Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 18 (2023)

At a wedding. A fight breaks out when someone spills wine on someone's dress. The newly married couple stands there staring at the melee.

Eddie and Badillo see a guy with a gun who says someone sold the drugs that killed his grandson. Eddie says they will arrest the dealer but first he has to give them the gun. Both men are arrested and the gunman says he's a retired cop.

Danny and Baez have been called to the wedding scene. Why are they there? It turns out one mob family stole from the other here.

Mayor Chase welcomes a bunch of immigrants to NY while Frank has a press conference in which he says goodbye to a drug sniffing dog that is retiring. A reporter insists on asking him about Chase's immigration policy. Frnak says Chase is using the immigrants for political points and the system is overwhelmed and that Chase should give the police department the resources it needs to help the immigrants.

Danny interviews the bride's father who says he would never steal from his daughter and that he isn't proud of fighting but his wife was disrepsected. He insists neither family has been involved in organized crime for 30 years.

Danny says to Baez the old man was pretentious and arrogant.

Eddie talks to the gunman who says he is a retired cop and he can prove the other man is a drug dealer. He says that his grandson was prescribed opioids for a back injury and it was downhill from there. Eddie says this case is hard to prove. She understands the man's pain. He says how could she understand? She agrees she'll look into the case if he will stop interfering with the investigation. He can't promise.

Chase wants Frank to retract what he was saying. They get into it as usual. Frank says he will support the immigrants if he is given resources. Chase accuses him of wanting a cash grab. Chase has a policy in place where officers will be at refugee centers. He says this is not a request.

Erin goes to see Jack and demand what he's doing. Jack says she should be thanking him as he is doing her a favor. He knows it's killing her that the family won't get closure. She says all this will do is get them money. Jack points out it is better than nothing. He thinks he's rescuing her. She says this will ruin her campaign. Jack says since when does she care about optics? This is the right thing to do. He thinks she wants the family to get some semblance for justice.

Eddie goes to see Jamie and explain the situation. Jamie says he can't just take a case because she thinks a detective isn't doing his job. However, he'll take a look.

Baez and Danny go to see the newly married couple. Baez asks why they didn't elope since their families don't get along. They claim their families are hardworking men. Francesca admts her father is broke. The wedding probably put him in the poorhouse. Her mom told her while drunk that the well's dried up. Francesca isn't involved in the business but can see it in the way her father is carrying himself.

Jamie tries to talk to the detective who doesn't want to talk to him because Eddie has been bothering her. She suggests he go home and ask Eddie.

Sid says the immigration situation is a mess. Garrett says they have to be careful not to appear anti-immigrant. Frank says he wants to keep everyone safe, including the immigrants. He can't take officers off the street and put them in the refugee centers. Abigail says the city has always been a beacon of hope and refuge and Frank has to make that clear. Frank says the cops are put upon, between the budget cuts and anti-cop sentiment. However Garrett says Abigail is right. Frank says he wants to call the governor and ask for state troopers to help. It's the Mayor's call but he's sure Chase hasn't done it and doesn't care how it looks.

Erin and Anthony go over the case file and Erin regrets not putting a third witness up. Anthony says they need to move on and they don't know that would have changed anything. Erin wonders if she was distracted by her campaign. Anthony doesn't think so and thinks she sucks as a DA. She wants to bring this file to Jack but Anthony says that will scotch her campaign.

Jamie confronts Eddie who says she made a promise. Jamie tells her to stop making promises she can't deliver. A cop interrupts but Jamie asks him to give him five minutes. Jamie admits they can look into the dealer but now they can't ask Detective O'Leary for a joint investigation. Eddie says O'Leary knows Marco did it but doesn't have enough evidence -- only text messages from Marco.

Danny and Baez try to talk to Carmine who has no interest in talking to them and says call my lawyer. Suddenly his car blows up Danny checks on Carmine and finds he is still alive, but his car is burning.

At Sunday dinner, ,Frank is shocked that no one has ever thought of moving. Eddie would like to go to the country. Henry would like to go on a ranch. Frank wonders what's keeping them in this city. Sean says bagels and outings with his grandfather.

Danny and Baez go to see Carmine who has nothing to say to them. He blames them for the car bomb.. He says they told Johnny DiPerro he was broke. Danny and Carmine start fighting. Carmine gets in Danny's face and yells. Meanwhle Baez learns a busboy at the venue has been arrested for stealing wedding gifts.

Jamie pretends to be an addict looking for a fix. Marco says he doesn't do that but relents when Jamie gives him a ton of cash. Marco takes the money and then pulls a gun. The cops come in and arrest Marco who claims he was defending himself, but Eddie sees drugs in plain view.

Danny questions the busboy who seems half stoned. Danny says so the first wedding he did perfectly and the second he was so careless he got caught. Baez comes in and asks if he knows who the Romanos and Diperros are. She shows the suspect photos of the crime families do to their enemies. Danny and Baez try to get him to admit he was told to take the fall. They warn him the mob families could hurt him if they think he stole from them. Owen is ready to talk.

Erin tells Jack she has to do this. Mrs. Philips arrives and is not happy to see Erin. Erin asks her to hear her out. Erin tells her about the witness she didn't call. She can't redo the trial but can help the family. Jack says they can include in the suit that Erin didn't do what she needed to. Erin wants to help build the lawsuit.

Chase is pissed that Frank called the governor behind his back. Frank explains it was necessary. Mayor says he's in charge and this isn't happening. Frank says then go to the governor yourself. Frank says he htinks Chase is trying to go for the governorship. Chase thinks he's setting an example for other cities. Frank says then raise my budget. Chase claims that Frank's budget is inflated. Chase wants Frank's cops to be with him when he welcomes another bus of immigrants.

Jamie wants Marco to turn on his supplier. Marco wants the charges dropped. Jamie says no. Eddie bursts in. Eddie tells Marco she'll say he cooperated if she drops the charges against Sam. He won't help that wacko. Eddie tells him then he'll do serious time. Writing the letter will show he has remorse. But if he doesn't, she'll make sure he goes away.

Francesca is arrsted. Carmine shows up. Francesca lied about the money being stolen, which is why the goons blew up his car. Francesca says Carmine ruined her wedding day and didn't apologize. Danny tells Carmine to go home.

Jack tells Erin not a lot of people would do what she was doing. She says she messed up and has to own it. Jack says it's been fun working with her. Erin admits they're good together. He thinks she should come work for him. She thinks it's not a bad idea. He's surprised she'll consider it. She isn't sure she will but she appreciates him reminding her of the good she can do.

Eddie goes to see Sam and tells him they arrested Marco and two other dealers and Marco has admitted he sold to Vince and recommended dropping the charges against Sam. Sam is impressed but Eddie warns him not to do this again.

Frank comes to where the Mayor is welcoming immigrants. Chase says he didn't mean for Frank to stand in personally. Frank gives him a bill for the NYPD attending his private event.

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