Lost Ark Best Servers: Ping, Population & More (2024)

Lost Ark Servers Factors

Every server in Lost Ark can be ‘the Best Lost Ark Server.’ What makes them best totally depends on you. If the server fulfills your requirements, then it will be best for you, regardless of what we say.

Key Highlights

  • The Best Servers In Lost Ark are those that fulfill your requirement based on your preferences and provide good gameplay without any lag.
  • Choose a Lost Ark server that has a lower ping value, e.g that is closer to your location to avoid any lag in the game.
  • Always check the Server status to know about the population and choose the one with Server Status “Good” if you want to avoid population.
  • Each server has its own language, so make sure to choose the one you are most comfortable with.
  • The best server in Central Europe is Sirius Server and that in West Europe is Moonkeep Server.
  • Vern is the most popular server in South America.
  • In North America, there are two famous servers, the Mari Server in the West and the Azena Server in the East of North America.

But before we begin with our search for the Best Server in the game, we need to define the ‘best server’. When we’re considering any server as the top-tier or outclass, we check out the following parameters.


First of all, we consider the Ping or Network Latency of the server. You’ll get the lowest ping on a server that is closer to your location. For example, if you’re on North America’s Western side, you shouldn’t try to join a Central European server.

Because it is on the opposite side of the globe, your game will need to use more resources to join with that server, and you’ll have quite a high ping. This will make your game laggy.

So choose a server that is in your region, that in this example is North America West. Sometimes, due to selecting the wrong in-game settings, players complain about high Ping. Check out our Lost Ark Best Settings for High FPS and Performance to ensure that you’re using the correct settings.

To choose the Lost Ark Best Server, you can either check your ping or Network Latency in-game or on Cloudping.info.

To check the Ping or Network Latency in-game, you need to go to in-game settings, then in the Gameplay tab. There, click on the Controls and Display tab and after scrolling down a few options, you’ll find the ‘Show Network Latency’ option. Set it to Always Show and press apply.

Now you can check your ping or Network Latency on the bottom left of your screen.

Lost Ark Best Servers: Ping, Population & More (1)

If your ping is in single-digit, then your game won’t lag at all. In a double-digit ping, the gameplay might lag at times. If it’s in triple digits, then we recommend that you find a server that has ping in double digits. Because servers with triple digits ping lag a lot. If you are facing high ping, then Deathblade is one of the few classes that do surprisingly well even in high ping.

Populated or Not

Next up, we check whether the server is populated or not. If a server is always populated, it might be full all of the time. But most players prefer the populated ones as they get the opportunity to fight bosses with other players and trade with them. Then again, some players prefer to play peacefully, they might prefer those that aren’t always filled with people. And their preference can affect their opinion of the Best Server in Lost Ark.

To check if the server is populated or not, you can check out the official Lost Ark Server Status.

Lost Ark Best Servers: Ping, Population & More (2)

Here, Good means that the server is half full or even less. Busy Means that the server is almost full. Whereas Full means that the server is full. And Maintenance means that servers have been shut down for maintenance.

Underneath this, every server has the Good, Busy, Full, or Maintenance sign. This will help you know their current status. Players have often complained about the Lost Ark’s Error 10010.

They seem to relate it with servers being full, But that’s not the case. Read more about Lost Ark Error 10010 and learn what causes it and how to avoid it.

Language Barrier

For most of the players, language barriers might not matter. But there are few Lost Ark Players who love to play with people from their own community. They might be looking for certain language servers, such as French or Spanish. For them, Best Lost Ark Servers will be of their own Language. Whereas if the player wants to play in English servers, there’s a variety of servers to choose from.

Exploration and Crafting

This might surprise you, but some players just love to explore the beautiful open world of Lost Ark. Or they want to craft new stuff and challenge themselves in this. For them, we’d suggest going into servers that have a low population. This will allow them to perform their calmer activities without any interruption.


Certain servers have dedicated PVP or PVE. If you’re interested in such, then these options can affect your opinion on Lost Ark’s Best Server.

Lost Ark Best Servers

That being said, we have a list of Lost Ark servers that are considered the best server in their respective region. While you’re at it, check out our Lost Ark Tier List to pick the best PvP and PvE Classes.

Europe Central

Lost Ark Best Servers: Ping, Population & More (3)

For Central Europe, there are several different language-based servers, so it was hard choosing one. People in Central Europe seem to prefer the Sirius server.

It is an English server that has gained quite some popularity in Lost Ark. If you want a specific language server, then this might not be the one for you.

Europe West

Lost Ark Best Servers: Ping, Population & More (4)

When it comes to Europe West, there are a total of 8 servers to choose from. So the competition here is a little tough with the best Lost Ark server for this region. We asked around and discovered that players of this region suggest the Moonkeep server.

The server is English, and it has a pretty cool name. Playing in it would definitely be a remarkable experience.

South America

Lost Ark Best Servers: Ping, Population & More (5)

The Vern server has gained popularity in the South American region of Lost Ark. Players in this server are a mixture of South American languages. So you’ll be able to find different language communities, whether it’s English, Spanish, or some other language.

North America West

Lost Ark Best Servers: Ping, Population & More (6)

In the North America West region, Mari is one of the servers that are always busy. Whatever time you try to get in it, you’ll find it almost full. This is proof of its popularity. So we recommend checking this server if you’re looking for the Lost Ark Best Server in the North America West region in Lost Ark.

North America East

Lost Ark Best Servers: Ping, Population & More (7)

Azena server in North America East is a PVP hub. Due to this, the server has gained popularity among the players that want to try it. Other than that, the Una server is famous in that region too. So it depends upon you, however, you want to play it.

List of all Lost Ark Servers With Communities

In Lost Ark, as the game has been released in several regions, the game has gained popularity. Most of the servers have English communities as it is the global language.

Even then, several different communities are quite dominant in some servers. So here is a list of all the Lost Ark Servers with their communities. with the help of this list, you can choose the best server according to your needs. Also, read our Best Card Sets in Lost Ark guide.

Europe Central

  • Neria: Italian and Polish Server
  • Kadan: PvP hub, English Server
  • Trixion: French Server
  • Calvasus: English Server
  • Thirain: English Server
  • Zinnervale: English/ Scandinavian Server
  • Asta: German Server
  • Wei: Spanish Server with small Portuguese communities
  • Slen: English Server
  • Sceptrum: English Server
  • Procyon: English Server
  • Beatrice: English Server
  • Inanna: English Server
  • Thaemine: English Server
  • Sirius: English Server
  • Antares: English Server
  • Brelshaza: English Server
  • Nineveh: English Server
  • Mokoko: English Server

Europe West

  • Rethramis: English Server
  • Tortoyk: English Server
  • Moonkeep: English Server
  • Stonehearth: English Server
  • Shadespire: English Server
  • Tragon: English Server
  • Petrania: English Server
  • Punika: English Server

South America

  • Kazeros: Brazilian Server
  • Agaton: Spanish Server
  • Gienah: South American mix
  • Arctrus: South American mix
  • Yorn: South American mix
  • Feiton: South American mix
  • Vern: South American mix
  • Kurzan: South American mix
  • Prideholme: South American mix

North America West

  • Mari: English Server
  • Valtan: English Server with small Spanish communities
  • Enviska: English Server
  • Akkan: English Server
  • Bergstorm: English Server
  • Shandi: English Server
  • Rohendel: English Server

North America East

  • Azena: PvP hub, English Server
  • Una: English Server
  • Regulus: English Server with small Spanish communities
  • Avesta: English Server
  • Galatur: English Server
  • Karta: English Server
  • Ladon: English Server
  • Kharmine: English Server
  • Elzowin: English Server with small Spanish communities
  • Sasha: English Server
  • Adrinne: English Server
  • Aldebaran: English Server
  • Zosma: English Server
  • Vykas: English Server
  • Danuba: English Server

Why Choosing The Right Server Is Important In Lost Ark

The reason many players take out the time to choose the best server for them in Lost Ark it’s because once you select one, you cannot change it again. So it is important that the server you are choosing no matter if it’s 4 Australia or NA, choose the best one as it will be your permanent server in Lost Ark.

While there is no such feature currently to change your server in Lost Ark, there might be one in the near future. Consult our guide to find the best server for you or just join the one that your friends play in.

Also, whenever you plan to join a server of Lost Ark make sure that you check the server status in case the server is full. Doing so will allow you to avoid long queue times and cramped servers.

If unfortunately you are stuck on a bad server, you can always create a new character on the server your friends are using or the one you want to play in. However, the drawback here is that you will have to start the game all over again and you will lose all your game data.


With that, we conclude our guide on Lost Ark’s Best Server for each region. Now it’s up to you, which server you choose to play on. As a player, you must consider the ping of the server as it will affect your gameplay.

If the ping is not an issue, then be sure to check out if your preferred language or community is in the minority or majority. After that, the next thing to take care of is the population. Other things can be ignored as they won’t affect your overall gameplay if you can’t decide what to choose from them.

One thing to keep in mind as a sort of warning is that once you choose a server, you’ll be in it. You can’t change servers as far as we have researched and asked around in the Lost Ark community.

So once you choose a server for your character, that server will be its permanent home. Once you’ve selected the best server for your region, check out our Lost Ark Best Mining Spots, and Best Places to Level Up Foraging guides to get started.

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Lost Ark Best Servers: Ping, Population & More (2024)


What is the most populated Lost Ark server? ›

Most Popular Lost Ark Servers
  • #1: Una. As a medium-population server, Una features a balance between community fun and queue times. ...
  • #2: Azena. It is the busiest server in North America East. ...
  • #3: Regulus. It has a lively community and is the second most populated server. ...
  • #4: Galatur. ...
  • #5: Mari. ...
  • #6: Bergstrom. ...
  • #7: Valtan.
Jul 6, 2022

What is a good ping for Lost Ark? ›

In Lost Ark and online games in general, an acceptable ping should be less than 70ms. Anything higher will result in noticeable delays hampering gameplay.

Does it matter what server you pick in Lost Ark? ›

So, it really depends on what you want to do. As long as you're playing on the same server as your friends, you can access all the game content with them. However, if you want to do Chaos Dungeons or unranked Pvp, for example, with people on other servers, that won't be possible.

Do you need good ping for Lost Ark? ›

To counter this, players need good communication. Whether playing with a small group or as part of a much larger organization, simple and effective communication matters in Lost Ark. It's for this reason that the ping system is so important, allowing the player to communicate vital intel on the fly.

What server does Asmongold play on Lost Ark? ›

Asmongold is playing Lost Ark in the NA East server Olympus.

Asmongold plays on the NA East server Olympus and broadcasts on his main Twitch account.

What is the maximum party size in Lost Ark? ›

Four players can team up in a group and go questing together.

Does Ping matter in Ark? ›

Before connecting to ARK: Survival Evolved, make sure to check your ping beforehand. Using the wtfast Ping Test is one of the best methods to do so. Pings that are less than 100ms are ideal for online gamers. However, pings higher than 150ms will start to show lag.

How much RAM should Lost Ark use? ›

Lost Ark recommends having a modern Intel Core i5 CPU and a decent graphics card with the power of GTX 1050 or above. It also requires 16GB of RAM to run, so the any laptop you considering using for Lost Ark will be in the top-tier.

What is ping on ark servers? ›

Ping is the time a message from your PC to the server and back takes in milliseconds. Everything above 100 brings problems in a shooter game, everything over 200 isnt playable. I try for servers that I ping 40 or less. Anything over 70 and you start to get problems with rubber banding.

Can I switch servers in Lost Ark? ›

Unlike other MMORPGs, Lost Ark is not a game that allows players to switch servers. To move a character from one server to another, you must be on the same server as the player. That way, you will be able to see the player you're joining and vice versa. This means you'll be able to see each other and play with them.

Can you switch between servers in Lost Ark? ›

Players can't change servers in Lost Ark since it's not allowed. If you decide to move on to another server, you'll need to create a new character. This means that players will need to start from scratch whenever they want to switch servers.

What is the best solo class in Lost Ark 2023? ›

The male counterparts of Gunslingers, the Deadeye is the best solo class as of 2023. This class is extremely flexible and many players prefer deadeye for going solo because they have an amazing weapon swapping ability that sets them apart from the rest of the starting classes in Lost Ark.

Should I play Lost Ark with VPN? ›

Not only is a VPN good to have for Lost Ark but you can also use it to unblock geo-restricted content, such as streaming sites or other games that have location-specific features. Stay safe online. A VPN, however good for gaming, is also a brilliant internet safety tool.

Is ExitLag safe for Lost Ark? ›

We do work as a tunneling service that make connection improvement avoiding packet loss, jitter and highping. Please if you have any other question about the service count on us! By the way the Amazon's whitelisted ExitLag, so, its safe to use as well.

How many people are on Lost Ark servers? ›

Lost Ark Live Monthly Player Detailed
MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMax Players in a Day
Last 30 Days1,670,183111,346
July 30, 20231,695,617113,041
June 30, 20231,664,001110,933
May 30, 20231,825,964121,730
21 more rows

How many people are active on Lost Ark? ›

295,686 Players Online

You are viewing the live Lost Ark player count on PlayerCounter. Come back to this page when you want the latest update on live Lost Ark players or update to show the most recent amount of players online. *Ad blockers may prevent stats from updating; please allowlist us.

How populated is Lost Ark? ›

16.09M. Lost Ark is estimated to have 16,092,510 total players or subscribers.

What is the most and least played class in Lost Ark? ›

There always tend to be some classes that are more popular than others in MMORPGs, so what are the most and least played classes in Lost Ark? The most played advanced classes in Lost Ark are Sorceress, Berserker, and Shadowhunter, and the least played advanced classes are Wardancer, Scrapper, and Deadeye.

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