The 16 Best Brush for BB Cream

Brush for BB Cream

Not getting an even finish with your bb cream? Does your skin look patchy after the bb cream application? Well, this is not the fault of your cream but your way of application.

It’s difficult to get a flawless and even cream application with your fingers. And it’s even more difficult to achieve if you have oily skin.

Though applying a bb cream with fingers might seem easier, it never produces the silky and smooth finish that a bb cream brush does.

A bb cream brush is more gentle on your skin and spreads the bb cream evenly on your face. The choice of a bb cream brush would, however, depend upon your skin type, your budget, and the frequency of use.

We have dug on and found out the best bb cream brushes in the market.

Read on to know about each along with their distinctive features and find out which one you think is tailor-made for you.

Benefits of Using BB Cream Brush:

  • Skin-friendly – The soft nylon hair of these brushes ensure that they do not irritate your skin and actually pamper it with their touch.
  • Adds finesse to your makeup – The brush helps to blend the cream with your skin so well with every stroke that it adds that professional finesse to your overall makeup.
  • Spreads evenly – The well rounded fluffy top of the brush helps to spread the bb cream evenly on your face giving you a picture-perfect look. Doing the same thing with hands often breaks your makeup in places if you are not seasoned enough.

Best Brushes for BB Cream

Kabuki Flat Top BB Cream Makeup Brush

A must-have for every makeup kit, this is the magic brush that multitasks to save a lot of your effort.

Just dot your skin with the bb cream followed by dabbing with a damp makeup sponge blender and finally blend it with this magic brush.

The soft natural-synthetic bristles are cruelty-free and so gentle on the skin that you will never want to use your hands again on your face.

The flat fluffy top not only blends the bb cream with the skin but also the loose powder and primer apart from working to conceal the uneven skin texture, redness, and big pores.

This brush saves all your time for blending and provides that flawless desired look, making the makeup seem so natural.

Anne’s Giverny BB Cream Brush

This brush is the one for you if you think you cannot control your strokes. Its unique angle gives you all the required control to spread your bb cream to every corner of your face.

This brush is designed by experts using the finest quality uber soft fibers, hand-cut with a perfect angle that makes makeup application so much easier and flawless.

All you have to do is to pat the brush with the bb cream and apply it to your face beginning from the center.

Stroke gently to all the contours and feel like a pro.

BB Cream Brush High-Density

This uniquely crafted high-quality bb cream brush saves time by allowing you to apply makeup without leaving any powder or brush marks.

It has a three-dimensional handle for a controlled grasp and its fine tip enables you to apply bb cream with perfection near your nose and eyes.

The round head moves super fast on your face without eating excess cream. And the dense and super soft bristles make it easier to apply makeup to every part of your face, giving a natural look.

It comes with a hygienic storage box to keep the brush safe without damaging it.

And its price is, of course, the best part making it easily affordable and providing value for money.

Kabuki Mineral BB Cream Brush

This is the perfect brush when it comes to being handy and lightweight, making it easy to carry on work or travel.

It comes with handmade bristles which do not fall off and ward off bacteria, thereby, protecting your skin.

The handle with its exquisite design provides a firm grip and the brush is the ultimate as it works best for both blush and bronzer.

It blends your bb cream superbly without leaving any brush marks on the face or neck.

Dense and bushy, this brush is perfect for achieving desired evenness with both powder and cream because of its curved soft bristles.

Matto Bamboo BB Cream Brushes

This professionally designed set of 2 is all you need for the perfect blending of your bb cream for a silky finish.

The Flat Kabuki sets the base for the bb cream with its flat top. It even conceals acne, redness, and uneven skin tones. Its cruelty-free, ultra-soft bristles spread the cream on your face with utmost precision and airbrushed finish.

The powder brush is soft and well rounded as required to cover the forehead, cheeks, and nose areas.

This combo gives a perfect coverage and the bristles never fall off, making it a wise investment.

JJMG Clear Silicone BB Cream Makeup Brush

This set of brushes with ivory-colored bristles comes in three different shapes: round shape, triangle shape, and pink leaf shape.

As it is made up of silicone, it is not as absorbent as a regular sponge applicator. As a result, you save half of your bb cream that otherwise gets eaten up. And a minimum amount of cream produces a gorgeous new you.

Easy to clean and easier to carry makes it your must-have travel companion.

Made specifically for creams, this set ensures smooth and flawless coverage.

Josalinas Kabuki BB Cream Brush

If you always wanted a single brush for all types of makeup such as bb cream, liquid foundation, powder, concealer, this is the one for you.

The comfortable handle design makes it easy to hold and apply while the premium quality smooth synthetic fibers romance your skin effortlessly.

The angled top serves as a great tool for application and contouring and the softness is something that you will love on your skin.

The size is convenient to store and its compatibility with almost every bb cream.

BBL BB Cream Brush

This is the makeup brush that the beginners are going to love as it saves so much of the bb cream application time due to its unique angled cut.

The unique angled-cut of the bristles allows an effortless blending of your bb cream. It can be used for applying the concealer as well with equal ease.

This makeup product itself is very pretty with sensitive bristles that are skin-friendly and do not absorb the products.

Easier to clean, this is a brush that you will both love to have and to gift.

Morotole Large Makeup Brush

An ideal brush for daily use, it works like a magic wand for bb cream, leaving a perfectly blended face.

Made up of wood, the handle of the brush is more durable, insect-proof, eco-friendly, and provides a better grip.

The high density of soft synthetic vegan fibers pampers your skin leaving a flawless finish and making the experience so smooth and pleasant.

The large head of the brush is highly effective for applying bb cream as well as loose powder.

Premium Quality BB Cream Tapered Brush

If you always wanted a brush that is crafted especially for sensitive skin, this one is for you.

The brush is so lightweight that you don’t even feel it in your hands and the soft synthetic bristles are extremely gentle on your skin.

Added to that, the high-density nylon bristles do not absorb the makeup much thereby allowing minimum wastage.

The wooden handle provides a comfortable hold and the brush is ideal for any bb cream, foundation, or tinted moisturizer and gives a streak-free look.

Those with sensitive skin can finally breathe a sigh of relief with irritation-free makeup.

Goert Makeup Brush for BB Cream

This is an ideal brush for maximum coverage of face and body areas and is a dream to work with for both beginners and professional makeup artists.

The width of the top makes it highly suitable to apply powder, foundation, BB cream, body shimmer, concealers, self-tanner, bronzer, illuminator, lava and blush faster on the face and body.

The attractive blue brush, with dense soft bristles, blends the makeup products with the skin effortlessly smearing maximum areas in minimum time.

The amazing evenness that it provides with so much ease is surprising as is the fact that it eats no makeup product at all despite its size, width, and density.

Goerti Blending Brush Rose Gold

This brush multitasks across your face and body making it the ultimate body makeup brush.

The width saves time with the faster application and the shape enables it to apply your bb cream evenly in magical strokes.

The rose gold handle is an added attraction.

The brush performs multiple functions such as contouring, highlighting, and blending almost all types of makeup products such as BB cream, liquid foundation, body luminizer, shimmer, concealer, and loose powder.

The ultra-soft vegan synthetic fibers create a streak-free look and allow easy application without absorbing excess product.

Energy Duo BB Cream Brush F50

Feel the luxury of dual application with a single brush with this exquisite duo-fiber brush.

The super-soft feather-light bristles composed of goat and synthetic fibers perform the blending like a makeup artist to give you the star look.

The dual-fiber structure enables the lower base to retain bb cream in the base area while the upper part works to provide finesse to the makeup.

The bristles do not shed and work well to blend flawlessly with foundations, concealers, highlighters, and blushes.

The brush itself is as pretty as it makes you look.

Travel Kabuki Large Round Head Brush

A perfect tool for makeup lovers, this well-rounded brush is convenient to store and carry because of its small size and round-tipped shape.

The beautiful white brush is a delight in appearance as well as in its performance with its smooth nylon fibers that make the bb cream application super convenient and effortless even for beginners.

The density of the bristles helps in the seamless blending of both liquid foundation and bb cream, giving the much-desired silky finish to your makeup.

The longevity of the brush and the easy-clean properties of the brush are their added advantages.

Air Cushion BB Cream Brush 2 Pcs

These brushes are made up of supreme quality fibers that do not fall off and are gentle even on the most sensitive skin type.

Its hand-crafted wooden handles are made up of copper ferrule that ensures durability apart from providing for an easy grasp.

The brushes are soft on the skin but firm in their service as they go a long way in providing a high-definition makeup finish with all types of liquid foundation, bb cream, or powder.

The powder brush is ideal for applying all varieties of powders, glitters, and shimmers.

Makeup Brush with Case Pink

If you always had trouble with your bb cream or foundation looking patchy and you could never get it right, this is the Brush for you.

This pretty pink brush arrives in a transparent case that stores it conveniently.

A great favorite of makeup artists, this brush makes your skin look poreless and velvety smooth.

The distinctive handle design and the wide top give your bb cream all the evenness it needs.

The dense bristles blend the cream seamlessly along with giving a streak-free appearance to your makeup.

Compact, and fast, this is a brush that pampers every woman.


So now you know that there are so many BB cream brushes available in the market that you are spoilt for choice. However, always keep in mind that you will choose one based on your skin type and requirement.

Also, the fact that whether you are a beginner or a pro will influence your choice of BB cream brush.

It is wise to start with a simple one and then advance to the more advanced ones as you gain some experience with your makeup skills.

So pick a brush that appeals not just to your eyes, but more to your skin.


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