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TRAILER www.youtube.com/watch


Let's do this second watch Third Watch.

Okay, all right! What's up guys on YouTube all right for those that didn't know, Soul Eaters official trailer is out teaser happen in low on got downvoted to all hell, because yeah, a little you know low on, was a disaster and they didn't like her animation.

So small gate said: they're gonna fix her animation, her Idol and running animation.

So we'll take a look at that, but first things first I want to show you guys the views here.

515K views in one day, my my main Slayer.

After six months, 325k views I mean I, went to little on I went to a little on myself in person and I saw the Slayer trailer in person and even then I asked people around me that attended law on.

What did you guys think? Are you gonna make Soul Eater or Slayer? Many people told me many other streamers that I went to said Soul Eater I said screw.

You guys I'll make it Slayer I'm all in I'm all in and then the guy that I said screw you to went home and did a poll on his YouTube channel.

He speaks Korean, he doesn't speak English and his poll said: 83 percent of his viewers want to make Soul Eater versus Slayer and I ignored.

All these data ignored the data and made a backs eye level.

Slayer and here I am this.

Ark is disgusting.

Now, here, I am dropping Slayer, for the time being, until entropy is fixed playing a soul, eater I just did a full 180 I mean three a full 360.

Here we go.

Why did this happen? Let's watch Quality quality.

Why is it defaulting? 180 I mean 720.

all right, no pause she's got that Ninja Rooftop jumping Scythe skin, that's the founder skin.

The R2 one is a bat.

This is the bat and there's a cat with some booba I'll.

Do a skin video for Soul Eater after the launch.

Finally join us for the launch.

It is coming with the reset I'll be making her my main.

We will take her all the way to pay mine, not much really lore and the voice the guys boys they usually like narrate what her powers are.

Not much of that she does all the Talking, basically the teaser or the trailer.

The action like right here combat so the white tax means I decide skills skills.

She has free reign, free control over demonic energy he's not a slave to him.

If you guys know any of the delaying assassin lore, she Embraces the power and controller at her.

Will that's one over Awakenings, that's one of her Engraving we'll go over that once we can pause candy six percent damage taken for 12 seconds counter.

There's our combo there's our burst: combo sequence: it's called the end.

This is I've watched this couple times.

Dude the end, this the character creation is crazy.

They always one up themselves like right there that snap dude holy that does not get old, ER holy man, there's ooh.

What the oh man, that's a lot of hype.

Man there's a lot of hype for Sawyer man, people really man, Koreans love assassins like they think they're assassins or something that's why Reaper was so popular at launch.

Everyone think they're like little ninjas and sneaky guys with daggers or something I, don't know, I also like assassins, although I grew up in an a I like that edgy emo thing all right.

Let's dissect this thing, I, don't know man, I, guess people like this stuff in order to really sell Sawyer.

She must not be entropy.

That is the reason why slayer's population is so low.

Not it doesn't matter how bigger titties are doesn't matter how big her crits are as long as it is entropy.

It is enslaved by entropy.

That is a common saying in Korea, as well as their voice.

Options were terrible and her skin lack of skins, top three reasons and number four pers.

Her class Engravings were not um beginner, as well as casual casual user friendly.

All right chillax is not very chill like aromancer, so I, don't think uh uh, Sawyer's gonna be as chill as airmaster I.

Don't think anything can top that, but maybe she could be as fun as maybe gunsinger in terms of the interaction I.

Don't know we'll find out over the next month.

So one thing for sure she has good voice assassins all subjective.

She has the best voices.

She has great body proportions: lots of skins as long as she's, not entropy.

This one's gonna be a multi-millions multi 10 10 like multi.

This is going to be one of their biggest grossing product of Lost Ark in Korea, as well as any other region classes are serious business then I make nine figures with this.

The question is how many nine figures once again, not much lore foreign cops here.

That's the reason I made her actually, okay, those are the Scythe skills.

It is the white icon.

So if you guys like that little bit of melee play style, it has some mid-range as well so side skills give Gage these shards Soul, Shard, shards I'm, just gonna call them shards, candy I might just call them candy anyway, as well as the green skills.

I feel like green skills are gonna, be more utility like counter CC's I'm really praying to God.

There is a Mobility skill and her purple skill, as you saw, consumes The Shard, but even if The Shard isn't full, even if it's nine out of 10 it consumes it and then the next Shard goes 9 out of ten.

So that's nice, that's a little bit of modernization.

It's not like bards! It's not like artists, you don't have to fill it foreign and those are the purple skills.

I'm, just gonna call them for a purple skills.

They use The Shard and then once our bar fills up once their bar fills up.

You see the Z there I know there's a YouTube little bar right there, but you press Z, it's kind of like a biggie Brazil secret, Berserker or Punisher Slayer.

However, they modernize that as well, you can cancel it, which is really cool.

So in this gauge form her purple skills are enhanced due to the Engravings, we'll talk about those and they still consume the sharks.

So after you consume the shards and you are done with your purple skills, you can come out of the gauge form, so imagine a Slayer that can come out of the gauge form and quickly regain Gage.

So it's like a faster Punisher, Slayer, feely kind of build.

Just leave it like that right there that looks, doesn't look like entropy at all, looks more like Doomsday or Summoner, and that is her class Engraving so basically increases the crit rate by 14 percent and increases uh.

So when she uses her when she goes into the gauge form her purple skills, the cooldown resets all right and then her purple skill damage goes up by 15 and when she used the purple skills in the gauge form, the cooldown was reduced by 70.

So it's like a very pretty fast paced purple skills Centric build this feels like a spec build for me.

Spec swiftness is a spec, crit I, don't know we'll see.

So basically you build gauge.

You build shards all right next one, so she builds Gage with the white skill there.

That is also her Synergy skill, the Q skill and then W consumes The Shard the candy and then consume another candy with r gauge form now look closely at our candy bar that will not get wasted.

I, like that, when she comes out of the gauge form, she retains that candy bar right.

There I like that.

Okay, so replenishes the candy and then her skills reset, so you'd use the purple skills again, that's like the gist of it.

The feel just understand the feel.

Look at that aiming right there.

It reminds me of Summoner- oh my God right there, so she uses all her purple skills that are enhanced.

Look at the cooldown now reduced tremendously.

Then, once you're done, you come out, you exit it and look at that The Shard that she had before is respected wow.

It's still there I like that modernized.

That's why I always recommend like trying new classes, because they're always modernized a little bit a little bit better than the other in terms of convenience.

Now the announcer says, however, now this is pretty much a combination of purple skills and the white skills, but mostly the white skills.

It's the Scythe I'm gonna, nearly kind of build.

So, as you can see still same behavior, you generate gauge okay, you generate the shards generate shards and you deplete the shards using purple skills, but when she goes into the gauge form, her gauge bar replenishes starts ticking down 12 seconds.

Now you cannot use shards anymore and you cannot use purple skills anymore.

So basically, what this feels like is you gain shards and dump the shards by using purple skills, and then you go into the gauge form and then you get a buff and then the classic all right.

So the tldr for this it increases your wide skills, the side, skills and then, when you go into the gauge form, increase that even further so 40 to 50 uh also increases the purple skills by 40 percent and then for 12 seconds.

You get a buff ET.

Well, you can see this glow.

She has this buff animation, so in case you're like I, don't want to look at my bars.

I want to look at the middle of the screen.

Then you can see this glow it's right.

There there's a buff is 12 seconds, so her Scythe skills damage increases as well as the cooldown is reduced.

Her attack and movement speed has increased and Mana rejection.

Mana regeneration is in effect as well, so kind of sounds.

Good attack, speed movement, speed, attack damage, I mean a skill damage of the white skills.

The side skills reduces the cooldown and helps with Mana.

That's a lot of help.

You see the side by side, attack, speed, animation differences and that's your Synergy um I.

Don't the one thing that kind of alarms me about this build.

Is that right here? So you can see.

Let's look at the shards right.

Let's look at the shards.

Let's go over here.

There's a meter.

The meter is depleting I, don't understand how that's gonna work, so the meter depletes over time, but once you go into once, you use the hmm.


Sorry, sorry, sorry I said that using the purple skills here, it's a shark right I, don't think it does I, don't think it does eat the Sharks.

Once you have all the shards I think you transform and replenish is the bar right.

So ah the only red flag for me here is so basically, if I don't transform in time, I lose my crystals, my shorts.

Hmm, where do I get that? Where do I get that feeling from a torque question? There are some classes that have that kind of a you know, limitation, so gather three shards and then after three shards I'm guessing you transform and it replenishes that bar that could be a red flag, but I feel like this could be fun.

I feel like this could be either a speck with swiftness or swiftness in a couple days anyways, but this does look fun as long as I don't run out of the Sharks and I could replenish.

But it feels like this constantly harassing consistency, but that's kind of funny because, like the other Bill feels kind of consistent as well, it feels also Percy but consistent burst.

We'll see because remember you use the purple skills and then you go into the gauge form: replenishes the purple skills, and then you can use those again and you come out and because it has got the 70 cooldown, you can use the purple skills again and then you want to use them again, deplete them and then go into the gauge form and it resets the cooldown.

So you see the cycle of the other build, and this build is just like consistent side skills going to the get the full shards and then go into the gauge form, and then the gauge form for 12 seconds.

You do those side skills.

Do the side, skills beat the out of the boss come out of it gain the shards gauge gauge gauge gauge Gage, get the shards and then activate gauge form and do the little side skills again.

That's like that's how you can imagine what's gonna happen right you get where I'm going man you get what I'm putting down it's gonna, be your selfish.

It's gonna be a selfish class for sure I feel like she might need a crit Synergy or a break gun.

Lancer armor break will be nice, um Chris energy will be nice, we'll see.

Do we need double Chris energy? We don't know, that's our counter skills foreign I'm excited Jesus man.

Well, yeah, her running animation, wow I can't believe.

The first thing they showcased is the improved running animation, yeah one-handed, all right guys, so that is it man, that's my early thoughts.

Those are my early thoughts um.

Now that I've, actually one one shot that video one took it I think I'm liking.

Even more I was worried yesterday, but then I now that I think about it.

I'm actually liking.

Both the specs, hmm.

Well, we'll see.

Let's see what happens, let's see.

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