Wax

When it comes to products from Cirepil there is no second thought about the quality. These blue wax beans are super-effective and are known to delay hair growth significantly.

It is suitable for all hair types, whether short, long, soft, or coarse. The beans are formulated with patented polymer and can be used on all parts of the body, including sensitive areas.

Though the product is slightly expensive than the other counterparts in the market, it gives wonderful results.

Femiro Hard Waxing Kit

With the Femiro waxing kit, you never have to go back to salon appointments and expensive treatments. These beans are formulated for home use with certified natural ingredients.

They do not release any harmful chemicals when melted and give the best results.

The kit consists of blueberry, rose, and cream beans, a wax warmer, and a spatula too. With a low melting point, using the beans is a breeze. 

The blueberry beans are suited for waxing all over the body, while the cream beans target the soft hair on the face, brows, etc.

Lastly, the rose beans are more suitable for thick, coarse hair and sensitive skin. This waxing kit will give you efficient results and protects your skin that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

Easkep Hard Wax Kit

Looking for an efficient home waxing kit? The Easkep hard wax kit is the right choice when it comes to waxing on your own. 

With a wax burner, hard beans, and spatula, this kit can be your companion for achieving hairless skin.

The beans are infused with a chamomile flavor that is suitable for all skin types and all parts of the body too. You can choose to use it on the face, underarms, legs, chest, etc.

An auto-off design of the heater makes it safe to be used without overheating the beans. It is made with 100% copper wire and consists of molded ABS heat durable material for convenience and safety.

GiGi All Skin Type Wax

Achieve flawless and enviable skin with the GiGi Brazilian hard wax. This all-purpose Brazilian wax is suitable for every hair and skin type. It can pull out even the thickest hair on the body without being tough on the skin.

The non-strip wax is a wonderful way to get rid of excess hair in a mess-free way. You can get wonderful results with this wax, even on sensitive areas like bikini, face, and underarm.

Enriched with natural honey extract and loaded with antioxidants, GiGi hard wax also clears out the dry and dead cells from the skin surface.

Lifestance Aloe hard Wax Beans

Designed for both men and women, the Lifestance aloe is one of the top hard waxes on our list. The beans are enriched with aloe extract that makes them gentle and smooth on the skin.

While this hard wax efficiently removes hair, it also moisturizes the skin and has a calming effect. It is suitable for all skin types, including dry, oily, normal, and combination skin. Thus, you don’t have to worry about its side effects.

The non-irritating formula of this hard wax can help to remove hair from the root on all parts of the body, including the delicate areas.

Calendula Gold Hard Wax

If a high-quality product is what you need, then the Calendula gold hard wax is the answer. With premium quality and a premium price tag, this wax is a professional product.

The formula of this hard wax includes extracts of the wild calendula flower and tea tree oil. These super ingredients calm and soothe the skin while the wax pulls out the hairs.

With a rich formula to look forward to, this product is the perfect choice for Brazilian Bikini waxing. Removing thick, coarse hair is a breeze with the Calendula hard wax. 

So what are you waiting for? Achieve a super-smooth skin with this hard wax, and you can thank us later.

White Tea Wax Necessities Hard Wax

If a pleasantly smelling hard wax is what you want, opt for the White Tea hard wax by Wax Necessities. It is an all-natural waxing product, and hence, people with all skin types can use it without any worries.

The natural resin base makes this hard wax creamy and provides it with high plasticity. Another wonderful feature of this product is that it melts away quickly, even at low temperatures.

It is also known to harden up fast, and hence a lot of time is saved while waxing. The only downside of this product is that it contains paraffin.

Charmonic Hard Wax Beans

The magic of lavender and beeswax in this wax will leave you with soft, smooth skin. The beans are formulated with all-natural ingredients to take care of your skin and not leave behind any residue.

By adhering only to the roots of the hair and not the skin, the wax ensures that the skin is not damaged and dried out. 

The beans have good elasticity, and hence the wax spreads easily over the skin.

Bella Verde

With the Belle Verde hard wax, you can enjoy hair-free skin for a prolonged period. 

The natural wax formula is suitable for all skin types and can be applied to all body parts.

This strip-free and hassle-free hard wax comes with a pure crystal scent and leaves behind clear and hair-free skin.


Hard wax is now quickly taking over as the most convenient way to remove hair from the body. An increasing number of men and women today turn to hard wax as it is less painful, hassle-free, and time-saving.

Check out this list of the best hard wax, and we are sure you will find the right one for yourself. While making a choice, remember your skin type and know exactly what you expect from the hard wax.


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