The 22 Best Dry Shampoos for Brunettes Reviews 2021

Dry Shampoos for Brunette

What’s the best dry shampoo for brunettes?

That’s a good question as some dry shampoos leave a white residue on the hair.

But the best dry shampoos for dark hair freshen up your style and keep it clean.

They soak up oil, add volume to limp hair, and deodorize (1).

Just imagine how convenient that is when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to shampoo.

Also, some dry shampoos contain pigment to blend in with dark locks and touch-up roots.

How to get the most from dry shampoo

Not all dry shampoos are the same. It’s smart to read the instructions first.

Also, spray on the shampoo before you dress – this is necessary if you use one that’s tinted.

In general, start by shaking the bottle if it’s an aerosol. This is a crucial step!

Next, lift up sections of your hair and apply the dry shampoo only to the roots. Then, let it sit for a minute or two.

After that, brush it through your hair. If you have curls, work it into the scalp with your fingers and use a wide-tooth comb if necessary.

Finally, don’t overdo it. Start with the idea that “less is more.” And be sure to use regular shampoo and water at least once or twice a week to prevent build-up on your scalp (2).

Now, benefit from our intense research when you view the reviews below.

Top Dry Shampoos for Brunettes

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Don’t panic when you spray the Living Proof dry shampoo on your scalp. Yes, you’re going to see the powder right at first.

But within a couple of minutes, it disappears. That’s because it doesn’t contain cornstarch, one of the worst ingredients for leaving a residue on dark hair.

Unlike some dry shampoos, it doesn’t just hide grease. Instead, it has Triple Action Cleaning Technology to remove impurities as you brush it through your hair.

It also neutralizes odor and repels dirt.

HASK Dry Shampoo, Monoi Coconut

HASK makes more than one kind of dry shampoo. This one is a moisturizing formula.

But you can also find biotin, chia, and charcoal versions. Each has specific benefits. And all of them are free of harsh chemicals.

The Monoi Coconut aerosol smells like a tropical vacation. It contains a blend of coconut oil and Tahitian gardenia flowers to strengthen your hair and keep it shiny.

Plus, it soaks up oil with extra-fine rice starch that becomes invisible in seconds as you brush it through your hair.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus, Beautiful Brunette

I’d be surprised if you can’t find a can of Batiste dry shampoo that matches your needs. They have scents and features that please pretty much everyone, no matter their hair color or gender.

For example, the Beautiful Brunette spray is tinted to match medium to dark hair. As you can guess, it’s handy if you can’t get to a salon to touch up your roots.

Please do not apply it while you’re wearing light-colored clothing and be prepared to wash your hands after you brush it through your hair. The pigment will wash out in the laundry, though.

Also, Batiste dry shampoo is known for its ability to volumize hair.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Divine Dark

For a little deeper tint, try the Divine Dark dry shampoo. It leaves a subtle shimmer on your tresses.

Yes, this is another one that can touch up your roots but might stain your clothing temporarily.

Like many dry shampoos, it contains rice starch to remove excess oil. On the label, it’s called oryza sativa.

Moreover, like most aerosol dry shampoos, it uses propane, isobutane, and butane as propellants. All of these are flammable, so you won’t want to smoke or get too close to any type of fire until your hair is completely dry.

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo, Dark Tones

Moroccanoil makes dry shampoo for dark tones and light tones – be sure you choose the right one.

Both have Moroccan argan oil. It’s an ancient remedy for dry skin and hair. It also provides a little protection against damage caused by the sun. That’s good news if your hair’s color-treated and you don’t want it to fade.

The oil is also helpful if you have naturally dry hair. It leaves your hair silken, not stiff.

Plus, both have ultra-fine rice starch that disappears as it absorbs oil.

If you love exotic fragrances like amber, spice, and flowers, you’ll adore the scent. Not only does it smell good, but it also deodorizes the scalp and hair.

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

What’s the best dry shampoo for greasy hair? Some would say it’s this one.

I checked with brunettes who use it and found that they didn’t have any problem with a white cast or visible residue while using it.

It also has an odor eliminator that freshens up second and third-day hair.

ACURE Dry Shampoo – Brunette to Dark Hair

Vegans appreciate ACURE’s dry shampoo. It’s cruelty-free and doesn’t contain parabens, petrolatum, or formaldehyde.

In fact, it’s not an aerosol, so there’s no butane or propane, either.

Pour a little powder onto your scalp and massage it into the roots. Then brush.

It’s a bit messier than an aerosol spray. Still, you’ll have the satisfaction of protecting the environment as well as your skin.

The shampoo is based on organic arrowroot and cornstarch powder, kaolin clay, rosemary, and peppermint. (It’s like a DIY dry shampoo for dark hair.)

For brunettes, the formula contains cocoa powder to give it color.

Drybar Detox Clear Invisible Dry Shampoo

If you have a blowout style, your stylist might recommend Drybar’s dry shampoo.

It features Amla oil to maintain shine and kiwi extract to remove impurities.

The potato starch powder gives it a little grit and texture.

Furthermore, this is a product that’s cruelty-free and doesn’t contain phthalates or parabens.

SGX NYC Brunette Dry Shampoo Aersol Spray

You might’ve heard that dry shampoo with talc is bad news. Talc might irritate asthma. But for brunettes, the problem is the residue it leaves.

Instead, go with an award-winning blend created by a New York City stylist.

It has the perfect tint for medium and dark toned-hair.

What’s more, it cleanses the scalp to help you prolong your style.

The fragrance is citrusy and woodsy with a hint of white lily.

verb Dry Shampoo, dark

If you choose verb’s dry shampoo, be careful to grab the one for dark tones. It will blend in without leaving a white cast.

The formula is vegan and based on natural tapioca starch, glycerin, and antioxidants.

Even though it absorbs excess oil, it also moisturizes the hair.

Plus, it protects color treatments against damage from the sun.

R+Co Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner

If you have fragile, brittle, damaged hair, you should be reluctant to use dry shampoo.

But here is the solution – a compromise that lets you freshen up without shampooing with water.

The cleansing foam contains glycerin to attract moisture. Then there’s vegetable protein to fortify weak hair fiber.

Meanwhile, coconut acid cleanses the scalp while sunflower seed nourishes it.

Finally, argan oil smooths the cuticle and makes it glossy.

There’s also a little diatomaceous earth to soak up oil and add texture for styling.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle, Natural Tint for Brunettes

Klorane makes more than one type of dry shampoo. This one with nettle is for oily hair.

The cornstarch, rice starch, and nettle absorb grease within 30 seconds. They turn it into one of the fastest-working dry shampoos.

At the same time, natural mineral pigments make the powder disappear into the hair.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, Natural Tint for Brunettes

The next dry shampoo for brunettes contains oat milk to soothe and moisturize a dry scalp.

It also volumizes and adds texture for easy styling.

This one needs a little more brushing to become invisible, but it’s worth it if you prefer natural ingredients. The vegan formula is free of harsh chemicals and tested by dermatologists.

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

I’ve heard that Oribe’s Gold Lust is addictive. If that turns out to be true for you, come back and tell us about it.

I don’t know if it’s because of the luxurious fragrance that stays around all day.

It could also be the rich blend of exotic ingredients that cleanse, strengthen, and improve the hair.

For example, edelweiss, lychee, and watermelon protect against damage from the environment.

Then, celery seed and starch absorb oil to leave the hair feeling freshly washed.

Myrrh repairs damage while lavender and chamomile calm an itchy scalp.

If it were possible to always clean your hair with this product, you might give up on washing altogether.

Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Brunette Dry Shampoo

Paul Mitchell’s dry shampoo for brunettes works on a variety of shades. It comes out in a super-fine mist that refreshes the hair in moments.

On the downside, prepare yourself to clean the bathtub when you wash your hair with water. The tint may leave a residue there.

amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

Those with fine hair admire how amika’s dry shampoo adds volume for styling. It’s also kind to stressed, dehydrated hair.

The rice starch in it absorbs oil and becomes invisible as you brush it through your hair.

But then, sea buckthorn berry fortifies each follicle with Omega-7 fatty acid and antioxidants.

SEXYHAIR Healthy Hair Laundry Dry Shampoo Spray

Here’s a non-aerosol dry shampoo that cleanses without dehydrating. It revives second-day hair as if you had washed it.

Unlike the standard SEXYHAIR spray, this one doesn’t have any hold and doesn’t increase volume.

The Moonstone and Mimosa flower extracts give it a pleasant fragrance.

R+Co Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist

If you have an itchy, dry scalp, try this mist instead of an aerosol spray.

It has glycerin, castor oil, and silica. Glycerin adds moisture while silica and castor oil promote growth and lock in the hydration.

The result is stronger, healthier hair, and a happier scalp.

But take note that you’ll need to blow-dry your hair after you apply it to activate the ingredients.

Renpure Sea Mineral Dry Shampoo

Renpure suggests that you shake this bottle of dry shampoo before and during application. The spray is not tinted and therefore, not messy.

Once on your scalp, it quickly becomes translucent as it soaks up oil so that you can brush away impurities.

The formula is vegan and cruelty-free.

TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, Volumizing

This drugstore dry shampoo is best for fine, limp hair. It has unique ingredients like mineral clay and citrus extract for extra volume and gloss.

Fortune, it doesn’t leave a visible residue. Just a little bit goes a long way.

You might also try TRESemmse’s Basic or Fresh dry shampoos. They are all recommended as they provide good value for the price.

Nexxus Clean & Pure Unscented Dry Shampoo

Not everyone wants to fragrance their hair. This unscented dry shampoo will neutralize bed head odor without adding any extra perfume.

The salon-quality product is made for blondes or brunettes alike.

No nothing Very Sensitive Dry Shampoo

Here’s another fragrance-free dry shampoo that’s ideal for people with allergies. The Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation verified it as safe in independent tests.

It doesn’t contain allergens like gluten or asthma triggers, and it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

While all of that is good news, you might wonder if it’s worth buying all the same.

Reviews are mixed. Some point out that there is a strong chemical odor when it’s sprayed, but this fades quickly.

Customers also say it noticeably refreshes the hair.


Never fear, brunettes, you can enjoy dry shampoo without worrying about turning your hair white with residue.

Whether you choose clear or tinted dry shampoo, you can perk up your appearance in an instant.

Dry shampoo can extend the time that your color treatment or blowout lasts. It can also help you freshen up when you don’t have time to wash your hair.

If you discovered a dry shampoo that you love using, tell us about it in the comments below.


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