Beyonce's Ex Bodyguard Exposes Beyonce Of K!lling Celebs (2023)


Beyonce's Ex Bodyguard Exposes Beyonce Of K!lling Celebs

A man claiming to be Beyonce’s former bodyguard is speaking out against Beyonce and Jay Z and he claims that the power couple has destroyed will literally destroy anyone who comes in their path!

There are many allegations lately being made about Beyonce and her alleged ‘evil side’ - from claims that she steals ideas from small artists to rumors about Hollywood sacrifices and witchcraft. And NOW we’re hearing from her former bodyguard - “Uncle Ron”- that Beyonce and her husband Jay Z have intimidated numerous people they perceived as competition…

So IS the bodyguard telling the truth?? Did Beyonce really eliminate all her competition??



A man claiming to be Beyonce's, former bodyguard, is speaking out against Beyonce and Jay-Z, and he claims that the power couple has destroyed and will literally destroy anyone who comes in their path, I know so much on how you get what you are, how you stepped on the many people.

There are a whole lot of allegations being made lately about Beyonce and her alleged evil side from claims that she steals ideas from small artists to rumors, about Hollywood sacrifices in Witchcraft, and now we're hearing from her former bodyguard uncle Ron that Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z, have threatened, intimidated, bullied and possibly unallived numerous people they perceived as competition.

You know when you're early in your career, you feel that you have to listen and when you Buck, they Buck harder and they make threats and those threats aren't huge ones.

Of course, the Beehive is now going after uncle Ron and they're, accusing him of being a liar and a clout Chaser.

However, there are also a lot of fans who think there must be at least some truth to all these allegations that are stacking up against Beyonce.

So is The Bodyguard telling the truth did Beyonce really eliminate all of her competition? Let's investigate it, Beyonce how you guys ended Carrie, Hilson's career, because she said something about you.

Beyonce has been under a lot of scrutiny lately after her controversial concert in Dubai reignited years old Illuminati allegations Beyonce is also getting backlash for being a money grabber because she agreed to perform in Dubai for 24 million, despite the long history of human rights violations over there.

To give you just a few examples in the UAE where Dubai is located, citizens don't have the right to change their government, and the country has numerous laws to discriminate against women, migrants and lgbtq, plus individuals, flogging and stoning are legal forms of punishment for adultery.

Women can't marry without the permission of a male guardian and being gay, is illegal and punishable by death.

So, as you can imagine the fact that Beyonce, who always preaches about female empowerment and constantly borrows from queer culture, decided to make a live comeback in Dubai of all places rubbed a lot of people wrong.

The treatment of women in Dubai and right across the gulf countries is out of the Medieval Era.

On top of that of was Beyonce has made a huge thing about.

You know slavery in the United States, and quite rightly, but you know in the Middle East and in Dubai.

There is a form of modern slavery where migrant laborers are kept under appalling conditions, in violation of international labor organization standards.

Again, it just is completely contradictory to what she stands for and I bet that hotel, where she performed it was built by migrant labor laborers under appalling conditions.

However, we're now hearing from Uncle Ron, the man who claims he's Beyonce's former Bodyguard, the Beyonce performing in Dubai for a fat check, is actually 100 on brand with her and Jay-Z, because they will literally do anything to stay on top uncle.

Ron recently exposed Beyonce and Jay-Z for ruining the careers of many young artists, including Carrie Hilson, and it's very interesting that he decided to bring up Carrie, because a lot of people have completely forgotten about how horribly she was treated during her beef with Beyonce.

To give you some context, the beef started back in 2009 after someone leaked Carrie's alleged diss track about Beyonce called turning me on.

Although Carrie didn't mention Beyonce by name, Beyonce's fans were convinced that some of the lyrics were a direct reference to her, specifically the part where Carrie sings your vision, cloudy.

If you think that you the best, you can dance, she can sing but need to move it to the left.

The song also contains some lyrics, seemingly shading Sierra.

However, in an interview from 2009 Carrie denied she dissed either one of them it's a hot verse, I love the verse.

Yes, I heard specific names being brought up.

No, it's not about that.

No! You know that was not where the energy was I'm, not retracting or or uh.

You know feeling some kind of way about how people feel that I'm doing you know that I did this I'm, not I, guess that's the only way.

I could say it I'm, not retracting, it's just that was not never the energy behind it, but then 11 when Kerry refused A reporter's request at the Soul Train Music Awards to hold an issue of Juicy Magazine with Beyonce and Jay-Z on the cover.

Oh, the magazine shout out juicy Mack and though Beyonce herself never publicly responded to Carrie.

She is rumored to have used her power and influence in the industry to blackball Kerry's career.

Besides that, Beyonce's fans started harassing, carry both online and in real life, and the hate got so bad that two years after the juicy magazine incident Carrie had to beg The Beehive to leave her alone.

You have no idea what your hateful words could do to someone's spirit, Carrie tweeted years of verbal abuse from strangers all day long enough is enough and although Kerry denied she dissed anyone, she seemingly hinted that Beyonce did do something that caused her to react.

The way she did at the Soul Train award as far as whatever you're really mad about I.

Had my reasons, Carrie wrote on Twitter: it's been years, just chalk it up to your ignorance of My reality and Let It Go, but the attacks on Carrie didn't stop and she later again took to Twitter to claim.

Beyonce's fans were literally throwing Beyonce's CDs at her on the street.

In the upcoming years, Carrie tried her best to distance herself from the drama.

However, her career never fully recovered, but then, until 2020 Carrie admitted in an interview that she was forced to release the diss track about Beyonce and she also opened up about serious threats she received at the height of the drama.

It's the price.

You pay.

You know when you know, when you're early in your career, you feel that you have to listen and when you Buck, they Buck harder and they make threats and those threats are huge ones.

And you you know what I mean you? Don't you don't feel like you, have a choice.

I really didn't feel like I had a choice.

It was do this or this and to this day many fans believe the whole thing was an orchestrated ploy to destroy Carrie's career because she was a threat to Beyonce, because Carrie is an undeniably talented, singer, she's gorgeous and she actually writes her own songs.

So it's pretty clear why Beyonce would see her as competition, but Carrie is not the only woman whose career was allegedly ended by Beyonce and Jay-Z, and some people even believe that Jay-Z was involved in the death of Aaliyah.

Another multi-talented artist.

Who's come up ended in a tragedy shortly before Beyonce's solo career took off and while Jay-Z's involvement in Aaliyah's death has never been proven.

Many fans are still convinced that both Jay and Beyonce have a lot of skeletons in their closet, and now someone who claims he knows all about these skeletons is speaking out against Beyonce and Jay-Z and exposing all the Shady things they've done to other artists, a man who goes by the name of Uncle Ron and claims he used to work as Beyonce's bodyguard recently went on Tick Tock and made a series of explosive allegations against Beyonce and Jay-Z uncle Ron specifically mentioned Carrie Hilson, and he accused Beyonce and Jay-Z of destroying many artists over the years.

Beyonce and Jay-Z will do anything to destroy anyone who sneaks out against them.

Okay, I get the threats, but you have to remember one thing: I know your deepest secrets, I know so much about you and what you've done I know so much on how you got what you are, how you stepped onto many people, Beyonce, how you guys ended Carrie, Hilson's career, because she said something about you: Uncle Ron, also blasted, Beyonce and Jay-Z's relationship and claimed they only stay together for the money and power.

Your relationship was a business relationship Financial to get to the top to be to become billionaires.

There's no love there to talk about the threats he's been allegedly getting and he said the threats won't stop him from exposing the truth, because he has all the receipts to back up his claims and uncle Ron has also challenged Jay-Z.

To deny that they know each other see what's done in the dark will definitely come into light.

Keep your threats up I'm here today and what I got to say: imma say it! So don't don't don't make idle threats to me, plus it ain't big, say: I ain't be any singers! I ain't freeway how you you wrote all them off the minute they did for you to get you to the top, all them writing for you and then the minute you get a little taste of success.

You wrote them off.

You just totally said I, don't know, say you don't know me a day.

I! Dare you remember all the receipts, all the proof, the old school footage I still have it, but Uncle Ron didn't stop there.

He also echoed Jaguar.

Writes recent claims about Beyonce being an addict and he said Jay-Z is the one keeping her doped up.

Hardly nobody knows, but I'll say it.

Man yeah Beyonce is on drugs, she's been on them for a long time and you keep her that way.

Y'all wish it what you wish it to stay on top now.

As far as fan reactions to Uncle Ron's claims they've been a mixed bag, while Beyonce's fans are accusing Ron of lying for clout.

Many others are saying that when you have this many allegations coming out against you there's got to be at least some truth to it.

One of Beyonce's fans responded to Uncle Ron's video.

By saying these people be weird ASF.

Everyone wants clout shaking my head, Ron you're, too old, to be doing messy videos and another fan.

Tweeted I could witness Beyonce turn red and grow horns out of her forehead and still not give an f, but a lot of Beyonce's fans simply refuse to listen to any criticism about their Queen and Beyonce herself has fully embraced the title latest release Monday a song filled with a degrading term to women, lyrics where Beyonce says as the queen.

Women should bow down to her, and this is exactly why a lot of people on social media are now saying.

We should ignore what the Beehive is saying, because they've always blindly defended Beyonce and tried to silence.

Anyone who speaks out against her and what's also interesting, is that Media Takeout recently confirmed that Uncle Ron really did work as a bodyguard from multiple celebrities, and the outlet also discovered an image taken in 2004, showing Beyonce with the man who looks like he could be uncle Ron and while Uncle Ron has yet to produce the receipts for his claims.

Judging by the comments on his recent videos, he has a lot of supporters who are convinced he's telling the truth about Beyonce and Jay-Z.

One person commented I believe every single word hands down: Undisputed and verifiable facts, all the stealing Time After Time unethical practices and blackballing talented black people.

Only thanks for sharing the truth with the world uncle Ron and another user added Jay-Z and Beyonce give me The Vibes that they do evil behind closed doors plus too many people have been saying it also.

But how do you feel about? All of this is Uncle Ron telling the truth.

Let us know what you think in the comments and don't forget to click on this next video for more celeb tea.


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