Lost Ark Ice Maze Isle Guide, mokoko seed locations, maze map, ice maze isle island token (2023)


This Lost Ark maze guide will help you with that obnoxious maze island and help you get the Lost Ark ice maze isle mokoko seeds.

The website I referenced in the video for the maze map: infolao.tistory.com/entry/Ice-Maze-Island

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This Lost Ark guide is for maze isle. There's a Lost Ark maze isle token that's really hard to get without a guide. There's actually a website that has the Lost Ark maze isle map for you to reference, also you can watch this Lost Ark video to get an idea of how to do it. The Lost Ark mokoko seeds at lost maze isle are insanely hard to get, especially one in particular, but it's doable if you know how. Hopefully this Lost Ark guide helps you get the maze isle mokoko seeds and token.


I'm going to show you how to beat the maze island in lost ark before we begin ice maze.

Isle is over here in the northern sea way up here this one just north of arthentine.

You see up here right here on the ice.

That is where you'll find ice maze aisle.

I decided to make a guide for, because I figured somebody else is probably gonna have trouble with it too.

So there's actually a website that has the map drawn out for you and it'll walk you through.

I'm gonna show you that I'm gonna link to it.

Also, I'm gonna show you how to get the mokoko seeds how to get the island token quest all in one go better way to do it and then there's like a secret makoko seed, how to get that so, first off the website, um I'll link this in description.

This is uh history.com and they have this map.

So the main trick here is don't even worry about where you're at and first off, the maze is enormous.

Second uh just try to work your way to the top right.

Just know that anytime, you get to one of those places with the shepherd guy.

You are in a corner of the map, so knowing that you should be able to find your way all the way to the top right eventually and once you are at the top right, that's like the easy way to orient yourself because two of them cocoa seeds are in the top right quadrant the quest in the top right quadrant, and then you can go down to this last one after you do the quest.

So you can use this map if you want put off on your second monitor or uh and or you can watch where I'm gonna, do it real fast and then we're going to yeah.

I just made it I'm gonna.

Do it real fast? You can watch in case it helps you in any way so and before we begin.

The other reason you want to start at the top right camp is because the first makoko seeds actually right here in the camp.

(Video) Lost Ark Ice Maze Isle Guide, mokoko seed locations, maze map, ice maze isle island token

That's the other reason you want to start at the top right.

You're gonna grab this quest and then he'll have you use this perfume on yourself right here, which will get one of these things to spawn, and now you got five minutes.

I'm gonna head out left then head out up and then right back down here, and this is one of those islands that sucks to be a sorceress, because I don't have any movement tech in my kit.

But all I got is the space, but your head left here tell you can't, then you go up and left until you can't go until you can't go.

Oh my gosh, I'm stuck on something.

So you can't go left anymore and then you're gonna go down and left basically making your way across and then it's first up, you're gonna go up here and then left.

Then you're gonna go up and left at the crossroad here and then you're gonna go down and then left and then down and you're gonna skip that.

Obviously it's a dead end and you're gonna head over here now and then go down and then right and you gotta go all the way to this corner and then you're gonna come down and then right and then immediately go down and then from here.

If you want to get the one macoco seed uh, I probably just get it now go down here and then go to the right and then run here all the way.

Until you go up again and then you're gonna go up and then you're gonna go to the right and then you're gonna go down once you get over here and then you're gonna take your first left and then you're gonna go down, and then you go to the right and it should be in here.

If I didn't mess this up, I don't think you know that you can even see it yeah.

You can't even see the darn thing it's right there.

It would literally be like oh, my gosh, and these people made these guides.

This stuff is literally like impossible.

Otherwise, okay, so then we're gonna head back.

The way we came painfully very painfully and slowly as a sorceress and you're gonna go back up and then get up here and go left and then once you hit the wall, you're gonna go down and then left and then you're just gonna straight line it through this part.

This maze is obnoxious, guys, it's so big.

It's actually ridiculous.

Now we're gonna go up and then immediately left, and here we're just to go straight through we're going to skip all these are dead ends anyway and then you'll hit a opening that goes to a dead end.

You'll see right there at that dead end, so you're just going to go up from here and the makoko seed is hidden in the corner.

And again you can't even see the thing, though uh.

Finding these things organically would be a borderline impossible.

In my opinion, and amazed like that, you would be here for days trying to find them.

Then, from here we're just gonna go down and then once we hit uh a wall, we're gonna go right in the down and that should have the quest.

(Video) Ice Maze Isle All Mokoko Seeds Lost Ark

Here's the quest for the island token.

So shepherd raja we're going to talk to him.

I you also have to bring him humpback whale oil, which I personally do not have that's from doing a daily, apparently is what I've read? Okay, so apparently, apparently it's not os island, so I will check that out uh later and try to find that and then put it in this video at the end, so also because I physically can't open my map right now to even give you nato's island on the map and we're gonna go down this way and get down here, and this is where we turn in racoonis and then we're going to talk to this rancher, which actually I don't know if that quest was even had any point at all other than it's something to do while you're lost in the maze doing the rest of this stuff.

So now things are really confusing, so we're going to follow here because it twisted the camera angle, we're actually going to go down this way.

This is direct south and then from here the second we get out we're gonna go straight down, skip those two on the left.

They're dead ends then we're gonna go left.

Then we're gonna follow this all the way.

Until we hit a dead end in the corner, then you go down here and then once it's corner you head left, take your first north immediately.

Go left, can't go anywhere else anyway and then hit the corner, go up and left and then we're gonna go down here and then we're gonna head left through this and then take the left and then we're going to go up and left into this corner and again I'm sure the thing is probably invisible.

No, it's not invisible this time, so it's actually pretty easy to see.

There's the coco seed.

So now the only other things left for this island are to get humpback whale oil from nattos island, which I'll show you on the map in a moment to get out here and open the map, but there's actually one more macoco seed on this island, unfortunately, and from what I've read.

What we have to do now is play the song of escape and then come back onto the island, and we do this over and over and over and over and over again until it can actually spawn you in one of the outer edges of the map in a small little area, with a macoco seed where you actually physically can't go anywhere else.

So I I'm gonna skip ahead till I got it I'll.

Try to tell you guys how many resets it took for me to spawn in the small little zone with the macoco seed.

That's isolated! Okay, so I finally got it that was absolute absolute hell.

I'm gonna say right now that took me, like maybe 30 resets took me half an hour, and I don't know if I'm unlucky or lucky to get it.

Although what I did notice is, there's some set spawns uh.

It seems like there's only maybe 10 places it can spawn you in, so it might be like a one in ten chance, which means if you're lucky you'd be a few tries if you're unlucky you'd be like a hundred so expect anywhere from five minutes to two hours to get this one done, but there's the last makoko seed so thankful for that to be over with, and so the other thing we're going to need is that whale oil before we begin ice maize isle is over here in the northern sea way up here this one just north of arthentine to see up here right here on the ice.

That is where you'll find ice maze isle.

So as for nados aisle to get the humpback whale, oil natto's isle is in the sea of guinea down at the bottom right just by um anika, and this is nattos.

Now this one's going to take a while, if you want to do it this way, because you have to get r rapport up with bolita on this island and you need trusted in order to get the humpback whale oil.

So this one's kind of rough, if you want to go this route another way, I can't confirm this myself.

I just read this online somewhere.

(Video) Lost Ark Ice Maze Island Here is a map

Is that once you do the quest on notice island, there will be an unis task.

That's available every day, then called whale tail, and if you do it eventually you'll get enough reputation with the volunteer worker and get this way.

I cannot confirm this one or not uh, but that is what something I've read on a reddit post.

So maybe this and then the other thing that I read was: you can apparently get it from uh the frozen sea by shoeshire uh.

When you go here, apparently the traveling merchant ships are random each time and this time it's plump crab fishing guild vessel and tia libra, 2t and libra guild vessel, but apparently randomly it could instead be uh the spear fishing hunting guild vessel and they will also have humpback whale oil.

So those are the ways to get it.

Apparently, those are all the ways that I could find on the internet.

I actually caught this one right as it was sailing in this.

One is just now sailing in right, as I went to check for it here so again.

Here I am up in shoeshire right by the port.

This one just now came sailing in and it has humpback whale oil for, oh, my goodness, 6 000 pirate coins.

So that is up to you whether or not you want to dump those pirate coins into humpback whale oil or, if you'd rather do the rapport method.

It's entirely up to you to either be patient and do the rapport or fem pirate coins and get it immediately.

In my case, I'm going to get it immediately for the sake of this video.

So we're going to go ahead and get that okay, I finally made it back.

That was rough going through the maze again I spawned on the other side completely and I walked through it.

So here we are with the guy.

I have the whale oil, the liver and then I have to talk to a worrying shepherd.

Oh no does it mean the one in the center or the one in the corner, I'll check the one in the center real fast because, right by this guy, if you're at this guy? If you don't remember his litter, is right around this corner, then down and we should get into town, take a look-see.

If it's not there, then I'm gonna skip ahead to me in a corner because nobody wants to watch me walk for two minutes through the maze a second time.

If you even watch the first time.

That's rough enough to watch somebody do okay, nope.

This is rancher new boss, yep! I gotta go to a corner, I'm gonna skip ahead and get into a corner actually screw this.

What you should do at this point, play song of escape and come back in, because what I've realized is the vast majority.

(Video) How To Get Ice Maze Isle Soul - Walkthrough - Lost Ark

If not all the spawn points are actually right next to the corners of the map, it always starts you near corner of the map.

So just keep doing this look around real fast see if you're like, if you can figure out where you are, and just do that, like until you're at a corner, it'll literally save time screw walking that that takes forever to walk through that all right.

Well, that sucked it gave me one of the worst ones, but it was fine if there's something that can spawn you on the outer ring of the map that aren't connected to the map and there's only one way out, and it spawned me one right to walk for just as long anyway, but at least it was simple, there was no maze.

It was literally just one path, the entire way to get out, and it put me right into a shepherd anyway.

Now we got this guy.

Can we finally finally be done with maze? Isle ice maze aisle token? We get this chest with ancient gold coin ancient gold coin.

We get tier 2 stones, we get 7 000 pirate coins hardly even worth it, but I guess, if you have a guide to follow, it could be worth the time you could get this thing done in like 15 minutes or something maybe including travel time.

So well, no, not the macocos.

If you're going to cocoa seed, it's just a gamble.

How long it's going to take! We skip the cocoa seeds.

You could probably get all this done in like 15 minutes, including travel time, actually, okay.

So now he wants me to do the repeatable.

No I'm done get me out of here all right.

I also want to see how that gold coin that ancient gold coins don't give me that give me that ancient gold coin six ancient gold coins, but they only give silver okay.

I thought it was going to be gold, no that's silver, silver, okay, oh, that was rough and that's maze aisle that one's a total pain in the butt in its own way.

Uh, maybe not the absolute worst island.

I've done so far, but it's pretty bad without a guide.

If I didn't have a guide actually to look at yeah, it would actually be the worst style that was that was really really rough, uh, but yeah.

So now you know I figured out now you know how to get the whale oil.

You know how to do the maze you have that resource like that link in the description below the first paragraph uh, but that is maize isle.

It's how to do it.

That's how to 100 that island.

So hopefully this helped you out! Um yeah, that's mainly helpful to help you out, I make guides and stuff that's what I do on this youtube.

So if you need lost art guys right now, february 2022 then definitely subscribe for more content, making lost art content like three to five times a day or more most days, but yeah.

(Video) Lost Ark - ICE MAZE ISLE Token GUIDE

So that's how to beat maize isle in lost ark.


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