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All righty hello, everybody today we're gonna, go talk about Bard and support with the new meta after the PTR change.

So the goal of this particular video is you look at this and now you guys have a knowledge of how you guys should build your Bard or you guys should build your support properly and just adjust it based on your preference, because sometimes some builds are really wrong.

It seems like it works it's because it's really hard to know if you're doing a good job or not uh as a support, because it's this game is really poor, telling you, if you're doing a good job right.

What will we cover? I just talked about it supports 101 again, maybe it could be 102.

It says: what's the rule in this game, what do I look for when building it and the current meta as well right? So it's going to be spec versus Swift and what kind of builds are there too? It will give you the knowledge.

You need to adjust your build when meta changes in the future.

So, for example when another PTR change comes out, and another support is changed.

After this you guys will know exactly what to do.

If you understand hopefully I can teach properly.

Here keep this in mind.

What attributes should supports Focus.

So you have damage buff.

You have shield and heel care, and you have identity generation right.

So if you have identity generation these kind, of things linked to towards damage, Buffs and shield healthcare, because the faster you generate.

You can activate your courage or you can activate your heels faster So, the faster you generate your identity.

Gauge means you can rotate Buffs faster, but if you focus too much on the identity generation, your damage buff rotation and shield care.

Tend to be lacking.

That's why you have to find a real good balance.

So that everything kind of lines up with the DPSS that you play with with this particular information in mind.

You have to remember.

Uptime, is the most important thing? Then identity generation, this is how I feel about it? Let's say you have ignition sorceress and then you have like a gunslinger and a team.

They all have different random points where they're strong and they have different random points- they're weak.

Therefore, if you have a hundred percent uptime, which is something like a paladin which what he excels at the whole team will generally do more damage, because your uptime is much higher and a better support.

You are the higher uptime you have, and this is what I said here.

Mostly you have no idea who and what classes you're playing playing with.

So it is hard to match party members first times and whenever you're doing their strongest damage right.

Second point: what is important to keep in mind for Bard.

You have 100 percentile attack Bluffs.

Here they have the most two important skills right.

You have.

You have the Heavenly tune here and then you have the sound vibration here.

These two skills give you Buffs, but sound.

Vibration, though, is you have to step on it right? You have to step on it in order for you to get the buff.

So this is a problem because, let's say you're playing a hip master class and your classes, this guy's like here and then the other guy is like here and then let's say the entropy class is like here.

Then you actually have to choose one.

You have to choose one and then give the sound vibration buff to whichever the class that there is in what's important here is when you use your heavenly tune here, it's eight seconds so when this eight seconds runs out, it's usually 0.9 seconds to activate sound vibration like this, so you get that buff right away and by the time this Runs Out, you use your heavenly tune again to get the 100 uptime.

You can just put this as sound vibration as a filler before your rotation of the Heavenly tomb right.

So you have to keep this in mind.

Okay, I'm, pretty sure.

Most of you guys know this already.

So that's the attack Buffs and now we have 100 uptime on marking.

So what marking is you have two options now in this meta, so you have Sound Shock.

Most of you guys are using it right now.

In an a because this skill is like pretty Universal fire here, and this is the marking.

You guys see this all the time right.

This is called a single marking.

Now, after the PTR change, we have something called the double marking where, if you have the harp, the Harvest generated and it's attacking it's attacking also pretty far too so this harp is keep attacking it.

For that marking, pretty cool part is, if you have enough swiftness, and you have the enough tripods to keep that up.

You can actually keep all your marking up with just one heart, but the problem is if the boss is like running away all the way over there uh the heart won't be able to reach.

Therefore, you're gonna miss a little bit of time on marking.

That's why we have this new skill called sonatine right.

It's called sonatine this skill.

It gives you destruction, it gives you a little bit of stagger.

The tripod for cooldown has a tripod for marking and it has a tripod for additional serenade meter game right.

So this thing lasts four seconds, so let's say the harp is like super far away.

It's attacking a little bit, usually harp attacks about five to six seconds guaranteed because the boss doesn't actually move that much.

That's why you mark it with the other seal sonatine, which only has about eight seconds with proper swiftness and gems.

It's going to fill it up, it's going to be using it as filler right.

This is called double marking, where you have two skills that is dedicated for marking.

Now out of the three you can use anything.

This is preference or you're going to use two skills for marking or you're going to use one skill for marking But.

Whichever the goal is, you have to have a hundred percent uptime.

If you don't have a hundred percent uptime, it is a problem I'm going to give you an example.

If you do a single marking on a spec build sound shark, you can't use it as a spec board, because two one zero and then you have to use it again right, two one: zero! It's barely, it's barely hitting it right, but what, if you actually miss it, and also at the same time when you're casting Sound Shock you're much slower right so you're stuck in this animation? That's another downside for it.

So you just need to keep in mind when you're building your own Bard.

What's my 100 uptime marking and what's my 100 attack uh a hundred percent on attack Buffs? Now, let's go to the next category.

Uh uptime shield, now Uptown Shield.

Is these two skills Guardian to win? The music is pretty important.

Some people actually don't know that it is important to rotate as much as you can.

So some people do it that way right.

So you have it here and then you have your Shield up and then you can activate your buff for the defense reduction and then, after this Eight Second is done.

You get additional shield for it right.

So you get this Shield after for eight seconds and then you and then you can keep on adding shields on top.

So Bard is the number one class that has a best Shield care because it has a hundred percent uptime on Shields, so real good Bard is uh, they kind of know where all the characters are, but the best point is just go to the back and then, if you use your window, music you'll probably hit most of the entropy classes, hip master classes, though it's a little harder.

But sometimes, if you go around- and you see you see an ally here and then you see a boss here kind of want to hit it together, because this generates a lot of meter as well all right.

These are some basic stuff.

But this is the thing you need to keep in mind.

So three categories right: keep in mind on the uptime on attack, Buffs and up time on marking and uptime on Shields.

This is the same thing for all three supports, so if you guys are playing Paladin, what are my two? What are my two attack? Buffs? Oh, what are my marking skills and what are my Shields? If you think it that way, you can kind of come up with the mandatory skills to about like a six six to like five skills in your mind and then what you do is you fill the rest of it with preference skills, which is usually gather, identity for juice or counter? That's the basic fundamental thought process of making a support build.

The reason why I went over this first is because to help you guys understand why this build full Swift, High, Swift and full spec, and why is it built that way? You have full Swift version which is 1800 Swift and then 600 spec, and if you have enough accessories that are deep in quality.

This is the number that you're going to be close to.

The efficiency is like just written down here and then you have the second version, which is high Swift, which you guys always ask me on chat.

The reason why you guys are asking me this is because it's cheap, a spec accessories, are much cheaper.

So therefore, you kind of want to adjust Rings or earrings to Specs, so that you can save some money and hopefully not to lose on performance, and it's actually true, you don't actually lose that much more performance, but each criteria of the build have uh pros and cons and which are going to cover that as well.

Right now, the one thing that you guys been always asking me about on my uh live stream, the full spec version.

This is the opposite version of full Swip, as in you put all spec and then swiftness.

So you got the heel, efficiency and courage, efficiency as the highest as you can.

It's almost it's more than double right, so it looks good by paper.

But the problem is: if you put your swiftness down to 600, your heavenly tune becomes 18 sec seconds even with level 9 gym is, if you go full spec and Below level, 7, gem or even level 7 gem.

That's a wrong build, because if you have a level 7 gem, it's 18 seconds like 18.5 seconds right.

You have over 10 seconds of window to cover up things.

So if, even if you put in the sound vibration when it just finishes, how much time would you have to wait, you would have to wait four three, two one zero.

You wait.

You wait for so long, so all that empty time frame it snowballs up so much, and that's also why spec, Paladin or spec artist is even worse than spec Bard, because their spec efficiency is much lower.

That's it for someone like Paladin they're, cooled down so much longer, you're going to have an even bigger down time between the two Buffs I wanted to point out that this is very important for me to understand that full spec doesn't really mean good.

It's just uh! You need to know what the pros and the cons for it to completely understand.

Now, I'm going to talk about it more on detail now: okay, now, let's go over the full swiftness build.

This is the build I play, so this particular build when you have new swiftness and then you have the new skills, which is a Sona TNA.

You have the highest uptime on all attributes.

Now you can have the highest uptime on the buff, so, for example, I can use Heavenly tune.

This will come down.

Uh come back so fast to a point that I can actually use my sound vibration when it's at one second or even two seconds, because before this thing runs out, my heavenly tune comes back.

There is so much room of comfort, keeping the Buffs up 100 of the times, but the more swiftness you have the easier.

This is the less swiftness you have the harder this is.

You can just keep that in mind.

That's why I put it as most reliable plague.

It's so easy, it's hard to make a mistake.

Rather you have full movement Speed without yearning because of your full swiftness and full attack, speed with Heavenly tune.

So if you added heavily tune on your attack, speed is going to be full.

Therefore, some people uh when I was playing this in a con.

They were saying, oh, why is my Prelude of source so fast? That's, because my attack, speed is full right.


Speed is actually important in support is because you can squeeze in a lot of skills in a very short time frame by far best for tri parties here.

So this is an example of 100 Shield up time for FDR as well.

If you have a a rate that doesn't require CC immune less, just like a clown or something Guardian tune has another tripod that says uh.

This is a fast casting this last eight seconds, right, Eight, Second, buff and then a second Shield right.

If you enable this particular uh tripod here it becomes four seconds and it becomes four second Shield right.

So a very popular tri-party build you cast end together and then, when this Runs Out this becomes the shield and then, when it comes back, you cast it again, so you have 100 Shield.

This is a very popular build.

So with this new ad skill, Edition identity generation got a lot better too.

It's from 28 seconds to 32 seconds from zero to three.

So what this meaning is, if I add in another skill, called stigma.

The third tripod, the second row, because this thing will home and follow.

The point is to gather your meter.

So it is a really good choice to use it now.

I think I show you an example here right you put your marking and then you use your biggest uh gain skills right, which is your Prelude of storm right and then you just keep using it all right.

This is full swiftness right now and then you keep rotating your two Buffs, while you're doing it as well, and then you can rotate your Shield too.

If you want and then by the time you do your last couple of Cycles, you should be about three bubble.

You should be about three Bubble at 28 to 30 seconds 32 seconds right.

What does that mean? Like I said, if you use your three bubble, which should last 16 seconds you have about 16 to 12? Second downtime, as in you can actually gather a lot of meter for 12 seconds, which it aligns with majority of the classes, for example ignition sorceress right.

They usually take about 16 to 20 seconds.

This is all different for particular classes.

When I asked wine blue about artillerist, he said if he plays it perfectly, he can transform in 10 seconds, so it kind of aligns with it.

That's why you need to coordinate to make wine blue, maybe transform every 12 to 14 seconds to give him the three bubble buff every time he transforms.

So this is a good idea.

Keep in mind that how much do I generate an average, and then you know that the buff lasts in 16 seconds.

You keep attack Buffs and the shield Buffs up and you're good right, you're Gucci.

So all this stuff is so good and it's very relaxing mistake.

I just ran this build in a con.

The meter was filling so fast.

I was doing one heel bubbles very very quickly.

Having this full Swift build, it will grant you the best performance with the least amount of skills involved, which is easy to master easy to get expert at too now the con section is most expensive out of the three, because you need swiftness accessories and I know how much expensive some of the successories are.

It lacks Mana, therefore, when you guys ask and when you guys think about how can I figure out man, how can I figure out Mana right? The reason why I don't lose challenge talk is because Sound Shock uses more Mana, therefore I'm using two marking skills, and then you have conviction, judgment Rune as well, so you have the conviction and then you have the Judgment.

The last step of the choice is Mana food.

If you don't have Mana engraving, these two are mandatory.

As far as I know, most people are taking maximum Mana right now.

The max MP engraving I took it.

I think it was like the greatest choice.

I did uh, because if your max MP increases since the recovery itself is percentage based, you don't run out of Mana enough.

This build is not true anymore.

As long as you have your 100 uptime on attack, buff 100 on Shields, and then your identity gauge gains up super fast and gives you all the identity buff.

At the same time like as much as you can, you are doing your job right, drops of ether and vital point I.

Think they're extra, the vital Point itself just help you to guarantee a higher chance of success in stagger checks, so high Swift build so after I test it out a little bit.

This is a great uptime as well, and it's slightly faster identity generation.

I tested it out.

If you get level 3 set bonus, you still have Max movement speed.

As long as your movement speed is over 120 percent, you will be Max movement, speed and now, when I use Heavenly tune I'm at 122 right now right if I use heavily tune.

My attack speed is 138, so it's a little slower right, but it's still good enough.

138 versus 140 they're, like they're like exactly the same.

You can also cover that with uh tax speed movement, speed Feast, if you want, but most people take the HP one so that you can heal more.

But besides that point, since you have additional spec that you can move around with, you have a lot faster identity gauge, but this is counting the higher level Gems by the way.

So, if you happen to have level seven, it's 15.

five, four, three, two one! Now one two three four and then you have about that much empty frame.

But if you have a level 9 gem, there you go, you have a level nine it'll, be much better.

You up there, seven six, five, four three, two one: there we go and then one two three four yeah exact: it's exact.

If you have like level nine gems, if you have level ten, it's even better but I want you guys to understand that more swiftness.

You have the easier it is to rotate hundred percent.

That's what you guys need to understand here and since you get that discomfort of rotating 100 of the time you get more efficiency for having more spec on efficiency on the courageous buff and the identity generation right.

But if you have high Swift to begin with, what's important is level seven is like what most people have it's not that hard to get level sevens? If you have a level seven, is it the full swiftness you will have 100 uptime and then you have the uh a high movement speed, and then you have high attack speed as well.

Let's say you happen to have a a Bard right: uh you're, a Bard main you have old Parts I would invest on High level, gem and save your money, buying spec accessories to have optional, build to save the gold, because gems can be changed, but accessories can't so, let's say you're a main Bard invests into the high level gems first and then you save more money on the accessories by playing a high Swift, build instead of Max Swift build.

The best case scenario for me is playing full Swift build and high jumps, which is what I have right now.

I have so much room, not making a mistake.

It is so comfortable and I always get the highest grade of a support.

Mvp again with the cons a little bit.

It's the same thing.

You have some empty time frames.

If there's too little Swift as I showed you guys right.

This is the same case for Shields as well.

If you played the the 100 Shield uh, you have about one to two seconds empty time frame and it's more difficult and less comfortable to keep the attributes up.

What is the attributes chat? The attribute is uptime on attack, Buffs, uptime, marking and uptime shields, not much on the marking section, because your harp is up, and then you use your Sona TNA to like Gathering up anyways, so your marking is pretty much up all the time.

It's actually up a lot more than you think, because the harp, the harp is pretty smart.

It aims pretty well the concept again lack of Mana, but not as much as the full Swift build, because full Swift builds spam.

A lot a lot more skills faster, but conviction judgment or with Mana, engraving or conviction judgment with Mana food.

It's pretty much mandatory or your skills won't rotate Bart has became a high Mana cost uh class now so that, like I, said before, I switched my engraving to Max MP and the lastly requires higher level gem.

Therefore, if you're a Bard main invest on High level, gems, if you do your old Parts can be uh, can save a lot of gold by buying spec accessories for maybe like a ring or earring, and you can rotate pretty well and have the pros for faster identity generation with a little bit more efficiency on the Buffs.

So these are the good stuff that you can get.

So it's like the same same thing, but if you have a low level Gem and then go for like a cheap, build for like this, the problem is you're not going to take advantage of it.

Okay, foreign.


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