10 Best Essential Oil Brands (and Companies to Avoid)

Not all people know how to choose the best essential oil brands for money. The distillation process of each decides the oil quality.

We will have many questions about finding the best essential oil companies. That’s why we researched to find the best brands with high-quality products.

In this guide, we will talk about each specific company. They will help you to select the best brand for you. At the same time, we will also give you some brands to avoid.

Top 10 Best Essential Oil Brands Reviews

#1 Rocky Mountain Oils

This company sells 100% pure essential oils. It promises to provide its customers with high-quality wellness products.

As a customer, you can get the best premium-quality essential oils as well as propriety blends.

These oils cost less than other brands, although they may cost a bit more compared to organic products. Moreover, you will be satisfied with the customer service. This brand offers a three-month money-back guarantee.

Therefore, you can contact the company whenever you are not happy with the product you bought. Plus, the company also has an online store.

#2 Plant Therapy

This company is sure to give its customers the best essential oils due to quality and purity. All of the products were under testing for purity by third parties. You can find their test results on their website.

The company offers organic essential oils as well as affordable starter kits. You can find several choices to suit your price range. Also, this brand allows you to be refunded your money if you are not happy with their oils.

#3 Young Living

Another brand you should not ignore is Young Living. This company is famous for its quality of customer service. You may not know it has expanded in many countries, such as Canada, Singapore, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

It is not difficult to get these oils on Amazon. They are one of the most expensive ones. However, they are worth the money you pay. There is a live chat, toll-free number, and e-mail address when it comes to customer service.

#4 doTERRA

When it comes to the best essential oil brands, you shouldn’t miss out on the doTERRA. The company is a multi-level marketing company. It ensures to give you the purest products.

You can get full insight into the sourcing, as well as delivering on their Source.

You may have to buy their oils from a certified vendor online. However, you can find some through third-party sellers. Besides, if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can get a 100% refund.

#5 Aura Cacia

The Aura Cacia offers some certified organic oils. Also, you can get oils without additives and fillers from this company. You have not to worry about the light running the oils’ properties. The company is sure to give you 100% pure essential oils.

If you are looking for an affordable brand, it is for you. Plus, the company allows you to get a refund within 60 days from the purchase. You can also ask for any replacement if needed.

#6 Edens Garden

If you want to find an affordable brand, you can also consider choosing the Edens Garden. It offers quality essential oils at an inexpensive price. The company is sure to provide you with pure oils.

Although they are at an affordable price, they still have a nice looking. Besides, you will be satisfied with their customer service. The company lets you ask for a refund within 30 days from your purchase.

#7 Now Foods

This brand is famous for its great customer service. There are over 1,400 natural foods, sports nutrition, dietary supplements, and personal care products. All the essential oils from Now Foods are pure.

This brand also offers you affordable essential oils. Despite its great customer service, you may get problems with getting in touch with customer service. The company shows all of the corporate offices. However, you cannot see the toll-free line mentioned.

#8 Mountain Rose

You can get organic essential oils from the Mountain Rose. This company holds some certifications as well as awards, like non-GMO project certification. It offers essential oils available in a wide range of prices.

They are affordable. Since their products are certified organic, all the money you pay may be worth it. When it comes to its customer service, you can see a 1-800 number, mailing address, fax line, and email.

#9 Art Naturals

The Art Naturals company offers eco-friendly products for your skin, body, hair, and more. They are at an affordable price. Their ingredients are natural. Also, their oils can last for a long time.

The company is sure to give you the best possible quality products. It allows you to read all about the place of origin. There is nothing to report customer service.

#10 Plant Guru

The last brand on our list is the Plant Guru. It offers 100% pure essential oils that are free of pyramid schemes. You haven’t to worry about chemicals and pesticides found in their essential oils.

You can get competitive prices. The company doesn’t use any marketing systems. Moreover, the company always satisfies its customers, thanks to the best quality ingredients.

Essential Oil Companies to Avoid

There are a few brands you should avoid when shopping for the best essential oils. The first one is the Radha brand. Its essential oils have a too strong scent.

Another brand to avoid is Zellous essential oils. Although this essential oil brand is not as bad as the Radha, you still feel a very chemical type scent many customers don’t like.


If you are looking for the best essential oils for your health improvement, go for pure products. You should choose the trusted brands with great customer service. You can use them for a variety of purposes. Hopefully, our list of the best brands above can help you make your wise decision.

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