The 15 Best Facial Toning Devices Reviews & Guide 2021


The first time you are called a lady on the street it can be a bit traumatic, but when someone tries to guess your age and puts you ten years older, you go into crisis.

You are in great health, you exercise, take care of your diet and drink water, but after many summers on the beach and not using sunscreen daily, you have spots, wrinkles, sagging and expression lines on your face that add up to a few years.

Makeup is a temporary solution, but what you are looking for is to start from scratch, recover the freshness, tone and radiant appearance of your skin.

You are not alone, my friend.

I have tried several cosmetic treatments, but only facial radiofrequency (also known as non-surgical face lift) gave me immediate, painless and real results.

What is radiofrequency and what is it for?

Let’s start with the most basic and that is knowing what facial radiofrequency is.

Also known as the face lift without surgery, it is a procedure in which heat is applied to the skin by means of electromagnetic waves, which penetrate to the deepest layers, causing a greater amount of collagen and elastin to be produced, responsible for regenerating the skin.

That said, facial radiofrequency, what is it for?

By producing a greater amount of collagen, the skin will recover its elasticity and freshness, considerably reducing the signs of the passage of time, such as wrinkles and expression lines, facial sagging, dark circles and bags on the eyelids.

That translates into smoother, younger looking skin.

When choosing one of the many facial radiofrequency equipment for sale, I recommend taking the following points into account, so that you choose the one that can offer you the best results.

Types of radio frequency

Depending on the way electromagnetic waves are emitted, facial radiofrequency machines can be:

  • Monopolar radiofrequency, in which electromagnetic waves are emitted linearly and by 1 single pole to the skin, reaching deeper layers.

In contrast, it does not cover a very large area of ​​skin.

  • Then there is bipolar radiofrequency, which, as its name implies, has 2 poles: one that emits and the other that receives electromagnetic waves.

It covers a larger area than the previous one and can reach deeper layers of the skin.

  • Finally there is the tripolar or multipolar radiofrequency, which is the newest and allows you to change the pole loads on the device head.

This results in a homogeneous distribution of heat throughout the skin, at greater depth and covering a larger area.

Among the benefits of facial tripolar radiofrequency are the reduction of wrinkles, lifting of flaccid areas of the skin and reduction of adipose tissue, in other words, a lifting effect without surgery.

Devices of this type now fill the market, and you can find them everywhere as facial toning devices.

Their effectiveness and the comfort of using them without leaving the house has caused the market for radiofrequency devices to have increased considerably in recent months.

But, among so much variety, how do you know which is the best? What characteristics differentiate a quality one from the rest?

All these questions have answers, to know it, you just have to keep reading!

Top facial toning devices

I have prepared a list with the best products that you are going to find. Tell me what your skin is like or what is your problem and I will give you your facial gadget!

Avorla High Frequency Device Professional Face & Body Skin Care

It is a high-frequency face machine that heats and holds temperature for 30 to 60 seconds, massages, tones, and helps increase collagen production.

Thanks to this tool, in a few sessions it will be possible to obtain a better elasticity of the skin, to promote blood circulation to the face.

It can also be used on the body as it is designed to be used safely on the face, neck, eyes, abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks and hands.

Also, its rejuvenating action on the skin helps smooth the epidermis and counteract cellulite.

Inside the package you can find two probes: one for the face and one for the body, both replaceable for use on the face, eyes and other parts of the body.

To function, the device requires a gel or serum, which allows the rolls to roll over the face and release radio waves that penetrate the skin.

Besides, the microcurrent frequency is suitable for the eye area.

HANSILK’s 4 in 1 facial device

If you are looking for a device that is worth by others, then this is what you need. The Hansilk radio frequency apparatus offers 4 modes of light therapy.

Start your home therapy with the cleaning mode, which will remove residues and impurities. Then choose the therapy you prefer:

Radiofrequency (lift mode), to restore flexibility; LED anti-aging (anti-aging) to stimulate collagen; Anti acne (remove acne mode) to treat acne breakouts and ends with the Lead in mode, which improves the absorption of facial treatments such as serum and creams.

Sensica’s Sensilift 5 minutes Revitalizing device

This radio frequency machine offers a robust and durable construction apparatus. It is IP7 certified and is completely waterproof.

It has a high frequency vibration of 12000 cycles per second. Its concave shape offers ergonomics that adapt to both the neck and the face, which is perfect for applying an RF treatment at home simply and safely.

It has an automatic mode that consists of these steps: first it enters the normal mode or only vibration, then it goes to vibration with blue light and cooling to about 19 degrees from the massage head and from there to the vibration function with red light and heating to about 40º of the head. After the 9 minutes that the treatment lasts, the device stops automatically.

Pros? Well, besides what’s above, its design is elegant, very ergonomic and with a good grip handle.

Also, the included charging base makes it very convenient to store and charge. It also has good autonomy and can be used with your favorite mask, serum or cream!

DFA 6 in 1 Face Lifting Machine

The DFA radiofrequency machine is an ideal 6-in-1 device to do a dedicated facial at home, safely but without losing effectiveness.

With this device you will have radio frequency function (stimulating collagen production and cell regeneration), EMS function (effective in absorption), ultrasonic function (for blood circulation), vibration function (deeply cleanses pores), function of ions (negative and positive) and phototherapy (with 5 LED light modes).

Also, using this facial radiofrequency machine you will see results in a short time, using it 3 or 4 times a week for about 10 minutes each function, with gel, cream or serum after thoroughly cleaning your face.

Mlay’s Radiofrequency Device for face lift

This facial rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction device is from Mlay brand; it is very economical and aesthetically beautiful.

Thanks to its ergonomic design it will allow you to press the skin and pull it up.

It has two types of operation: the “microcurrent mode” that works with microcurrents and that keeps the skin strong and the “ion Skin care mode” that works with ions.

Thus, it helps the skin to nourish itself with the moisturizing ingredients it needs!

Moreover, it is very simple to use; once you have washed your face and applied a cream you can now use the Mlay massager.

The benefits it provides are: skin tightening, pore reduction, activates collagen, increases skin elasticity, lifts eyelids, reduces dark circles, reduces neck wrinkles and whitens the skin.

VIJUVE Anti-aging facial massager

It works through radio frequency and can be used with either a conductive gel or a cream.

With this device you will eliminate wrinkles, regain skin elasticity, eliminate dark circles, as well as bags, improve vascular and lymphatic flow, eliminate acne scars and rejuvenate and whiten skin.

Angelty’s Hot and Cold Face Massager

It works through high-frequency vibration, as well as with the combination of cold and heat.

The hot massage at 42ºC serves to activate the blood circulation and open the pores.

Cold massage at 6ºC serves to improve the structure of the skin, as well as to reduce wrinkles and expression lines, as well as to relieve redness, swelling or pain.

Before using it you will have to charge it for three hours. Furthermore, it has a six months manufacturer warranty!

NuFACE’s Mini facial skin toning device

They are used together, Gel and Device!

It emits currents that stimulate the production of collagen, important after menopause.

Besides, you can choose between 6 different programs, adapted to specific small skin problems.

Also, using its App, currently only available for Iphone and iPad, you can track your treatment. Isn’t it wonderful?

ZIIP Beauty’s Facial Device for Lifting

What stands out at first glance from the ZIIP Lifting device is that it combines 3 types of energy to deliver more dramatic and faster results.

It uses bipolar radiofrequency, low level LED light and infrared radiation.

These systems complement and enhance each other, reducing wrinkles, improving skin smoothness, restoring collagen and stimulating cell regeneration.

Also, it has 5 power levels and anti-aging HT technology.

Moreover, it includes a conductive gel bottle with hyaluronic acid, the instructions are very clear and easy to follow and, what matters the most: The lifting effect is immediate!

Ms.W – Anti-wrinkle facial massager

Did you know that if you apply your cream or serum with your fingers, you hardly take advantage of 30% of its effect?

This facial radiofrequency equipment harnesses the power of its vibrations to improve the action of the facial treatments you apply, increasing its effectiveness by up to 90%.

As if this were not enough, the heat produced makes the treatments penetrate into the deepest layers, achieving maximum hydration, reducing swelling and stimulating the production of collagen.

As a result, you will be enjoying a device with 3 levels of treatment for each skin type, an ergonomic design to stretch and work on every inch of skin and very, very powerful: its vibrations are between 6200 and 12500 rpm.

Lumina facial toning device

This high-frequency device enhances its effect with the use of glass tubes filled with argon gas.

What is striking is the possibility of using its accessories according to the type of skin, area to be treated and type of treatment.

You can use it without conductive gel, with oils or creams and directly on the skin.

Furthermore, it includes all accessories for different areas and types of treatment!

It is very versatile and can even be used to stimulate hair growth.

And don’t forget: 4 types of treatment for different results.

LYFT 2.0 by Nurysh

Without a doubt what makes this model different is the large number of technologies it uses to improve the appearance of the skin.

It works with radiofrequency, LED lights, ultrasound, massages and micro pulses, to help you combat different skin problems, such as wrinkles, facial flaccidity, black spots, acne, open pores, among others.

This model works by means of a rechargeable battery, which will give you 3 days of treatment for every 3-hour charge.

As for its led lights, it has 5 colors for different treatments on the face:

The red light is to firm the skin, the yellow light to eliminate freckles, the green light to match the skin tone, the blue light to close the pores and the pink one to remove skin blemishes and improve the absorption of beauty products.

Eterno LED facial toning device, by Eterno Skincare

This Eterno Skincare facial rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction device works through cold and heat massage with ultrasound.

It is very successful among buyers and they value it as one of the best. Arguably one of the best facial toners!

With it you can refresh your skin, as well as add shine and luminosity.

Moreover, you can use it in several ways:

Warm mode: The temperature is 42ºC and with this function you will improve blood circulation, smooth wrinkles, relax facial muscles and renew cells.

Warm mode with ultrasonic massage: With this function you increase the absorption of the cosmetic products that you use on a regular basis.

Cold mode: The temperature is 6ºC and with this function you will relieve skin fatigue, as well as relieve tension in the facial muscles. Reduces redness and tightens pores.

Cold mode with ultrasonic massage: With this function you tone the skin and reduce wrinkles.

It has a two-year manufacturer warranty and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee!

Lift Care Rejuven Skin 5-in-1

If you are looking for a radiofrequency machine that works for treating facial skin, eye contour and body, this is the one for you.

It is a 3 in 1 model, which has a good power of 75W and reaches a frequency of between 50 and 60 Hz, which can be regulated in 5 different levels with the push of a button.

It will be of great help for the treatment of wrinkles, blemishes, acne, sagging skin, bags under the eyes, crow’s feet, body cellulite and reduction of abdominal fat.

Indeed, it is versatile, allowing you to treat your entire body with it.

Also, it includes the 3 interchangeable probes to carry out treatments on different parts of the body.

Very easy to use: just place the probe, connect to the current and choose the intensity.

Riteau Electric Roller Facial 3D

You can use it on the eyes, face and body.

In the eyes, it reduces the expression lines and reduces the tension if you are one of those who are all day with pain.

Also, somehow, it manages to relieve headaches!

On the face, it reduces wrinkles and expression lines, has treatment for the double chin and sagging skin and remodels the collagen.

For the body it helps to treat sagging skin and even helps reduce cellulite.

The use of gel or cream with the mini-massager is required, it is rechargeable and has a one-year warranty.

The package includes the mini-massager, a base and an adapter.


You can find offers of radio frequency equipment on any page, but you will not get the same guarantee of quality and buyer protection that the products that I have mentioned in the previous list!

Buying online is convenient, you can review all models of radio frequency machines with ease, compare prices, read opinions and choose the one that is perfect for you. I have given you the best options, now it’s your turn!

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