LOL: Ben Shapiro Reacts to INSANE Woke TikToks (2023)


Ben Shapiro REACTS to woke TikToks

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Alrighty folks, today we are going to take a look at some of the most woke tic toc clips out there.

Now my producers tell me these are particularly difficult to watch, but I will be the judge.

You may regret that before we begin, I want to give a shout out to giant partners for sponsoring this video qprosexual people are asexual people who still desire a sexual relationship, but don't experience sexual attraction.

Qposexual people may decide to have a sexual relationship, despite not feeling sexual attraction, while others don't both are completely valid and communication is key hope.

I could help check out my vampire kid explains for more it.

Did it helped it helped.

I now understand nothing about what just happened.

How hard do we have to work to come up with sexual minorities? Now right we have such a viciously intolerant, brutal, sexist heteronormative sex, patriarchal society.

We have alienated so many people that they have to work so hard to come up with being a member of a sexual minority.

That usage like a person who didn't want to have sex but who sometimes has sex? How do you exactly? Do you like identify into it and sometimes you're into the sex you're, no longer cute biosexual? But this is the thing.

It's all fluid right.

You could be whatever you want at any time, and no one has to verify any of this.

You just declare yourself a sexual minority.

I declare so it's fun to watch how we have created basically two categories in american society, the victimized and the victimizers, and when you create those two categories, everybody wants to be in the victimized category, because you don't want to be a victimizer.

So now you're like a couposexual or a demisexual was was the other one.

That was those recently in the news because of andrew cuomo's daughter, declaring herself a woman who only wants to have sex with people to whom she's emotionally attracted, which used to just be called a woman.

But it's all it's all good times.

You have terms for everything now terms up.

The wazoo governor abbott has just lifted the mandatory mass mandate in the entire state of texas.

Now businesses are back at 100 capacity.

So when there's a giant spike in our country, you're gonna know exactly who to blame, you could say, don't mess with texas.

All you want, you know who can mess with texas the wrath of god, viruses? Don't care about your weird state pride get over it.

Did the spike happen nope, it did not.

Also, I I have a feeling this may be uh, one of the only times this person uses god unironically.

It's funny how the left will always talk about the wrath of god when all they really mean is the sort of pagan concept in which nature punishes you for not being left-wing enough.

This is healthy behavior, oh, my god, other people aren't going to be mandated to wear, masks, post the possibility of vaccination and you get a vaccine anytime.

You want anybody can get one, and I can't boss, people around god will avenge himself on texas.

Ah, the most religious people are the pagan atheists hi, I'm jax and I just came up with new neopronouns that combine.

He him she her and they them okay, so hear me out, be them theirs, okay, they them their whatever.

You want to consider it right: let's take the first one d: okay, this combines she he and they right.

They that's what they said.

You know that's what they said.

I don't know what you're talking about.

What are you talking about? I don't know what we're yelling about.

Also, I mean just a refresher.

The word the actually does have a meaning right, like v with two e's at the end means you in english, so now you're, just taking that term and you've turned it not into they, but also into they, and he and also she and they and him, but not her.

That's another word.

That's thor's.

All of this is designed to confuse.

All of this is designed to convey less information because, as it turns out, there is no person who is male female and also plural.

Those people don't exist, plural nope, not a thing but uh.

Well, I mean, I guess it's better than those other neopronouns people are calling themselves like unicorn unicorn birds.

You know we are a childish and foolish society hi there.

My name is sarah.

This little cutie is my son bennett.

As you can see, my son is a white male.

So here are some books that I bought to help prevent him from growing up to be awful starting out.

Strong, we have c is for consent, um pretty self-explanatory, but it's a picture book that goes into detail about consent with your body with family.

No thanks, because I'm raising a feminist we've got a is for awesome, 23 inspirational women.

Finally, we have, except when they don't a book about um boys and girls, liking whatever they want, regardless of their gender.

Oh sorry, I'm just I'm looking up the number for child protective services.

This is a person who has a very clear set of values that she wishes to impart to her child.

Her set of values suggest that her son, being white and male is naturally inclined toward being a terrible horrible person, and so she must indoctrinate him to believe that males and females are completely fluid categories and also that white males, naturally are going to be rapey seems like good times over there, but here's the thing when you're a parent, you don't get to just bring up your child like they're in a vacuum.

You gotta pick a valley system, so here's a person picking a value system and uh it has its downsides.

What are your preferred? Pronouns, uh zazem? Oh I've, never heard those before what are they uh they're, what's known as neopronouns, what are neopronouns they're? Basically, your own custom pronouns when no other pronouns seem to fit.

You come up with your own pronouns.

Anything can really be a pronoun, it's true.

How do I use them? Um it depends on the person and their pronouns.

Zazem follows a similar spelling to they in them, and even similar grammar rules like zerenzair, so zay, zem, zem self, zers things like that.

Okay, now you just sound like an actor from 1940s.

Doing a bad german accent, what do they say? Have you talked to them? Would you care for another schnitzel, neo pronouns are just you're making is what I'm getting from this and we're all supposed to just pretend this is normal.

Oh, my god we're just supposed to pretend that we're all we're gonna go along with this.

Now, like okay, I just uh.

You know I I just felt so you know marginalized by typical human language, that I've created a new set of terms in which I prefer to be referred to as and also, and also those are, my new pronouns.

So every time I come in the room, I want someone to say well, instead of like there, he goes be there.

We are taking all of the things like reason and human language.

It used to be universal and humanizing and we are removing those in favor of just random good times, good times, we'll get to more of this tick, tock brilliance in just one second, first, every company strives to have unique values and a long, lasting impact.

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Let them know that we sent you here at the ben shapiro show head on over to right now, a one, a two, a three, a four one: ounce of girt pride, one ounce of good pride, one one diary, gender, fluid trans men and women too: trans men and women too wow.

First of all, just the musical talent on display is spectacular.

The hijacking of children into this video is also particularly spectacular.

I really did enjoy that non-binary gender, fluid trans men and trans women too.

Ah extraordinary femininity demonstrated by this particular trans woman, definitely convinces me that that gender is nothing but a social construct.

My fur girl just came up to me and asked if she could play with my dumbo trump flag, and I said my dumbo trump flag.

I don't have one of those and yeah.

She calls him dumbo.

I just never corrected her and she goes yeah.

You do this one and I feel like it's kind of profound, did he ruin the flag for anybody else? Just me um.

Maybe you should have exposed her to the american flag before donald trump did.

That would have been your solution right there.

Maybe the reason that she associates the flag with trump is because you never taught her what an american flag was and that one's on you that one's on you when it comes to inclusive language, oftentimes people tend to use phrases like people with penises or people with vaginas, rather than saying.

Male and female are men and women, while this can absolutely be inclusive for trans people.

Unfortunately, it's not always the most inclusive language for intersex people.

My advice is to use language that focuses on function and not just form.

That means focusing on the actual function that you're talking about, such as people who can get pregnant people who can get other people pregnant people who are at risk of testicular cancer and so on and so forth.

This is much more inclusive because there are intersex people who are born with the vagina, but don't have a uterus or ovaries or an ability to menstruate.

This is because some people that are born of the penis don't have testes.

I think that from now on, we should describe people by all of their biological features.

All of them, so I think it should just get longer and longer so it could be a person with a penis but no testes and also a uterus, but a prostate, like I feel like that, would be better than just saying: intersex people honestly, I I wonder how many intersex people really feel bad if you say that they are an intersex person, because that is a biological status but isn't what they identify as the only thing that matters, why are we even trying to use objective metrics like whether they are a person who has a uterus in order to measure who they truly are inside this lady's too intolerant? Wait, sorry, this this person, who I presume to have a uterus but have to make an assumption about.

I think this person, gender offender bender I've, got what they call.

Gaydar is um not sensitive enough.

Frankly, what's the worst thing, that's going to happen if you start believing that you're the hottest alive? Here's what I don't like about that statement.

Why do you want to say hottest instead of just hot, it's a superlative that implies competition? Is it because you're still basing your self-worth on how you compete with other hot aka women just stop using super hot days? This is the stupidest thing that I've seen in at least the past 12 seconds.

Yes, it turns out that life is filled with competition.

It is well known by virtually every social science study, that there is competition for mates, it's true in evolutionary biology, and so that composition does exist and you can either pretend it doesn't exist, or you can recognize that it does exist, but uh this person seems very, very angry about superlatives, which makes them the craziest person that I've seen in the last few seconds, at least because I'm watching these videos back to back and frankly, I just want to run directly like screaming through a playglass window, they're more.

How many of these are there you're gonna like clockwork orange me here and just pry my eyes, open, uh, guess what my patience is run out.

Pansexuality is not inherently biphobic; they are both valid sexualities, both of them and while, yes, I have seen pansexual people use that label for questionable reasons.

They pretty quickly get it once you explain things to them.

They do.

If you took all that energy, you spend calling people biphobic and saying they're performing by erasure and just educated them.

There would be less biphobia.

There would be less by erasure, because you've explained it and people will know the difference.

I have had it with you guys jesus.

What was that I don't wha was that was that in in human english.

I don't know what any of that means.

You know why this person's yelling at me.

I don't know why you guys, are putting me through this.

I don't know why I employ you, I'm surrounded by there's so many things, I'm I'm so confused about and and troubled about right now.

I think the only thing that we can take away from this particular video is that no one should ever use tick tock.

For any reason.

Thank you.

Not only is it a chinese propaganda tool gathering all your data, but also it's filled with self-obsessed people who believe that what they have to say is very important, no matter how stupid or minut or ridiculous.

With that said, if you want to see me react to more insane tech talks.

Apparently let me know in the comments or something if you have any tick, tocks you'd like me to see you can share below, and my producers, I am sure, will check and then torture me with those.

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