(Shocking) What Rwandan Women Think About Black Americans (2023)


In this video we will ask several Rwandan women what they think about African-Americans. Topics will include, culture, clothing and dating. This is a fun video, so don't take anything too seriously. Thanks!

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I think black people American they're.

They they don't like other other black people in in our country.

Like Africa.

In this video, we will ask Rwandan women what they think about black people in America, make sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel.

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Okay, so what's your name joy and what do you do and I'm still a student okay, yeah so I have some questions, for you is that okay yeah, it's okay.

So what do you think about black people from America, um I think that black people are somehow me but they're also cool me I, like them first off.

What do you think about black people in America, I? Think of them like they're, our people? Okay, I mean African people who lives there, nothing much so there's no difference.

Really! There's no different.

Are you sure to me yeah? So so, what's your name? My name is, and what do you do? I'm Barista embarrassed I'm, making a coffee, okay, cool yeah.

So my first question is: what do you think about black people in America, black people, American I think is like an African people by born in America yeah, so, basically the same the same same for what I got the impression that these women were being polite and not telling me the whole story, so I found the Bold lady, who would tell us how she really feels and give me a little bit of peace and stuff all right.

So what's your name, and what do you do you study, yeah? Okay, so I wanted to ask you a few questions about what do you think about black people in America, black people in the American think of I think black people American they're? They they don't like other the black people in in our country like Africa, okay, it's true, there's many black Americans who think that uh Africans are, of course the Black American their their shape.

They don't understand our culture yeah, so you don't like black Americans okay, but do you know any of them in real life? What do do you know many black Americans in real life like have you met many yeah? You have yeah I, have many for I have men? Okay, so you've met them and you don't like them they their? What do you mean by that? Have you met many black Americans in Rwanda? Um? No I've, not it's not many, just a few of them, so your experience of them of black people in America comes from like television yeah, like music television news and those um, those uh, oh God, you see this I, don't know.

I I mean does talking show like the yeah.

Okay, so shows.

Tv shows yeah, okay, cool the reality.

Tv show um.

Have you met many black people from America? Of course, have you met many black people from America? Not not many of them, but I have made some some of them.

So what are the differences between the African-American and Rwandan cultures? Let's find out now? What would you say is the biggest cultural difference between black people in America and people in Rwanda? Oh black people in America I can say that black American dads, so they're open yeah and they took whatever they.

They think.

Okay, but yeah people are they just cool down? They don't talk anything or say what they think yeah to you and Brooke Milton they're they're people, their girls are just for they want sex ever okay, so Rwandan women don't want sex.

Is that what you're saying no I? Don't I? Don't say that they they lack and every everywhere everywhere they can kiss you in Rwanda.

You can kill.

We have culture, okay, okay, okay, so in Rwanda people kind of hide things it's in the they don't do it publicly yeah it hide it yeah! Okay, because we have culture, they act more confident.

You know, yeah it's a swag, it's swags and whatever you know, they dress better.

No, no! They don't dress better because they're also dress better okay.

How do you drive the same? It's not the same.

This is the 21st century, so we all know what to do internet.

You know.

So maybe we copy, but okay, so people from Rwanda are inspired by black Americans yeah.

Okay, so you look at what they do and you like it and you try and imitate it for sure, okay, cool.

If you love someone someone, you love you you love like, like you have one boyfriend and then then they have many okay.

So yes, okay, so you're saying in Rwanda, women only have one boyfriend, but in America women have many boyfriends yeah, of course, but see I.

Think it's the opposite.

Okay, so you're saying the clothing is different.

How so um there was okay like here.

We we are the fruit ier, but they are no problems like in Rwanda our culture.

If you don't you, you don't have husband, you can do you can't do the sex, that's okay! So what about dating? Thank you, foreign yeah.

Why not? Okay? But if you don't match your energy, why would you date them uh I didn't say that they don't match my energy, but sometimes it's not many of them, but some of them.

Okay, cool! Now.

Would you date a man, a black American man, yeah I can have you ever? No, not really.

What do you think the experience would be compared to ever wondered man, I, don't think there is much different to me, because you know we kind of understand each other.

Okay in the both sides: okay, yeah now, would you date a man from America? No because I, don't like you, you don't like it.

Why yeah? Of course they don't understand our culture, but you date a man from America.

Yes, of course, okay, would you prefer to date a man for America compared to everyone, because many of my viewers are black American men and they want to come to Rwanda.

So if they come to Rwanda, will they have any problem meeting a beautiful woman like you? Yes, of course, no problem, yeah? Okay, so you prefer to date a black America.

Oh yes, of course, okay, because they're no different, there's no difference if they have him at two, nothing.

Okay, many Americans think that women in Africa would do anything to move to the United States.

But the reality is a little bit more complicated.

I know that I've been hearing stuff on social media seeing stuff I think like they don't take us as as uh like they don't take us, like others, I, don't know if they think we are not good enough.

We are good that uh intention, I, don't know, but I think I treat a black American black in America differently from like white people.

Okay, so you think there's discrimination, racism against Blackness exactly but as I see they they shoot people.

They don't understand that you can have like a restaurant like this.

While you are black, they think.

Maybe you are a thief or not someone who can have something good, oh, that you can be a hard worker yeah.

Now what do you think about America as a country? Would you live there or what I would love to live there? Because there is more opportunities over there? You can make a lot of money over there.

You know it's good, but have you heard about like the the the news stories like police brutality and things like that? I did, but I think you can avoid it.

Okay from the experience of the people who talked about it, okay, so rwandans, who live in America yeah, they can tell like you you.

If you try to avoid it, it's fine! You can do whatever you want: okay, okay, cool! Would you ever move to America yeah? Yes, okay, what do you think about the country, but I will move but I'll be back? Okay, because the Rhonda is my mother around, of course, yeah your family and I want to develop my country yeah, okay, cool yeah.

So knowing all that, would you ever move to America? No, no, no neighbor! Okay! I can go there just to visit, but I can never uh think of going to live there.

Okay, yeah yeah, so you prefer to live in Hawaii I prefer to live here like when when you are poor.

It's fine! When you are black, it's fine! When you are white, it's fine yeah, so I prefer to live in in a country that you feel like.

You are equal like you, you have the rights, like others, okay, yeah! Thank you! I can go to America just to visit, oh baby yeah to to to have some medical or when I'm sick I can go there, but for the healthcare, the healthcare exactly so I can never go to live there.

Okay, thank you for answering my questions.

Thank you thanks for watching, if you want more content like this, make sure you like And, subscribe to the channel I'll, see you in the next video.

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