How To Get Tree Sap Off Car (Without Damaging Paint) With Easy Trick (Works on Clothes & Skin) (2023)

How To Get Tree Sap Off Car (Without Damaging Paint) With Easy Trick (Works on Clothes & Skin) (1)

Have you ever wondered how to get tree sap off car parts, like the windshield or paint, without damaging the paint?

You may not know it, but it doesn’t require an expensive chemical compound. In fact, the same techniques can be used to take sap off of skin and clothes.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to act quickly. Some tree resins can act as a bond with the surface. Once it cools, it shrinks, and can pop the paint right off.

If not removed in time, the paint job can be expensive to repair.

However, you can save a trip to the garage for a new paint job by knowing how to get tree sap off car (and skin and fabrics) using a few easy tricks.

How To Remove Tree Sap From Car Without Damaging Paint: Home Remedies

There are household items that are just as effective at removing sap from a car as store-bought sap removers.

Plus, they are cheaper, readily available, and chemical free, as well as being some of the easiest way to get tree sap off car.

How To Get Tree Sap Off Car (Without Damaging Paint) With Easy Trick (Works on Clothes & Skin) (2)

An Oak tree is sometimes the source of these tree leakages, a bacterium called Erwiniaquercina (drippy nut disease) being the instigator of these sticky situations.

Here are the tips and tricks how to get tree sap off car quickly and safely.3

  • Hand Sanitizer: Made from aloe and alcohol, hand sanitizer and a good quick solution. Hold a ball of cotton soaked with a hand sanitizer over the glob of offending sap for 2 or 3 minutes so it penetrates all the way through, then gently rub away the softened sap.
  • Olive Oil: Cooking oil can be used specifically on sap that has dried into a hard lump to loosen and soften it for easy removal.
  • Baking Soda: Is there anything baking soda can’t do? This multi-purpose product can be mixed into a paste with warm water and smeared over the spots of sap and allowed to settle in. Pour boiling hot water over the areas and then just wipe clean with a damp microfiber cloth.

Baking soda, unlike olive oil or hand sanitizer, works as an abrasive, which gently lifts the sap from the surface.

All three of these options can work on both skin and fabrics as well.

How To Remove Tree Sap From Car

A car wash needs to be the first port of call whether the sap that has splashed onto your car has been there for a minute or for a day.

With luck a large proportion of the globs will be removed, but even if that does occur there still may be some more repair work required later.

How To Get Tree Sap Off Car (Without Damaging Paint) With Easy Trick (Works on Clothes & Skin) (3)

(Image: Emile Guillemot8)

After the car has been dried off, it’s possible to inspect the car for any remaining specks and gather the tools together to take care of any remaining residues. Here’s what you’ll need to get the job done.

  • A bucket with hot soapy water
  • 2 Microfiber cloths
  • Tree sap remover (or compound that can buff the sap away)
  • A tire shine gel for the tires
  • A car wax to bring the shine back

The method how to get tree sap off car continues with washing the car again with one of the microfiber cloths soaked in the hot water.

This will soften any remaining traces of tree sap to make them easier to remove, or it may actually completely eliminate any traces so no further action may be needed.1

To verify if the next step is required, dry the paintwork with the second microfiber cloth and inspect for any lumps of sap. Some of it will still be sticky, while some of it will have hardened. All of it should be removed.

Types of Tree Sap

Not all trees produce the same type of sap, which can make how to get tree sap off car a little trickier. They vary in how thick they are, how sticky they are, and how much they latch onto car paintwork like an unwanted second skin.

The substance that makes sap sticky is called terpenes. Its role in trees and plants is to protect against disease and repel certain types of insects, yet at the same time, it makes maple syrup taste so delicious.

The sap produced by Maple and Oak trees tends to be less sticky than sap from Pine and Cedar trees.

From these two species, the sap is also thicker – and harder to remove with soapy water.

How To Get Tree Sap Off Car (Without Damaging Paint) With Easy Trick (Works on Clothes & Skin) (4)

(Image: NickWindsor9)

But there is even worse news as terpenes are one of the components in tree sap and it is one of the ingredients used in turpentine, which is unfortunately a very effective paint thinner.

As soon as this potentially paint-damaging sap has been spotted, a plan of action needs to be launched asap to prevent any blemishes from marring your car’s pristine paintwork.

Remove Tree Sap From Car

Using a tree sap remover for cars that can be purchased from stores is an option that can be enacted quickly.

These have been specifically formulated to erase all types of saps from all types of trees without harming the paintwork.2

Wetting a portion of the microfiber cloth with one of these products and holding it against the blob for about 30 seconds is one of the best methods how to get tree sap off car quickly. After this time, the solution should have penetrated deep enough to weaken the adhesive connection between the paintwork and the sap.

How To Get Tree Sap Off Car (Without Damaging Paint) With Easy Trick (Works on Clothes & Skin) (5)

(Image: Ninofficialphotograph10)

Then, using circular motions, run the tree sap remover gently over the area. Change the cleaning area on the cloth if the sap has clogged it somewhat, re-wet it, and continue until the spot is no longer visible.

This can take a certain amount of time if there are many globules still to wipe away but it will work well.

Run your hand across the newly cleaned surface to check for smoothness and, once all the sap has been cleaned away, wash the car thoroughly again, and then wipe clean.

If there are any marks on the tires, wash them with hot soapy water then apply a tire gel to remove any traces.

Once the car has dried completely, and a quick inspection shows it to be sticky-sap-free, then wax should be rubbed onto the surface to bring back any shine taken off in the sap-removal process.

How To Get Sap Off Windshield (How To Get Tree Sap Off Car)

If sticky sap residue falls onto your windshield, hitting the wipers at full speed with sprays from the water bottle is not going to shift anything. All that will be achieved is learning the lesson that sap smears very well went wet.

A quick and easy method that can be used anywhere is a cube of ice and a scraper.

  • First, spray and clean the glass with a glass cleaner to remove any invisible pieces of grit that may scratch the glass.
  • Hold the ice cube over the sticky or hardened sap for a couple of minutes, and then use a plastic scraper to chip it off. Afterward, there can still be unsightly marks on the windshield that just have to go.
  • Dilute some rubbing alcohol with water and gently rub over the area and it will smooth away any remaining marks.
  • Spray again with a glass cleaner.

Another method that works extremely well and is always kept in a kitchen cupboard, is vinegar.

  • Mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle.
  • Spray generously over the entire windshield.
  • Leave for about 10 minutes.
  • Scrape away with a plastic scraper, wiping off on a cloth as you go.
  • Finally, spray with a glass cleaner to clear away any residue or dust particles.

And just like that you now know 2 ways how to get tree sap off car windshield.

How To Get Tree Sap Off Carpet

If your vehicle escaped a sap attack even though it’s parked under a tree, it’s quite possible that blobs of still-wet, gooey sap have fallen near your vehicle.

Accidentally stepping and tracking it into your car’s interior would be a big possibility and a big headache. Removing the sap with cooking oil, WD-40 or mayonnaise will work but in reality, will leave behind an oily residue.4

Rubbing alcohol would be the best option as long as the brand used will not change the color of the carpet.

  • Test the rubbing alcohol on a part of the carpet that is hidden from view.
  • Wet a white cloth so any color from the cloth will not transfer onto the carpet, then dab the area.
  • Repeatedly wipe the area and reapply the rubbing alcohol until all the sap is gone.
  • Clean the area with warm soapy water.
  • Blot with a white clean cloth or even blow dry to finish.

How To Get Tree Sap Off Skin (How To Get Tree Sap Out of Clothes)

Knowing how to get tree sap off car isn’t the only problem that can occur when a tree has dripped over your car, the sap running unnoticed down the side panels.

Unaware of its presence, touching it accidentally, and getting it on your clothes can be another problem that needs to be overcome. To prevent any irritation to your skin or damage to your clothes when removing this sticky tar substance, here are 3 tricks that will save the day.

To clean any sap that has come into contact with skin, hand sanitizer, coconut or vegetable oil, or a dollop of mayonnaise will solve the problem, followed by washing with warm soapy water.

Clothes require a different approach.

  • Sunscreen: Squirt a small amount of sunscreen on the area where the sap is and rub it into the fabric. Pop it into the laundry machine and wash it as usual.
  • Stain Remover: A simple stain remover found in most laundry rooms works just as well on sap as it does on stains. Simply pour on the affected area, scrub in the solution with a toothbrush then launder at the hottest temperature that the garment can withstand.
  • Peanut Butter: A surprising choice but effective treatment. Smear and let it soak into the hardened sap spot, scrub with a toothbrush until it has disintegrated then it needs to be laundered at a hot setting.

Remove Sap Trees: Tree Removal Cost Calculator

It may get to the stage where, after repeated sap attacks from the tree that is actually on your property, your patience, and maybe your rubbing alcohol, has run out. Between the two options of getting rid of the car or chopping down the tree, odds are the tree is going to have to go.

The services of a tree care professional would have to be employed, especially if the tree is near a house or a public roadway, or even a private driveway.5 Before calling up a local contractor it is possible to use an online calculator to get an estimation of how much the service would cost.

To get a fairly accurate quote from the online tree removal cost calculator this information and possibly more would need to be inputted before clicking on the send button.

  • Zip code
  • Select only the tree removal option which will not include removing the stump.
  • Choose if one or more trees are to be removed.
  • Click on the approximate height of the tree.
  • Location of the tree

This online quote will prepare you somewhat for when the tree surgeon visits to give a more accurate quote. While on your premises, he will inspect the area where the tree is for any overhead cables, obstructions, and ease of access.

He will double-check the height and width and also ask if he has to charge for removing the tree from the premises as well. Without the stump removal option, his pricing can vary between $750 to $1200 if the tree is between 30-60 feet in height.

Not exactly cheap, but if the tree is over that height it can cost north of $1800.

When the price is agreed upon, it would just be a matter of choosing the time and day to get the removal underway.

With the tree now gone perfecting your methods of how to get tree sap off car will no longer be a concern. The last thing on your mind as the now felled tree is driven off into the distance, would be how to rot a tree stump fast.

Get Rid of Sappy Stumps

There are quite a few ways how to kill a tree stump, some of them more effective than others, some of them faster than others, and some of them less labor-intensive.

How To Get Tree Sap Off Car (Without Damaging Paint) With Easy Trick (Works on Clothes & Skin) (6)

(Image: Ninadoiron11)

Accelerating the decomposition process is one of the most popular methods as instead of waiting up to 7 years for the stump to rot away naturally, that time frame can be reduced to 2-6 months.

It involves drilling multiple holes and then dousing the wet stump in Epsom salts and covering it with a black tarp. The magnesium and sulfur in the Epsom salt will start rotting the wood very quickly and with repeated applications every few weeks, the stump should be ready for extraction in several months.

Pouring boiling water over the stump is another treatment method that will kill the stump and stop the underground roots from spreading even when the trunk has been cut off.6 This is a shock-and-awe method where all the roots need to be exposed and drilled.

The scalding-hot water mortally injures the stumps and seeps all the way to the tip of the deepest roots. Once again, the decomposition of the stump is accelerated and eventually, the tree stump will die.

The Handiest and Easiest Trick How To Get Sap Off Car

An easily overlooked every-household item that works on removing harmful sap on cars, on the skin, on clothes, and even on carpets, is nail varnish remover.

With acetone and castor oil as ingredients, it is a handy weapon to remove sap stains on many surfaces and materials.1

How To Get Tree Sap Off Car (Without Damaging Paint) With Easy Trick (Works on Clothes & Skin) (7)

(Image: Jeremy Bishop12)

However, acetone will also destroy the paint and the metal underneath if it’s not removed.

If you decided to use nail polish remover, make sure to immediately and thoroughly rinse the spot with soapy water to ensure all of the chemicals are removed.

But out of all the treatments, rubbing alcohol has to take the top spot and is the easiest method, breaking down and dissolving the sap so that it can be wiped away effortlessly.

Knowing how to get tree sap off car parts, without damaging the paint, can save you time and money by preventing damages down the road.

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