Hand Grenade Cocktail, How-To (2023)


The Hand Grenade, a level-10 cocktail on potency and "alcohol taste." There is no denying this will blow up your face grill. It is green, but it is mean!

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Hand Grenade
1 oz. Gin, 1 oz. Grain Alcohol (White Whiskey), 1 oz. Melon Liqueur, 1 oz. Rum, 1 oz. Vodka


Welcome to common man cocktails on their showroom.

Work got me all confused now.

Derrick show Roberson Doug Peterson, we're gonna rock it.

Why man, cocktail style and really comment cocktails, sent you wrong like hurricane, like a hurricane sushi hurricane roll, where you met Scott, Moore common man and it just says, coming cocky roll like a Maki Maki roll.

What are we doing? We're making a hand grenade, Oh God, all right, stop pies for those people going I came here, dick you know it's gonna make a grenade like people go to make Irish Car Bomb so like.

Oh, this is gonna.

Teach me how to make a bomb and I'm like deleted, no way all the time, no way yes No if you're learning how to make a bomb you're freaking idiot.

Secondly, if you are sorry trying to make a headband on YouTube you're, still an idiot I, don't want you as a fan.

It's not us at you right, you're, a dick everybody else.

Fine hang grenade! So Alison you can do an ounce and a half of these proportions.

If you want rant that that actually should be like a disclaimer on the like yeah, only insulting people who think we're actually here to make in hand grenades one ounce of gin, one ounce of grain, alcohol, slash, white, whiskey, cuz.

We can't get grain alcohol and probably a lot of people can't so it's a hundred proof both smoky in our case moonshine, one ounce of melon liqueur Bob.

We have again this week, Midori one ounce of rum, calico rum.

You can use whatever, where your support Rican rum cuz.

We can so we do one ounce of vodka I'm just angry because of all those people.

Tina's bought kick goats with their glass for those that have participated in our contest.

Where you make a video about our show, it can be a rant and you make a cocktail and I'm guessing it ends at the end of this month.

So I think this episode comes out before then.

So you have a couple days left to make yourself the the cocktail show.

You could be me, you could be Doug, you can have a beer making out now Oreos, you can pretend a drink.

Do whatever you can really drink? That's what we're gonna do.

Four or five entries the Joker made Superman go crazy in the new videogame storyline Oh Joubert tie you Joker comfort, people whoa.

This news exploded all over my face: simu Lee, Jin, no they're, all DC! Well, no but like.

Why are they same? They have my verse saying universe.

So why would there need? Why would one University so many heroes, yeah Superman, your metropolis Batman too many heroes, awesome, serie or dodge? Well, it's kind of, like you know, Washington DC type.

We don't have Susan Washington DC region of the university type.

You got to pour an ounce of that into that thing, while you're, yes, Jennifer's distracted you from the the goal of whatever you are doing there I need this nope I did all these oh boy, you're stumbling over your words I was finished.

Then I said: are you doing the eyes Oh? How much have you been drinking all right? Oh oh I got to shake this.

No, no I need sure this.

That's a lot! - sure this is a little overkill on a drink.

There's a lot of alcohol whoa, that's fit really good on there.

No, this looks like amp yeah.

Just like you only think you could.

The only way you could have made this cooler, you know is, if you put some black, strap on top so life.

Of course, then it would kind of look like a poop or who have her dude.

That Jin is like right up in your grill right yeah.

That's it very classy.

All this was submitted by mr.

Kronk ooh.

That actually hurt my teeth wrong, like it gets the nerve endings of my tooth on that one.

This is this, is this is Oh Oh alcohol rating we haven't done in a week or, like last week, is made for that 1000 yeah! That's what brought it back.

This is a ten out of five uh, so it's a solid five thousand out of ten.

Oh, my god, that's awful look types, no redeeming factor of anything in that it's got melon yeah, which is completely lost on the it's like Steve native, like all the whites at 100, proof, fog, 50, 100, proof, white, whiskey on there.

This is by far one of the strongest drinks, not just strong on alcohol cuz.

They had drinks that are strong alcohol.

We had some this week, but when you, when you combine it together and you don't have a good hiding method like a juice or juice, might work here, no there's there's no disguising in in in this particular Jeff, no yeah, it's just like it's kind of puddin biting you know it's just guys a little bit, no, even though little cranberry juice.

No, like honestly, it's like the you get same thing that we did earlier, except without the cranberry right, [, __ ] and it still lingers.

Oh, you know what that looks like know.

What's good and me freeze it, but it looks good and you taste like a fir.

Yeah god bless it.

It's it's gone.

I get the cheetah and shinola I got the gin, [ __ ] you get the melon God right.

You swear anymore.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I can hold on definitely good night Jenny there melon sweetness and then it just gets steamrolled.

There's no melanin sweetness Landon.

You want to think that there's melon is sweet night.

It's about mid-quarter, take the sip mid-quarter through you get that sweet, melon bow, and that goes away as I get steamed plowed by by alcohol on top of alcohol covered by a bottle of alcohol right without long time, yeah sprinkled with alcohol.

Yeah, an alcohol syrup, yeah, hey, that's an 11 yeah.

This is an 11 there's two danger factors.

This is like those really green cool frogs.

You see it in Arizona and Arizona and uh and in the Amazon and then touch them and you die South America whatever, and then you touch them Amazon.

It's closed, they're, not calm, right um when you touch the Frog and if what you follow or dead right, cool, pretty bra, get it by cue, your well.

However, it killed you, it's probably alkyls or whatever right in you die it has that like warning, something's wrong, it could be Midori it much as you start sweating out the alcohol you all down on the ground everybody's like what happened to him.

That's what this is gonna do to you from your eyes.

You bleed alcohol from your eyes.

Awesome cuz, there's an eleven alcohol.

You score right out of these angles.

Yeah! That's really all there is that that's your kind of rate here, tear ducts right out your tear, ducts, yeah, I, don't know about this.

It's it's yeah! It will probably burn you real bad.

It's appropriately named Thank You mr.

Kronk fern, making sure it is a hand grenade and though you can in and that's the thing like the hand grenade that I had in Louisiana when, like we were walking up and down, Bourbon Street and like I, got a hand grenade because everybody in the Chad was like.

Oh, if you're going to New Orleans, you know get a hand grenade like I, got a hand grenade, and it was just like that weak sauce, oh- and this is the opposite of that right.

Yeah, like I, mean seriously if they were serving that way to be like oh yeah, that's some walking down the street with that he'd be like yep I'm, not gonna get this again, but I will finish it because you you already you got it yeah.

It's gonna hurt you and that's its purpose, because it's called Hand Grenade and it's bright, green yeah yeah, but the [ __ ] that they're, like you know, pushing on like all it is, is Midori and like [ __ ] club soda pulling out your wall like you have a 5: ok, no they're like it's like $8.

You know like, like you, you sorry start taking sips up and erm you're like this is not very strong.

It's like when you go to a strip joint.

You get those tubes of alcohol and they're, just like a schnapps like schnapps in water or something like whoa right.

This ain't gonna end.

This looks all dangers, and that is what they should be putting in those things regardless.

If they, if they make you drink, the shot from the girls, leave buddies or whatever, but if they did that yeah they fortunate they they never really get me.

They get more tips and then there'd be more violence.

So it's it's a it's a give and take situation, because this will make you violent who want to bring you.

You can have one of these things and I was like I.

Don't want one of those because they wouldn't push it on you like, oh no, you want one of these.

That's just water and piss juice.

It's nothing in there like it's just colors and there's oh and they give it.

Oh this one's a Jager, and it's just a little bit of Jager and and cuz the guy was like no no get one gallon I'll pay.

He just keeps paying these things like fine.

You want a pail check.

All these.

You want cuz, there's no alcohol in here anyway, and this what sex like Jager, my god, maybe there's some Jager in there Portland cuz the guy likes to go to strip clubs I'm talking about now yeah, where my sales, guys like we went out with this other guy, that that one of the partners and he's like I'm gonna, give you a warning right now.

Cuz we're going to like these events, he's like by the end of the night he's gonna want to go to strip club like really it's like every single time.

Ain't no thang Oh sounds like oh yeah.

Let's go to strip club like.

Could we just go home he's like I got he covered cover charge he's.

What do you go by yourself? Buddy, that's, not cool right, so he paid for everybody to go so that he can go to their club.

Basically, this is how your tax dollars are spent no I work for government, no I meant just in general.

They don't get health insurance like this.

This is how it works.

Let's go check some dollars.

This is company's corporate money.

Tax breaks, tax breaks for the wealthy or something or fruit.

They need health insurance anyway, cuz all the herpes and stuff every day is calm.

We're teaching huh! Oh, do we ask a question today which fair should know? That's probably a good question: what's your favorite type of boob? No, have you been to a gentlemen's club before and what was your experience? A really good question.

Of course you do because, like I have myself almost done anyway, Mark show play, doesn't write here anyway, every bed, no gentlemen's club.

What was your experience because I haven't yet to have any experiences that were memorable and what nice this one time this guy got really drunk.

That's a different story: every Duggars, calm Teesha had a drink.


What is a Hand Grenade drink made of? ›

The Hand Grenade is a cocktail drink (made with vodka, rum, gin and melon liquor), sold frozen or on the rocks exclusively through five licensed nightclub bars in the New Orleans French Quarter.

Is the Hand Grenade drink strong? ›

Despite its heavily sugary palate, this drink is very potent. If you're looking for a drink that has some kick, this is the one for you. Considering how strong this mixture is, the Hand Grenade is remarkably easy to drink. In fact, you may find yourself sipping it a little too fast because it tastes so good.

How much alcohol is in Hand Grenade? ›

Alcohol content:

(49.2° proof) 36.9 grams of pure alcohol.

What is the strongest drink in New Orleans? ›

Tropical Isle's Hand Grenade Drink is New Orleans Most Powerful Drink. From the French Quarter and beyond, the world famous Hand Grenade Drink from Tropical Isle® is New Orleans Most Powerful Drink®!

How were hand grenades made? ›

Reinvented by the requirements of trench warfare, the first grenades in 1914 were often hand-made, consisting of old cans filled with nails and bits of metal and packed with gunpowder. They often proved as dangerous to their makers as to their intended targets, due to the risk of premature explosion.

What is a famous Hand Grenade New Orleans? ›

ABOUT: Inventor of the famed “Hand Grenade” at the 1984 World's Fair, Tropical Isle is a staple in the New Orleans bar scene. No French quarter trip is complete without making a stop at to try the home of the city's most potent, yet sweetest cocktail.

Is it illegal to make your own grenade? ›

Under federal explosives law, it is illegal to manufacture, store, distribute, receive or transport explosive materials without a federal explosives license or permit (FEL/FEP).

What is the most popular drink in Louisiana? ›

Louisiana: Sazerac

While tourists are slinging hurricanes on Bourbon Street, locals from Louisiana are sipping on Sazeracs. Invented in the 19th century at a New Orleans coffeehouse, the modern iteration includes rye whiskey, absinthe, and bitters. Continue reading to see other signature drinks in your region.

What is the strongest alcoholic drink? ›

What type of alcohol is the strongest in the world? Spirytus, a 96% alcohol by volume vodka created in Poland, is the strongest alcoholic beverage in the world (ABV).

What is the most popular drink in New Orleans? ›

A Sazerac from The Sazerac Bar

Widely considered America's first mixed drink, the Sazerac is easily one of New Orleans' most iconic cocktails. Whether you prefer rye whiskey, cognac or bourbon, no Sazerac is complete without absinthe, Peychaud's Bitters and a twist of lemon.

What liquid is in a grenade? ›

GRENADES, TEAR GAS most often contain 2-CHLOROACETOPHENONE as their active component. This compound reacts slowly with metals causing mild corrosion. Reacts slowly with water or moisture in air to form hydrogen chloride.

What does hand grenade drink taste like? ›

The ingredients of the Hand Grenade are supposedly a secret (the staff say they have signed non-disclosure agreements), but some elements of the concoction are obvious: The drink is very sweet and has as its dominant flavor melon with little citrus.

What powder is in a hand grenade? ›

Diameter80 mm
Effective firing range20 m
FillingMixture of black powder, barium nitrate, and potassium perchlorate
Filling weight45 g
9 more rows

What is the shelf life of a hand grenade? ›

In Ideal storage conditions, there is virtually no shelf life, meaning a WWI hand grenade stored properly could still be used today. In fact we see all sorts of ordinance from WWI and WWII turn up after decades to over a century of being abandoned on the battlefield and still capable of detonating.

What are the strongest cocktails to get drunk? ›

10 Strongest Alcohols In The World That'll Get You High Quickly & Land You In A Lot Of Trouble
  • Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe (89.9% Alcohol)
  • Pincer Shanghai Strength (88.88% Alcohol) ...
  • Balkan 176 Vodka (88% Alcohol) ...
  • Sunset Rum (84.5% Alcohol) ...
  • Devil Springs Vodka (80% Alcohol) ...
  • Bacardi 151 (75.5% Alcohol) ...
Jun 29, 2016

What drink gets you the most drunk at a bar? ›

Liquors That Get You Drunk Fastest
  1. Everclear. Everclear is a brand of grain alcohol produced by Luxco that is 190 proof, or 95% alcohol by volume, making it the strongest alcohol available without a permit. ...
  2. Moonshine. What is this? ...
  3. Absinthe. ...
  4. Tequila. ...
  5. Vodka. ...
  6. Rum. ...
  7. Whiskey. ...
  8. Gin.
Jan 4, 2023

What is the secret drink in New Orleans? ›

Sure, this firecracker of a drink will always play an important role in Nola drinking culture. However, nothing tops the Sazerac. Riddled with history, the Sazerac is a dark horse and a source of contention amongst drinks experts.

Can you buy hand grenades in the US? ›

The 1968 amendments made it illegal to possess "destructive devices," which includes grenades. (26 U.S.C. § 5801.) There's no doubt that a live hand grenade designed for military combat fits within the law's provisions—non-military people may not possess them.

Why is it called a hand grenade? ›

In World War I, hand grenades were also known as “hand bombs.” The general philosophy for their use in the fighting armies was that grenades could kill the enemy underground or behind cover. They could also force the enemy into the open, providing targets for rifle and machine gun fire.

What is the most powerful hand grenade? ›

L109 HE (high-explosive) fragmentation grenade

Used in defence operations and can be used effectively in offensive operations if the user is well trained.

How much are New Orleans hand grenades? ›

Carnival revelers have started trickling into New Orleans in recent days, and the ones that stopped at the Tropical Isle on Bourbon Street midweek didn't blink at the $1-a-pop price increase for the bar's signature neon green Hand Grenade cocktail.

Who invented hand grenade drink? ›

Earl Bernhardt, co-founder of a successful chain of French Quarter bars who along with a business partner invented the hangover-inducing cocktail known as the "hand grenade," died Thursday. He was 80.

How much is a hand grenade cost? ›

According to the FY2021 US Army Justification, the average cost of a single M67 grenade is around 45 US dollars.

Are grenades legal anywhere in the US? ›

Legislation. In the United States grenades are classed as destructive devices, a form of Title II weapons under the National Firearms Act. They must consequently be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), are taxed, and are illegal in states that ban Title II weapons.

Are hand grenades still used? ›

Modern militaries use grenades in close-combat operations, and they are also deployed by security forces during riot control operations.

What is the oldest cocktail in New Orleans? ›

The Sazerac, created in New Orleans, may have been the world's first cocktail and is a favorite among whiskey drinkers. The original Sazerac was made with an imported French cognac that gave it its name: Sazerac de Forge et Fils.

What was the favorite drink of cowboys? ›

Cowboys never had a reputation for being very sophisticated connoisseurs. The whiskey they drank was simply fuel for the saloons' many other pastimes, whatever those happened to be. Quality and flavor among whiskies in the late 1800s varied widely.

What do locals drink in New Orleans? ›

Sazerac. The Sazarec is said to be the official cocktail of New Orleans. This can be attributed to the fact that it was invented in the city in the 1800s by Antoine Amedée Peychaud.

What is the weakest liquor? ›

Alcohol content of various spirits and drinks
  • Low-alcohol beer: 0.05 – 1.2%
  • Kefir: 0.2 – 2.0%
  • Kombucha: 0.5 – 1.5%
  • Chicha: 1.0 – 11% (generally varies from 1 to 6%)
  • Beer: 2.0 – 12%
  • Cider: 2.0 – 12%
  • Mead: 8 – 16%.
  • Wine: 5.5 – 16% (generally 12.5 – 14.5%)
Apr 20, 2023

What is the least harmful alcohol to drink? ›

Red wine, whiskey, tequila, and hard kombucha are healthier options than beer and sugary drinks. The CDC recommends you limit alcohol to 2 drinks a day if you're male and 1 if you're female.

What drink is 90% alcohol? ›

River Antoine Royale Grenadian Rum

180 (90% alcohol). Made in: GrenadaDrawing from the centuries-old tradition of “pot stilling”—a method of slow-distilling used for maximum flavor—this strong, clear rum is distilled from fermented sugarcane juice using a waterwheel.

What is America's #1 drink? ›

The most popular drink in America is sold at a 4000 percent markup and is responsible for tens of millions of discarded containers each day: bottled water.

What is the most ordered drink in America? ›

1. Margarita. The classic Margarita cocktail has been one of the most popular cocktails in America for years and still remains on top. While there are many variations, the traditional recipe consists of tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice.

What is the most iconic drink of all time? ›

The 7 Most Influential Cocktails Of All Time
  • The ultimate cocktail: The Martini. ...
  • If you can only master one drink: The Daiquiri. ...
  • Drinking history: The Old Fashioned. ...
  • The definition of refreshing: Tom Collins. ...
  • The only drink that's acceptable to drink in the morning: The Bloody Mary. ...
  • The definitive apéritif: The Negroni.
Oct 27, 2022

What is an alcohol grenade called? ›

A Molotov cocktail (among several other names – see § Etymology) is a hand-thrown incendiary weapon constructed from a frangible container filled with flammable substances equipped with a fuse (typically a glass bottle filled with flammable liquids sealed with a cloth wick).

What's a Homewrecker grenade? ›

Homewrecker - which seems to be another name for a thermobaric device. Fragmentation - rapid expansion of air through the ears will cause massive, instantaneous brain damage.

What is a crash grenade? ›

Stun grenades

The M116 series is usually fitted with a pull string igniter and fuze assembly. An improvised stun grenade was created from the M116 series by US Navy SEALs, by replacing this fuze with an M201 series igniting fuze. This new weapon was nicknamed the "Flash-Crash".

Is grenade the same as grenadine? ›

Grenadine is a derived term of grenade. As nouns the difference between grenadine and grenade is that grenadine is a cordial syrup made from pomegranates while grenade is (obsolete) a pomegranate. A grenade is a (obsolete) a pomegranate while Grenadine is a cordial syrup made from pomegranates.

What liquor looks like holy hand grenade? ›

Lastly, we'd be remiss not to mention Chambord's bottle. It truly stands out on the backbar. Modeled after the medieval Globus Cruciger (Latin for cross-bearing orb), the gold and deep red colors evoke royalty. For the less reverent among us, it reminds us of Monty Python's holy hand grenade!

How much caffeine is in a grenade? ›

Grenade Energy is a sugar free, functional energy drink. Naturally caffeinated with Coffeine™, one 330ml can of Grenade Energy contains 155mg of caffeine, packing the same punch as two espressos, helping to provide longer sustained energy throughout the day!

What are the 3 main parts of grenade? ›

The three main parts of a grenade are the body, the fuse, and the filler.

Are ghost peppers used in hand grenades? ›

The ghost pepper is one of spiciest chili peppers in the world. So spicy, in fact, that the Indian Army uses them to make chili grenades. Yes, weaponized peppers.

What is in a concussion grenade? ›

The filler consists of a pyrotechnic metal-oxidant mix of magnesium or aluminium and an oxidizer such as potassium perchlorate or potassium nitrate.

What is the oldest hand grenade? ›

The first modern hand grenade – the Hales rifle grenade – was patented in England in 1906, and was used by the British. A Norwegian competitor – Nils Waltersen Aasen – had an alternative design that became widely used by the French. At one time, Aasen led 13 grenade-producing factories with a total of 13.000 employees.

Will a grenade go off in water? ›

10. High Explosive (HE) grenades will not be thrown when there is any standing water or snow/mud on the ground. 11.

How long will grenade explode? ›

Most grenades will detonate about 3-5 seconds after the trigger is released, giving you a few critical moments to react. The kill radius from a grenade's explosion is about 15 feet, and the casualty radius is about 50 feet, though pieces of shrapnel can still fly much farther than that.

What is the difference between grenade and grenadine? ›

Grenadine is a flavored syrup that is used in flavoring alcoholic beverages, as well as non-alcoholic beverages. A grenade is tactical, hand-held weapon that is thrown at enemy troops during combat. In essence, a hand grenade is a small bomb that is designed to be lethal and to result in a high number of casualties.

What are the components of a grenade? ›

Major Components
  • Major Components.
  • A typical grenade consists of a body, filler, and fuze.

What is New Orleans oldest cocktail? ›

The Sazerac, created in New Orleans, may have been the world's first cocktail and is a favorite among whiskey drinkers. The original Sazerac was made with an imported French cognac that gave it its name: Sazerac de Forge et Fils.

What are the four types of grenade? ›

Grenades work by dispersing fragments (fragmentation grenades), shockwaves (high-explosive, anti-tank and stun grenades), chemical aerosols (smoke and gas grenades) or fire (incendiary grenades).

What is the most common grenade? ›

M67 grenade
In serviceCurrent
Used byUnited States
Mass14 oz (400 g)
9 more rows

How hot is a hand grenade? ›

The grenade separates from the fuze at approximately 690°F.

How much are the hand grenades in New Orleans? ›

They are $9 each now.

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