The 17 Best BB Creams to Prevent Acne 2021 Reviews

BB Creams to Prevent Acne

Blemish or beauty balms, more popularly known as BB creams, is a type of skincare and makeup product. It gives light coverage, controls oil production, hydrates the skin, and provides sun protection.

This one product does these all.

Nevertheless, for people who have acne, it can be more challenging to pick out the right beauty product. BB creams are no exception even though they generally work great for various skin types.

There is no need to worry since we rounded up the best BB creams for acne.

What to Look for When Choosing a BB Cream for Acne

Since there are a lot of BB creams out in the market, it can be confusing to choose what works best for you. For you to pick out the best BB cream for acne, you need to consider several factors.

After you keep the following factors in mind, it is safe to say that you can buy the ideal BB cream that works best for your skin.

• Color

Before deciding on the BB cream you want to work on your acne, you must think of the function of this product.

Do you plan to use this as a quick touch-up every day or for days when you want a natural look? Or do you plan to use it to hide acne?

If you use it as your everyday makeup, it will be best to choose the one that has more color. If you plan to use it as a concealer, you can pick out the one that gives more moisturization.

• Complexion

Since BB creams are makeup, they come in different shades. Therefore, BB creams offer more color to the skin and support to hide active acne or acne scars.

Although the hues are not intense, your chosen BB cream must blend well with your skin’s complexion. There are not a lot of BB creams colors, so it will not be hard to find the one that complements your skin tone.

• Skin Type

In general, BB creams offer a lot of benefits to all types of skin. Nevertheless, you still have to consider what type of skin best benefits for the BB cream you want.

For acne, the BB cream you can opt for is the one made for oily skin. This type can lessen the production of oil and give your skin a matte look,

• Ingredients

Another thing you need to look for in your BB cream is the ingredients it has. For your skin, what should a BB cream have? For acne, components such as salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid could do wonders on your bumps.

Aside from these, the BB cream of your choice needs to have natural ingredients as well. Some of these natural ingredients are vitamin C and aloe vera. Also, you can choose the one that has active ingredients.


Exposing your acne to sunlight can result in more problems or make it worse.

Even though you have sunscreen in your skincare routine, it is good to choose a BB cream that has SPF. It gives more protection to your skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun.

• Moisturization

There is a reason why BB creams are also called as tinted creams. It would be best if you chose a BB cream that can hydrate your face well, such as those containing aloe vera and cucumber.

Your BB cream should be able to supply ample moisture so that the skin will not only look good on the outside but also within. If your BB cream has this, you can expect your skin to look fresh and glowing.

• Brand and Price

There are a lot of companies that make BB creams. Many look promising, but you need to choose the one that is from a brand that can be trusted.

It will be too risky to take chances since you will use this on your skin. It will be better to always go through product reviews from customers who bought the product.

Reviews of the Best BB Creams for Acne

1. Pure Active BB Cream with SPF 15 by Garnier

This lightweight BB cream from Garnier adjusts automatically to any skin tone after application. It masks blemishes and imperfections and gives moisture to the face as you apply the product.

Moreover, it has 2% salicylic acid that works great on acne. It opens up clogged pores and exfoliates the skin. Aside from preventing pimples, it works well as a sunscreen, too.

2. Effaclar BB Cream with SPF 20 by La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay’s BB cream has a non-greasy and lightweight formulation. Because of its mineral hue, it can hide pores and imperfections and protects your skin from the sun – all at the same time.

Besides, it also keeps oil at bay so that you can look fresh. To enhance its acne-fighting feature, you can apply this cream after using the acne treatment cream from the same line.

3. Moist and Firm BB with SPF 45 from IPKN

If you want a BB cream that gives a lot of UV protection and minerals, you can consider this BB cream from IPKN.

Strikingly, it has more benefits that go beyond its function as sunscreen. It has a sheer tinge, so matching it to any skin tone is not difficult.

Furthermore, It also gives the skin a matte look. Furthermore, it can also act as a primer. It has ingredients that fight the early signs of skin aging. It is also safe to use.

4. Super Plus Beblesh Balm Pink BB by Skin79

Originating from Korea, Skin79 is a company that understands skin problems. This balm pink BB is ideal if you need to manage your acne.

It has ingredients that reduce the size of pores and lessen oil on the face. Because it has vitamin C from Acerola, it also makes the skin bright. The lightweight consistency makes you look fresh for a long time.

5. Dream Pure Pure BB Cream by Maybelline

Maybelline is a well-known brand in dealing with acne. Although their BB cream is light on the face, it can conceal blemishes.

It is suitable for acne since it has salicylic acid that helps cover skin imperfections and clear up acne. It has various shades, and all offer broad-spectrum sun protection.

6. Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Cream by Physicians Formula

This BB cream from Physicians formula has all the things you need to look amazing. They claim that their product has 10 skin benefits such as smoothening, firming, moisturizing, and priming.

You can use it on its own since it has medium coverage or before applying your foundation.

And, it has a mineral sunscreen, too. It has moisturizing formulation and antioxidants to prevent aging.

It is also hypoallergenic and free from parabens and artificial scents.

7. Total Effects Tone Correcting Moisturizer CC Cream with SPF 15

If you want a more radiant face, Olay’s moisturizing CC cream might be the product for you. Aside from adjusting to your skin tone, it can conceal blemishes.

Moreover, it absorbs excess oil and increases collagen production because of its niacinamide content. You can have firmer skin and SPF protection.

8. Matte BB Cream by Marcelle

Since this BB Cream has different variants, you should pick out the matte type if you have problems with acne.

Because of its quality, it is excellent as a makeup base. It will not cause your makeup to look too powdery or cakey.

Also, there will not be creased lines. It can also adjust to your skin complexion, moisturize, and soften your skin for 24 hours.

9. Vitamin C Sheer Tinted Moisturizer BB Beauty Balm with SPF 30 by Andalou Naturals

For those who prefer using natural products, this Andalou Natural BB cream is certified 80% organic. Its notable ingredients are vitamin C and stem cell complex.

There is a natural tropical smell because of the mix of botanical extracts and water.

It can not only hydrate the skin very well without a wet feeling, but also lessens the excessive production of oil and redness.

Sun damage and wrinkles are reduced because of white tea leaf extract.

10. SkinActive Oil-Free Face Moisturizer BB Cream by Garnier

This moisturizer and BB cream by Garnier is made for combination to oily skin, so it works against acne.

Since it has no oil, there is less shine on the face. Many users commented that they love the natural look it gives when they use it.

It makes the pores smaller making your skin look perfect because it has anti-aging ingredients. This moisturizer and sunscreen can be used on its own or as a primer.

11. Dr. Jart+ Black Lable Detox BB Cream with SPF 30 by Dr. Jart

Aside from giving chemical and mineral sunscreen, Dr. Jart’s detox BB cream is also a moisturizer. Although it has a lightweight tinge, it can conceal imperfections.

What makes this product unique are the components.

One unusual ingredient it has is aloe barbadensis leaf juice. It lightens scars and softens your skin. Because of the botanical extracts, it can reduce skin irritation.

12. K-Beauty Long-Lasting Moisturizer Skin Perfector BB Cream with SPF 30

This Korean skin perfector BB cream by EverGlam can hide blemishes and lessen the redness. The skin texture and color are improved because of its anti-aging properties.

It has ingredients such as purslane and algae that moisturize and nourish the face. Also, there are no parabens.

13. Tinted Hydrating Complexion Rescue Gel Cream by bareMinerals

Although it is not a BB cream, it functions like one because it is tinted. Aside from that, it has a lightweight and oil-free formulation.

Because of its natural plant ingredients, it moisturizes and hydrates the skin well. You will not have problems with clogged pores or unwanted shine. It provides sun protection and good coverage.

14. BB Cream Makeup by NYX Professional Makeup

Being a well-known brand in the makeup industry, NYX will not disappoint fans with this BB cream. It is quality because of its excellent finish. You can opt to use it as your primer since it brightens the skin.

Because of its mineral content, it also moisturizes well. You also save because you only need a small amount to apply.

15. Daily Correct CC Cream with SPF 35 by Supergoop!

One of the key ingredients of this CC cream is mica. It disperses light, so imperfections are blurred, and fine lines are not to be seen. It has a lot more benefits, such as strong mineral sunscreen.

By using it every day, hyperpigmentation can fade due to the omega oils and apple extracts found in this product.

Noticeably, this lightweight cream does not stain clothes, has not noxious ingredients, and requires virtually no retouch.

16. Tinted Mineral Moisturizer BB Cream with SPF 30 by Juice Beauty

This is another natural skincare product that you can add to your beauty stash. Besides mineral pigments and sunscreen, it also has anti-aging components.

Moreover, some of these are fruit extracts, natural plant oils, and hyaluronic acid. It has a mild formulation, so it is a good BB cream for acne and booster for your face.

17. Clean Matte Finish BB Cream by COVERGIRL

The product is specially made for people who tend to have acne because it does not clog pores. It masks imperfections and makes the skin tone even.

Besides, it is easy to blend and gives a light matte finish. It has a smooth and creamy consistency.

It is breathable on the skin since it is lightweight, water-based, and has no oil. You can look and feel good because it is not heavy on the face and gives you a natural look.


Finally, a lot of BB creams for acne are available in the market. It could be overwhelming since they all offer a lot of benefits.

These can manage oil production, hide imperfections, moisturize, protect, hydrate, and nourish your face.

With this information, you would have ideas of what to look for in a suitable BB cream.

We hope that the products we listed can help you find the one that is perfect for your skincare needs.

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